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I could not finish my major because i ran out of financial aid and to continue my education I had to pay to continue my college education which i had to stop because i could not afford it at all. Now i have debts from this college that i will not be able to pay from off my credit. and I was almost finish with my program of study (Medical billing and Coding) trying to get my Associate's degree. I was going into my internship when I had to stop...
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Medical Office Management. What a waste of time and their tuition is very high. Haven't found a job in field yet! Now I'm in $63,000 worth of debt... for an Associate's degree! Career services do not help you find a job because I went to them repeatedly and they just sit on their butts all day. I remember one of my instructors did a commercial for Herzing! And that's crazy when you teach at Virginia College! All that money spent and the...
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I liked
  • Getting away from that school