Nahayat D

Fraudulent tax returns, insurance claims & etc.

Dear Secretary of State of Vermont, Mr. James Condos, Hello, briefly, my name is Nahayat (first name) and Dashgir (last name) and I am a woman, born in Khoi, Iran, on 4, 22,1961. I lived in the US from July 29, 2002 to August 1, 2015, last four digits of my US SSN# 6822, my US driver's license # D260-****-****, license plate X57 0837 (Illinois) and got a US Certificate of Naturalization (#3131****), at the US district court, northern district IL in Chicago, on May 14th of 2008 and my US passport (#46955****) expired on 7/14/2020 and I haven't renewed it yet. I have lived in Tabriz, Iran, since August of 2015 and my phone number is (98)9144****36. The followings are the information recorded on my US driver's license which issued in Illinois on 7, 22, 2015 (address changed) and expired on 4, 22, 2018: Name: Nahayat Dashgir DOB: 4,22, 1961 Female 5'03", 118 Ibs, Eyes brown D260-****-**** I have some questions for you and would appreciate your response: 1)When I lived in the US, I was being terrorized by some undercover agents, including CIA, TSA, law enforcement and Navy seals, they even interfered with my jobs at the American Medical Research -Sakeena (Aurora, IL) & UIC, so I filed a FOIA request, with the government, via a certified mail, enclosed a copy of my driver's license (#D260-****-****) and Social Security Card, on May 2, 2013. I added my address, my mobile phone number(0847305****) and my UIC office number (0312996****) on the letter. I received a letter from David Hardy, that they neither confirmed nor denied having any files about me in their database. The letter titled to Mr. Nahayat Dashgir, even though my driver's license showed that I was a woman. I mailed a FOIA appeal on June 17, 2013, which was not answered. I wonder, if I have had any files in the state of Vermont's database and if any trials held on my behalf or my children's behalf at the state of Vermont. 2) My name has always been Nahayat (first name ) Dashgir (last name). I am a single white Middle Eastern straight Iranian woman. I have been straight woman in my entire life and never been lesbian, transgender and never changed my age, gender or sexuality. I wonder, if my name, gender and nationality has been ever changed fraudulently in the US or by fabricating documents at the Swiss embassy in Tehran. I've never petitioned for a name/gender change, conservatorship, will, Scottish/Irish nationalities/ any other countries nationalities, etc with the Swiss Embassy. The first secretary at the Swiss embassy, Sylvie Brunner, who was defending the US interests, in Tehran, was found dead in May of 2021 after falling from a high-rise building, where she lived. She was instrumental in delivering the bribe money to the Iranian officials or sepah for implementing the different plots, including man-made earthquakes (nuclear explosions), floods in Iran and spreading COVID-19 into the Iranian communities. Most likely with the Islamic Republic of Iran's officials' help, she was also involved in fabricating legal documents such as will power, living will, conservatorship, name/sexuality /gender/ age /nationality changes, in my name at the Swiss embassy in Tehran. 3) My children are Jack (Noah) Dash Bush, born in New York City on October, 10, 2011, white with blue eyes and light brown hair; my twins: George (Joe) Dash Bush, white with Hazel eyes & light brown hair; John (Jonathan) Dash Bush, white with brown eyes & dark brown hair born in San Diego, California on March, 12, 2013 and Charlotte born in 2014, white with light brown eyes. I've never given up my children for an adoption. In June of 2013 my sons were given up for adoption, without my knowledge, by US administration by hiring an actress, Sarah Jessica Parker, to play an addict and drunk mother’s role and sign the adoption papers on my behalf. From April 14, 2013 till February 15, 2014, I worked as a medical research coordinator/project manager at the Institute for Minority Health Research, at the UIC. Chris Kennedy was the head of UIC's board of trustees at the time. At my workplace, fingerprinting on the electronic pads, was the mandated method of sign-in and sign- out, in addition to signing on the paper sheets. My fingerprints remotely used on the adoption papers fraudulently. Worth noting, attorney Jennifer Irvine who was involved in illegal adoption of my children, was killed at the Las Vegas Shootings on October 1, 2017. After I wrote about the scandal, they were rescued, but with every changes in the government, the officials have appointed new set of moms & dads for them and prevent us to get reunited, ever since. It's my responsibility to raise my children not the US government's. I wonder, if any trials held on my children's behalf at the state of Vermont. 