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Dr. Ventre is a Terrible Doctor

DO NOT GO TO VENTRE MEDICAL ASSOCIATES. You will spend HOURS waiting for the Dr to see you and once you're in, the Dr will only see you for at most 5 minutes, no eye contact, no greetings, no compassion, no empathy, or any sort of kindness expected by one who treats mental health illnesses. Dr. Ventre himself DOES NOT SEE PATIENTS. He has a slew of practitioners working under him (some of whom are not even doctors) and writing prescriptions under his name, yet when you receive a bill from his office, its for services that supposedly he rendered. So not only are they treating patients like ***, but they're committing MAJOR INSURANCE FRAUD. Every time I have been to this office I have been forced to see a different provider. I've had 5 visits and each one was with a different doctor. How am i suppose to get mental health treatment when I can't even develop a realtionship with one doctor? Every time I go in I have to explain my situation all over again. Going here has increased my anxiety and depression. I even tried complaining to the clinical director, some blonde bimbo *** named Ashley, and she tried to discharge me as a patient and called me aggressive when all I wanted was for someone to help me. When is asking for help cause for dismissing a patient? These people are the worst and I have a feeling that any positive reviews on this place was made by them to make them seem more legitimate. Avoid this place like Herpes because this clinic is nothing more than a sore on the healthcare system.
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Poor customer service

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Ventre Medical Associates?

This place is horrible ! It should be shut down ! Reveiws taken**** jocelynlg 08/09/2013 I am absolutely appalled at the quality… I am absolutely appalled at the quality of service I received from everyone at this clinic. My sister was a patient of his and my sister has a mental disorder and is very dependent on her medication to function properly. I was referred by Atlantic Shores Hospital to Dr. Peter Ventre and his associate Dr. Bret. He doesn’t even communicate with you and keeps you in the dark as to what you’re prescribed. He just shoves a bunch of pills and tells you to discontinue what you’re taking without consulting your primary doctor. The first few nights were a nightmare because of her medication changes. The staff told me I had to wait until the next appointment to speak with the doctor. So imagine, I had to deal with my sister throwing tantrums at all hours of the night and day! When I made it to the appointment, I only could see his associate, she was very unsympathetic to my situation and under the direction of Dr. Ventre they changed her pills AGAIN! I follow his advice a few more times, and each time it only gets worse! I would call desperately for help and was told that he cannot talk to me and that I had to wait until the next appointment. I was finally told to discontinue all the current pills with no instructions or new prescriptions. I called to try to speak with the doctor for instructions and it seems the nasty lazy rude staff doesn’t want to work and tells me "the doctor will call you later this evening" and I get nothing for over 3 days (mind you, I called every day with the same answer). Finally, I was fed up and demanded to speak with the doctor immediately and was told that I needed to make an appointment and the next available time would be NOVEMBER. I cannot wait 5 MONTHS for a consultation that would only take 5 MINUTES of his life! When I explained that I was so desperate to speak with him, that I would be willing to go personally to the office, the girl on the phone yelled to me to stop "threatening" them. When I tried to explain myself again, they had the audacity to hang up on me! Because of the lack of medication and communication, my sister’s caretaker had to admit her to the hospital because she was in an uncontrollable lucid state and had to call 9-1-1. I have been so stressed with this that I even had to have a heart cauterization and was told that I need to de-stress myself! How can I with a unsympathetic doctor who only wants a check?! sue.pawlak.5 12/14/2012 This is the worst experince of my life. This is the worst experince of my life. Other than the couselors that is the worst run office I ever went to. My meds have been written wrong twice so far. After calling several timesTo get it fixed I never was called back for 2 weeks. I finally had to see my counselor 2 weeks later so that I could complain. The front desk is rude and stupid. Never saw anything like it. Their attitude was cruel and inhuman. They could care less. They treat you like crap. As for This Dr Ventre he is a figment of your imagination. Where is he. Never to be found. Someone needs to report him and his staff to the medical association. My couseler is great and I am torn about staying. Scarry place stay away. FLHPsychrape 07/20/2012 (Peter Ventre) The chemical lobotimist of Fort Lauderdale Hospital. Coercive psychiatry is his specialty. If you dont like your chemical lobotamy pills he will make threats of forced injections. Your reaction to that (rapid speech) is taken as a further sypmtom of your bogus psych label requiring more of his mistreatment at $750+ a day behind the locked doors of Fort Lauderdale Hospital. True story. Victim of this place ? Leave your story.
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He abuses patients with high doses antipsychotics like Haldol behind the locked doors of that wretched *** hole Fort Lauderdal Hospital. When patients object he makes threats of a forced injection.

