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Prior to coming into Virtua Maternal Fetal Medicine, I asked them to please let me know the costs of what they were suggesting (they called on a Friday afternoon and were INSISTENT that I came in no later than Monday morning.As a pregnant woman, to hear doctors that concerned, is rather alarming), so I could make the decision to either have the scan done that week, or wait 1 week till the new year, and new insurance. I was told - it is just a...
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Anonymous Similar incidence happened with me at Virtua Voorhees. One doctor np visit I was told I will be paying $197 + Cost of Culture done. When I got tge bill it was 197 + culture co...


Anonymous My pregnant wife was told to come to the ER for pains. They saw her for 2 hours. She basicly had gas pain. The charge was $3600 in network.