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After waiting over an hour for them to see my cat we get to the table, weigh her. and get her on the table in her carrier. The vet tech had muttered "oh, we have a cat." and the other female vet tech exclaimed "*** spawn" I tried explaining to the male vet tech that she would not bolt and to not grab her by the scruff as she doesn't have a very thick one. So he proceeds to grab her, more than firmly, by the scruff and push her down onto the...
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I didn't like
  • Had to wait a long time
  • Mistreatment of my cat
VERY BAD!!!! My dog had a horrible reaction to all the meds. The doctors were rude and it seemed like they didn't care. My dog threw up, pooped in the car, and couldn't walk for about 4 hours. I took him back and they gave him extra shots to help the reaction. They rudely said, "since your dog had a reaction he can't come here no more," with a bad attitude. Like ok calm down you can say that without the attitude. I contacted my old vet (also one...
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I have been happy with past experiences But yesterday 8/21/16 at the Do it Center in Tujunga CA was a nightmare! Got there early 4th in line the Vet was late, then she spent over 45 min in bathroom with cat! Make them go to the office! Tek tried to give my dog rabies shot and stuck her 3times I don't know if she actually got it or Not! The Tek should be fired and the Vet taken off the Vetco list! So Angry! You know who you are and if you want to...
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Anonymous Miss print my dogs name is Shelby!

While in Petco I waited an hour and a half to get my dog her new rabies shots. My number was finally called and just before we went up someone elses dog bit my dog on the nose. It was just a little scratch and I thought no big deal. My dog and I were turned away for precautionary purposes. I was a bit irritated but understood. They were nice and told me they would take care of everything. They did not. 31/2 weeks later after calling their...
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Louis) for a rabies vac for my Lab shepherd mix as I always do. It is less expensive than a regular vet but this experience may change my mind and wallet. I decided to go in the very last hour thinking most of the dogs would be there and gone. Wrong. There were about 10 dogs left at 6:15 lined up and we were there until closing at 7 and after. The wait was very stressful for my 11 y/o lab along with other small and large dogs there who...
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