4)My late daughter was born Sammie Dash Walker in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2008, later her name legally changed to Sammie Dash Bush in Austin Texas to be matched with her father's last name. She passed away of criminal negligence of US officials in a horrific way, at age 11, in early 2020 in the US. Any other names, such as first name of Andrea (called Annie), Sam and the last name of D'Ashgir are fabricated ones. She never married and any marriage licenses in her name in Iran, US or any other countries is a fraud. She had never been in Iran and I never petitioned for an Iranian nationality for her or for my sons. Anyone who got post mortem Iranian nationality in her name, for fraudulent purposes should be prosecuted. The former governor of Virginia & pediatrician, Ralph Northam, with the help from a California Orthopedist, Dr. Grant Robicheaux and his girlfriend, Cerissa Riley, injected the combination of radioactive material and growth hormone in my daughter, Sammie's, growth plates to become taller faster for the fabricated wedding ceremony and pictures, in the Christmas and New Year Holidays (December 2018- January 2019). For their fictional marriage stories, and videos, they needed her to grow faster and taller. As a result her feet's bones burst inside her sneakers and torn them, she lost both her legs and one arm. Later the blood exchange transfusions performed on her frequently, to remove the radioactive material from her system, which were being paid from my hijacked bank accounts (most likely Chase account). She was suffering from an excruciating pain and died of poisoning from Fentanyl at age 11, in early 2020. On US protective services watch, my daughter Sammie was kidnapped, insulted physically and sexually, several times by the *** rings, I wonder, if any trials on her behalf held in the state of Vermont, what the rulings were and if all of the involved predators, their organizers were convinced at the court of law. 5)My last flight from the US to Iran was with Turkish Airlines ticket (#235215****072), from the NEW/JFK airport to Tabriz on Jul 30, 2015. My flight from NEW/JFK to Istanbul was #0002 , supposedly at 18:50, on July 30, 2015 and my flight from Istanbul to Tabriz was 0882, at 00:25, on August 1, 2015. I bought my ticket with my US Passport from the JFK Airport on 28 or 29 of July 2015, paid $2093.70 with my Bank of America Visa Debit Card ending 8684. I purchased the round trip ticket which was cheaper than one way ticket, asked the clerk, if they had an open option for my return, but she said I had to choose a date, so I chose September 16, 2015, but never returned to Turkey or the US. I haven't traveled to the US or any other countries since August of 2015. I wonder, if by using my IDs any fraudulent flights have been booked with JetBlue, Spirit, United, Delta, Frontier, Trans World Airlines (TWA), Lion airlines, Emarate, Southwest, Turkish or any other airlines to Vermont or from Vermont since August of 2015. 6)My permanent residency in the US, approved at the US consulate in Abu Dhabi in 2002, therefore I never petitioned for any kind of visas such as Einstein visa, work visa or special immigrant visas to live and work in the US. The immigration attorney Alene Bryson from Fayettville, AR, filed on my behalf to remove the conditions from my green card, I had an interview with the INS officer in Memphis, Tennessee on October 13, 2004 and my green card was renewed. I filed for US Citizenship in May of 2007 and got a US Certificate of Naturalization (#3131****), at the US district court, northern district IL in Chicago, on May 14th of 2008. My US passport (#46955****) expired on 7/14/2020 and I haven't renewed it yet. In April of 2022, I noticed that my US Certificate of Naturalization (the original one) was stolen from my safe at my home in Tabriz, most likely at the direction of US officials. There was no need to steal it, the US officials could have asked for it. I wonder if the US officials have refuted my US citizenship and if by using my IDs, any kind of visas or permanent residency has been issued in the US, since 2012. I am a native Iranian and don't hold any other countries permanent residencies or citizenships. 