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ANNOUNCING THE BEST EMPLOYER IN RICHMOND, CA.....IF YOU WANT REGULAR PAY PROBLEMS...that is, this Mickey mouse company called VIP Protective Services ....where as an employee as a security guard, you WILL EXPECT...... 1 Much SMALLER Paycheck than expected with missing pay every 2 weeks. What's up with dat captain?? Just mention the labor board...magic word... 2 LOWER pay per hour for this type job, dangerous job in the hood where armed felons hang out 3 BUT you get to take ALL the long naps you want...NO wake up calls...NO pesky supervisor to bother you...spy on you... 4 also, if you are a migrant, you get to take FIVE HOURS LUNCH breaks and VISIT your GF too...especially if you kiss the GM Eric's *** and tell him that "my dad is dying, I have to go home to take care of him" and start CRYING over the phone. Waaaaaahhh! Eric WILL understand and fall for sho...he's a every time... In short, if you are lazy by nature, like to GO to work to Goof off, sit in your car, watch your favorite Netflix movies, take long naps, and go VISIT your lover to cheat on the old lady...but DO NOT MIND the LOWER pay(they should be paying at least $25 instead of $17/hour and deal with the shady management... Then, VIP is the place FOR YOU...your Ultimate lazy *** SKATE JOB... can you say EASY MONEY??...git on the gravy train folks..Take it EASY ALL You want while collecting a phat paycheck...peace...
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VIP Protective services wont pay for services rendered

I Teach Firearms training for these deadbeats and they refuse to pay me for services rendered Owners names Franois Mckinnon and Avi David. They soliciate students for me to teach then once completed classes they claim I owe them money. I have a minimum of students which they could not fill seats so I brought 3 from another class. They claim I owe them money for them using their facility. ie: breathed their air and sat in their chairs. This is not the first time Ive been confronted with non payment from Franois Mckinnon. He is notorious for not paying. Shame on me. Just take this blog as a warning dont work for these clowns
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