I am very unhappy with this service. I tried to get a replacement phone because my current phone isn't working and they told me that I wasnt eligible for another phone until a year from now but my boyfriend has received multiple phones in the last 2 months. I tried to talk with supervisor and management but none seems to be able to explain how come he can receive more than one replacement and I can not I guess it's just they fail to help a...
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This has got to be the worst Wifi/Internet service there is. There is no longer any 4G (Wifi MAX). The 3G is slower than dial-up. Much of the time you have no Internet service at all. Customer service is useless, in India, somewhere. Please take my advice. Don't buy into this. It is a rip-off. People are calling for a class-action lawsuit against Virgin Mobile. Simply, do a search of Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go and you will find an overwhelming...
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I've been a Virgin Mobile customer for several years without problem. Last week my wife and I each (separately) purchased an iPhone 5s. At no point were we told that they were shipped with no signature required, and we certainly never authorized it. Our tracking numbers told us that each of our phones would be delivered on 9/28, so we arranged to have someone at home to receive them. But then when we tracked our packages on 9/26 it said that the...
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cell phone Review

Have several Virgin stores in Oklahoma City, that provide phones, top up cards, and so called service. After buying a phone and the value of three months service. I normally have two bars of power & data is mostly unavailable. I'm two miles from downtown. Beware...
this company and its affiliates are ridiculous they have taken money out of my accounts suspended my accounts and cost me many of hours on the phone someone elses of course because they shut mine off customer service barley speaks english everytime i call how about hiring some americans so we can understand wtf you are saying. The fact that you are combined with other providers of service doesnt mean you shouldnt know what the *** is going on...
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I recently found that I was locked out of my Virgin Mobile ONLINE cell phone account # 707-xxx-xxxx that I have had used since Oct 2007. I contacted VM only to find that the online website only now accepts a 6 digit pin and I have always had a 7 digit Pin number which is my wedding date. I also found that I could phone in with my pin and receive balance information which is incorrect and probably not my account. The change was made to push the...
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This has just been the worst experience. I would rather pay twice the money and switch to another carrier just for better customer service. I asked for a simple request. I just wanted a refund due to I am switching carriers. That turned into why needed it? What carrier am I switching to? My question(s) to VM Mobile would be why do you need to know that? And you took my payment with a matter of seconds but it takes 7 to 10 business days to get a...
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I switched to VM after being with Verizon for years. 5 years ago, data cost ridiculous amounta of money; we were paying over $200 a month for phones which is why we switched. I loved how we could get 2 services for less $90 back then when we switched. We waited until phones were on sale or especially on Black Friday, we could always get a good deal on the actual phone. Over the years, their monthly pricing changed and lowered as other providers...
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Been waiting for the phone or anything from Assurance Wireless for almost 4 weeks. Representatives are lying SOBs blaming it all on LifeLine California govt program. I called them and they didn't receive any requests from these *** bags. Its not possible to get to talk to supervisor or gate a name or their contact info. NEVER EVER EVER GO THROUGH THEM. I month later, I have to start process with some other company and in a mean time, I am...
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I didn't like
  • And much more
  • Declining to do anything about the problem they have created
  • Customer service
I bought a s7 Galaxy from Virgin Mobile USA.Had problems with the phone getting Extremely HOT where I had to put it down.Also all apps would foreclose.I wrote them and they told me what to try which I did but didn't help.So they advised me some other techqnics which I tried and nothing.This went on for days.Now Imam past the seven day return because of all the updates they advised me to do.So now it is non returnable.But I could PAY 25 dollars...
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I didn't like
  • Getting a defective phone
  • Wanting to pay return ship for bad phone
  • Refurbished replacement

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My cell phone stopped working completely. I called assurance c service and they told me the new phone would arrive 3-5 business days. So I called on the third day and the rep told me it would take 10-15 days for the replacement phone to arrive. OK I am (retired). I feel that they should speedy up the process. Now I have no phone and no way of calling if something happens to me. I am really upset and feel unsafe. I guess nowadays companies...
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I didn't like
  • Very poor engineering