Versadock or as I call them Versacrap products claim to have a twenty year warranty! Mine don't stay together more than 1 hour in the water. I complained from 2003-2011 and finaly sued the owner in 2011. Only to find out the original owner Roy Ahern claims to have sold the company to an off shore company. Bull More like to avoid paying a $15 million dollar judgement for patent infringment that was recorded against him in 2012. The new...
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Scamed on to many times I have a civil judgment against Versadock, Roy ahern and Teo leonard the partners for warranty fraud and theft. Ahern filed chapter 7 BK June 16,2014. The new owner will not h...


No more cons Avoid Versadock no matter where they are made. The products are substandard and they will not honor the warranty.