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It's always interesting to note how so many consumers *** about a company to which they owed money. They take no responsibility for their actions or inaction; it's always the company's fault. It's time to grow up, children!

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Based on research and and review of posted comments the company appears to be oriented towards providing the best support to businesses and not to home (perosnal) users. I was a customer for over 5 years,and had no follow-up from company during the service period. I wanted to upgrade the existing system to enable internet/smart phone access. Spoke to a rep soliciting business in the neighborhood, but he was non-responsive, more interested in... Read more

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Scott at Vector Security in Birmingham, AL is very mean, condescending, and very pushy! Calls constantly. I avoided his calls for a week due to being on vacation and when I finally spoke with him and told him I'm not interested at this time he tells me I don't have to worry about avoiding his calls anymore. I the asked him to take me off his call list and he throws a tantrum about this is how he provides for his family, and that I should have... Read more

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I signed a 2 yr contract with this company and later found out after my two years had expired and I called to cancel that my contract had be auto renewed for an additional 3 years without my knowledge. They sent me a copy of the contract which states in the smallest print on the back page towards the bottom of all the other stuff that they could auto renew. I've been going back and forth with them about this and I get a collection letter for... Read more

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I was pressured into signing up for Vector Security Systems, replacing my ADT system over 2 years ago. Unfortunately I did not realize that I was signing up for a 3 year contract and not the 2 year industry standard. All would have been well, except when I filled out a service request on their "Website" I was never contacted for an appointment. After 10 days, I finally called the office and was chastized for not calling in my request. 5 days... Read more

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