Patient reactions to abuse are charted as "symptoms of the illness" calling for more mistreatment. He did that to me and alot of other people I talked to. I was had problems with alcohol back then, not "mental illness" and didn't need HALDOL and the other doses of drugs he recklessly prescribed. Ventre also takes 100s of thousands of dollars from the pharmaceutical companies.

Just search "dollars for docs, Peter ventre" to find the report. I wouldn't let this guy treat farm animals, don't let him near your loved ones.


The complaints are all over the web, "Fort Lauderdale Hospital" were Peter Ventre goes trolling for patients is an abusive rat hole of a place where staff truly enjoy bulling patients behind its locked doors and he does nothing about it. If patients try and refuse the reckless amounts of neuoroleptics Ventre himself prescribes turning them into medicated zombies shuffling around in a daze he makes scary threats at them of "injectable form" medications, a chemical drug rape basically. Patient reactions to all this mistreatment are charted simply as "rapid speech" a bogus psychiatric symptom that of course gets treated with more of the same abuse that caused it (a longer stay), making more money for this abomination called a hospital.

Also patients daily get a very rude wakeup to be coerced stand in line for blood pressure at like 5 30 am , you can't even rest in this "hospital".

Families, that's why you are getting those desperate "help me" phone calls from loved ones at Fort Lauderdale Hospital.

Below is another review about this place I found online.

mollyanne, May. 05, 2012

I had the misfortune of coming into contact with "Doctor" Ventre while a patient at Fort Lauderdale Hospital. I had self admitted myself for sleep disorder and accompanying dependency on sleep aides. This "gentleman" shows up to the hospital to see you at will. Somedays 9am, somedays they wake you up from your night sleep because Dr. Ventre is "running late". (Sounds great for somebody with sleep problems!!). Not one of my sessions lasted over 5 minutes. He does not make eye contact, and hears what he wants to hear....the rest of the world is officailly crazy and needs SOME SORT of prescription!

I left the hospital taking three anti-depressants and STILL taking ambien! That's why I went into the place to begin with! Upon release one is referred to this "doctor's" office. What a joke! No TV, no reading material, but at least an hour wait time. You will NEVER see Dr. Ventre again! He has a slew of practioners working out of his office. They see you for about 5 minutes, scribble some notes, do not make eye contact, write you one month only worth of refills, and will see you again in 30 days.

This is in no way, shape, or form caring, compassionate, understanding, or anything of the like. It is a scam!! An insurance dollar, money driven scam perpetuated by Dr. Ventre and his relationship with the Fort Lauderdale Hospital.



I have to say, I have never been happier with the care I get from the docs at VMA. I found, in fact, quite the opposite....

I was thrilled thy wanted to keep me on the necessary medication and get me off the meds I 1) didn't need and 2) meds that cancel each other out. Dr. Ventre is THE most compassionate doctor I have ever met! He takes his time and explained everything!

If your sister was in the hospital- clearly she was not stable prior to getting referred to vma and you were having a hard time with her before with the meds she was on. They aren't going to sedate your sis which it sounds like you want.

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Total fake review by staff.

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He takes hundreds of thousands of dollars from the drug companies as well.[id]=&services[]=&period[]=&showall=true

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