Juanmiguel Jyw
map-marker Westminster, South Carolina


Beware of any product or service associated with Josh Ribakoff. He is the epitomy of youthful exuberance with no clear plan to support his offering/s. We tried to work with him over a 10 month period to no avail. He failed to load the proper version of his software on our site. Only after being given his personal cell phone number did he finally get the updated version loaded after 8 months. He almost never responds to tickets (98% of the time). We even offered to pay additional for some semblence of service. Once the correct version was loaded our site basically became useless. It took weeks to get him to resolve a few issues which we spoke to him via phone on since he doesn't respond to tickets. He also knocked out our jquery and other functionality like duplicate a product or even add a product which now no onger work. Mr. Ribakoff tries to put up a good show but his is simply overwhelmed by whatever he is doing and is to proud to simply cease the offering since he can't support it. He has also refused to refund the cost of his module which has now forced us to charge him back through our credit card.
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Lafonda Sgk

[url=http://postimg.org/image/ldpt98x3z/][img]http://s3.postimg.org/ldpt98x3z/2014_03_30_13_26_48.jpg[/img][/url] what he uses your money on..

Auriel Uot
map-marker London, Ontario

Extension didn't work, no refund

We purchased this extension for a project and it did not work as expected. The developer took weeks between replies to our requests. In some cases over a month. He refuses to refund our money so I have had to open a dispute with visa to get it back. I see now that I am not the only one who has had a bad experience with this guy- his name is Josh FYI. His response to us is that he has a "no refund policy". If your product doesn't work, you need to stand behind it and refund the customer's money. Buyer beware.
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I also got scammed buy this guy, the second he has your money he stops emailing or calling!


Product not finished before sale

Puchased vehiclefits for Prestashop, was sent vehiclefits for magento. Requested correct version, found out prestashop conversion had not been finished despite being advertised. Software installed by vehiclefits not working, multiple complaints via email and the vehiclefits support system unanswered. Finally heard back from them after complaining on another site online. Recieved package for free, was told I'd recieve full refund but have yet to recieve it. Product still not working over 3 weeks later, we are massively behind on our websites scheduled launch date, and still no response from email or helpdesk. Definately not a company I would recommend anyone using.
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Lafonda Sgk

[url=http://postimg.org/image/ldpt98x3z/][img]http://s3.postimg.org/ldpt98x3z/2014_03_30_13_26_48.jpg[/img][/url] he uses your money for this.


I'm happy to see that we are not alone in this situation !

Everyday, i try to call him or to speak with him using google chat or Skype BUT there is no way to get an answer !

It's a good module when it works and we want to add features but we haven't answer.

Hope you'll have a good ending !

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map-marker New Baltimore, Michigan

Vehicle Fits - Magento Extension

Our company was in search of a magento extension that would assist our customers with finding products for their vehicles by choosing year make and model; we came across a company and website that call themselves vehicle fits or vehiclefits.com. We have had some troubles in the past purchasing magento extensions that just didn't work, so we made sure that we made it clear to Josh from vehicle fits that if we had any problems we would be asking for a refund. Josh assured us that if we had any problems he would issue us a refund and even went as far as not making us sign his terms of sale to make us feel secure about purchasing his product. We were also told that he would customize his software to suit our companies needs by adding a year/make/model option for both vehicle and wheel side applications, this was never done. His system is cluttered with misspellings, some upper case, some lower case and wrong bolt pattern to vehicle matches. His extension also slows page loading and in the end of our experience corrupted our magento database causing our sites to crash. We simply asked for a refund like we were promised and he tried blaming our server and then said we didn't have proper system requirements. This is not the case our magento stores are hosted on a dedicated dual core dual processor server running 24 gigs of ddr3. Our stores have been up and running for over a year without an issue and once we remove his software from our database everything works as it should, if we add his module back to our system it fails. After a few back and forth emails he became vindictive and vulgar. Then was asking to let him into our server so he could see or repair the issue, of course we denied this request because of his behavior and less than professional attitude. Bottom line here is this guy and his software is unstable, he will not back his contract verbal or written and when you run into a problem, he will cut you off from updates and the use of his software and will not issue a refund. Be careful before getting involved with vehiclefits.com
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We uploaded VehicleFits extension and it breaks the server, we had the same issue.


I completely agree, the company vehiclefits.com is the worst, absolutely no communication, product has lots of bugs. Don't give them a dime, even now the software is open source, do not give this guy Josh a dime, he wil *** like he did me and looks like many others, I have almost $1000 invested with him (before it went open source) I was supposed to get a year of support, I can't even get in touch with the guy, it has been 1 1/2 months since I have talked to him, he was supposed to fix the seo and upgrade to the newest version that weekend....well it has been 6 weekends and I can't get any response. For those that are having as many problems as me, his cell number...aka the only way to get any kind of response is 772-924-****.


You sound like a customer I would hate to have. You have problems, but won't let him fix them?

You claim the program caused your website to crash, but that is more likely from a user error of your own. I've been dealing with Josh for quite a while now and his attitude and professionalism is nothing similar to what you have written here.


We bought the same Magento installation from Josh and had some small issues (mostly due to the customized version of our Magento build).

Just wanted to throw out there that Josh has gone above and beyond for us in support and in the setup process. His module is different from others in that it is much more customizable, which also means YOU YOURSELF are much more likely to break your own magento install (or his module for that matter) if you don't know what you're doing.

I myself have gotten myself into a couple of these pickles, and both times Josh logged into the back end of our website and fixed the issues himself.

Just wanted to make sure this guy gets a fair rep from more than one customer, we're certainly satisfied!

Nick Goodwin




We were going to take legal action but he knows as well as we do, that it would cost us more than it's worth to try and get $700 back from him.

It's a win win for Josh and look at this guy, he makes it look like we refused to accept any help from him even after we realized he was not going to make good on his refund policy. If we are not going to get a refund he at least owes us the complete software and data package we paid for even if we throw it in the garbage after we get it!


No software no refund = scam!


We are currently working with Josh to resolve this matter.

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