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They have the worst customer service, they are not truthful in the least. I was given a service plan and told it would be fine for games and movies and 4 days later we were at our limit. I work from home at times and this has caused a major conflict. They have done...
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  • Anything about this process or service
My cellphone has faster speeds than this awful company. They slow down your internet to nonfunctional speeds all the time. I can’t even send emails with attachments from home for work. This company should be sued for its criminal rates, and horrific service. A few...
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Viasat in Germantown, Maryland - They billed me in error, admitted the error, but refused to refund me.

They assured me at the time I cancelled that I owed the nothing and would owe nothing. A month later I was billed. They said it was for free gigabites they gave me. They said they could no longer refund me because my account was closed. They are nothing but scam artists. I don't know how they are legally able to stay in business with their fraudulent business practices. I have complained to the BBB. I have called their offices several times and their lame excuse is that they sent the request for a refund to their corporate office and corporate rejected the request for a refund. When I asked for the phone number to their corporate office they said they don't have a phone number for them just a fax number.
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  • Stole 49 bucks from me

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