7)I only voted twice in the US, the 2012 and 2014 US elections, in person at the Walden Recreation Center on Thoreau Dr. in Schaumburg, Illinois. I wonder if my name has been registered at the 2020 US census in the state of Vermont or any US elections since 2014. 8)I wonder, if by using my IDs any fraudulent tax returns filed with the IRS of your state since 2015 (tax year of 2014). I haven't used any online platforms such as Turbotax to file for tax returns since 2014. I would like to know, how much I've paid for taxes to the IRS of Vermont and federal from 2002 till now. 9)My stolen Silver Chevy Cruz's license plate was X57 0837(IL). I wonder, if my Driver's License or License Plate has been ever involved in any accidents and used in any insurance claims, including the Farmers Insurance & Geico fraudulently. I haven't been in any car accidents and I haven't filed any claims (including life Insurance, medical, mental, dental, surgeries, breast implant, Rehab, gender change surgeries & etc) with the insurance companies since April of 2013, so any filed claims on my behalf, by using my IDs, Driver's License (D260-****-****) or License Plate (X57 0837 issued in Illinois), with the insurance companies such as, Blue Cross Blueshield, Allstate, MetLife Inc., State Farm, Farmers, Geico, VA, AARP & etc., is a fraud and should be investigated. I have never worked for Uber or Lyft, and haven't used any of their services or Airbnb services yet, so any claims filed on my behalf, with these companies is a fraud and should be investigated. My fingerprints, 3D hands and feetprints and my DNA, are required for claiming my assets and my breasts and ankles insurred to prevent anyone else to replace me. Unfortunately the false claims have been filed with the insurance companies fraudulently to remove those barriers from my assets. 10)The last phone number I used in the US was (+1)84******** with Tmobile which, its account number was 94804****. I wonder, if any phone activities, regarding phone number of (+1)84******** recorded on my account, since August of 2015 and if any new phone numbers such as (+1)91******** registered to my account fraudulently since August of 2015. 11) I haven't been convicted or even questioned/ interviewed by the officials, in the US, Iran or any other countries. I would like to know, if I have had any secretive convictions in the state of Vermont and in the US and if I ever listed on the "Watchlist" of government. I think, my name was checked-in at the Fullerton City Jail or other jails in California and Guantánamo Bay fraudulently. 12) I wonder, if by using my IDs, any marriage licenses have been issued in the state of Vermont, since Fall of 2013, fraudulently. 13)I wonder, if by using my IDs, any death certificates have been issued in the state of Vermont, fraudulently. 14)I had the following email addresses which were hijacked in the Fall of 2013: ndashgir@***.com; ndashgir@***.com; ndashgir2002@***.com ndashgir2002@***.com; nahayatd@***.com. I also had AOL account, most likely which was hijacked the same time. I had a gmail account of which was hijacked on December 20, 2020, I haven't been able to retrieve my email accounts. I wonder, if the mentioned email addresses have been used after getting hijacked fraudulently, if they have been used for any transactions, and if our belongings including my jewelry sold out by using my emails or the following websites/social media at the auctions: Etsy, Ebay, Craigslist, Pinterest, Barnes& Noble, Crate& Barrel, Apple zon, Facebook Marketplace, Goldman's Stores Inc., Shopify stores, Microsoft Store, Twitter Shop, Auctionet, Google mart, Jet Company, Wayfair Company, Sotheby's, Paddle8, Saatchi Art, Auctionata, Artsy, Mumart SAS, Pawn Company, Bonhams, Alexander, Christi auction, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, NFT trading platform OpenSea, blockchain, Coinbase, Dogecoin, or any cryptocurrency exchange platforms. I truly appreciate your help and time and look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Nahayat Dashgir
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