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Vinings Important Pets

Do NOT trust your pets to...(wait for it)..Vinings Important Pets in Atlanta GA. Yeah- the irony is not lost on me! I booked my pure bred Ragdoll there for the weekend- when she was picked up, she was hissing at the employee (who refused to try to take her out), she even hissed at my dad (who she adores) when he tried to take her out of her filthy cage sitting on a dirty floor (which was said to be a "suite" when she was left). She IS a Ragdoll- they DON'T get pissed at anything! I can't imagine what they did to make her hiss at anyone! Her paws were dirty, her blanket was wet and she was scared. She hid inside her carrier- she never does that- she's always ready to get out and play! I saw a picture of it and I'm sick over it. I called and who ever called me back said, the cages are cleaned 3 times a day...well not the cage they had my kitty in- got the picture to prove it. I trusted them with my beautiful kitten and they told me she must have gotten wet playing with the water- This cat does not play with water! And she didn't bring in dirt on her beautiful white coat to mess up their cage with! And.... (wait for it)....the owner is not available because she is with her pet who is sick. Yeah- I know how it feels when your pet is hurting and you can't do anything- or in this case....when you pet is neglected and the hotel does nothing. I feel really bad...for trusting these people with my four legged kid. Im sick about this. PS just for the record: I REFUSED to take my money back from the owner who would not believe me- dispute the fact that I refused a refund. She kept saying "I have good reviews" Well now you have a bad one. I wouldn't leave my house mouse here. This IS NOT about money- I spend mine freely on my pets- this cat alone has monogrammed blankets, toy holders, clothes, beds (with mattresses and frames), strollers, carriers- she is priceless. And a refund will not make things right. Don't go here if your pets are very important to you!
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I had terrible experience there with my standard poodle. They literally ripped both of her ears with a dematying comb.

She had seizures after that when I tried taking her back. I’m not sure the owner even got to the bottom of who did this. Never take your animal there.

Her ears are damaged and she is such a beautiful dog. She tried to tell me by having seizures.