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We were totaly shock when my daughter 7yrs old said dad it is no good.i said yes it is i just made it. she said look at this. it was a good size piece of glass. i cant help but think what would have happened if she had not seen it. we have used Kraft products i dont know what to think or do at this point. i dont understand who glass got in it . there are 2 bags not glass. adn looking here im not the only one sharing here. i dont even know if...
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Anonymous It was the prospectors with their fires on tv commercial that did it. Was his glass eye.


ransom Are you sure it wasn't already in whatever pan you used or a serving dish or even fell in between your stove and table? No? Can you prove that? That seems as likely as gettin...

Hmm....this is what I found inside Velveeta box. Didn't know what it was and couldn't really figured out what it was until I zoomed in with the camera and took a picture. My take on this...inspect what comes out out of anything that is boxed/canned bc you never know what you might be eating as EXTRA! Please share. #Velveeta.
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Velveeta Shells And Cheese Pasta Review

I love Velveeta. It is my favorite Mac and cheese. But I just made an easy to-go version and it was literally the worst thing I've ever eaten. Not only does it look completely sketch with the white powder and all but it cause the *** to turn into a gel. It was god awful. Stop making that ***.