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Still not able to get a hold of anyone

Vaquatics - Still not able to get a hold of anyone
Called there number ,, it just rings and rings,,,no answer,, on the 3 rd try sounded like someone picked up phone and hung it up to get it to stop ringing...
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User's recommendation: Stay clear of Vaquatics

Tony V Dkq

An order

Placed order for bh 50 skimmer by octo. Havent recieved,, placed order 2 weeks ago
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Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered

User's recommendation: Call before you place online order,, make sure they have item before purchase,,, come to find out on most sites item has been discontinued,,

Reef C
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VAquatics Never Shipped Item

These guys are nothing but a scam. They post ridiculous things on the internet trying to promote themselves but it is all a lie. They have on multiple occasion's posed as other people when they are getting truthful reviews trying to make themselves look better. The owner is extremely shady and will lie to you at every turn. Sometimes you get what you pay for it is cheap for a reason. They have multiple issues with their products and packaging. They are not legitimate on any level, do not believe anything they say and look out for posts that only say good things posted by the people that are associated with them. It is easy to spot because it is used over and over again.
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I made a purchase from Vaquatics recently of reef nutrition food and I got it the next pay in professional packaging. I paid the same price that anyone else would have paid including sales tax even though my local fish store has it.

I heard good things about Vaquatics so I decided to give them a fair shot and not only did they call to thank me but they also had a real time tracking system of my package.

I have been to Reef chief and I seriously doubt that he put this up here. This seems to be a person that owns an store or simply doesn't like Vaquatics for whatever reason. You can spot these trolls all over the internet and its unfortunate that a company that does everything right can get a erroneous review like this and it sticks at the top of the search results.

I certainly hope this website starts to vet the posts with hard evidence before they allow anyone to post anything like this one. Its unprofessional if it is another store and if it is be an adult an post who you are instead of hiding behind a reputable company like Reef Chief and Vaquatics.


I have to say I find it hard to believe that "Reef Chief" posted this. The owner would not stoop to this level.

He is a well respected LFS in the area and I am sure he would not put his reputation on the line to post about another LFS in a public forum. I have done business with Vaquatics and they were courteous and very friendly when I met them. This has to be a person who is acting very unprofessional and is not adult enough to just say who they are.

Using another person’s or business’s name to post false allegations or slander is illegal and can be considered defamation. If I was whomever posted this I would consider asking the site to take it down.


I have been buying my chemicals from this company for 2 years now and never have they packaged anything incorrectly. They even add extra things every now and again to my orders for being a loyal customer.

I am not a cheerleader for any company but it seems like the company that posted this is a local store in the area of Vaquatics. If this is how they feel why don't they just buy it themselves. It really makes no sense to even post this on the internet with the intent to harm their competitor. Could you imagine if large companies were to act like this?

So unprofessional they should have this post removed because it really only makes them look bad. Thank you Vaquatics for all you have done for me and I know I can count on you, keep it up!


I read this and had to actually read it again. It seems like spam to me or a competitor that wanted to smear Vaquatics.

I have buying from them for 2 years and they have always fill my orders without a hitch. THey also keep you in the loop if anything needs attention and they are humble enough to make sure that if they can't help you what company can. Whoever wrote this statement should have this site delete it because in the end they gain nothing because once experience with this company will prove this complaint wrong. I looked up the company that placed this complaint and they claim it was not them that did it.

If that is the case the least that the person that did this should be an ethical person and come forward and apologize publicly. I hope Vaquatics stays in business for a long time and I wish them all the best.


I ordered 2 LED lights and a skimmer and I got them in 2 days. I think that people put up posts like this it a shame because good companies like Vaquatics are trying to grow. They called be after I ordered the equipment to make sure that I got it, the boxes were in good shape and I was satisfied. No other online company or even a LFS do this.

A++++ Service and support.



I love this place and I like to talk with the owner. He is very down to earth and easy to talk to.

He always says to not take his word for it but to research it, and he is always right. He doesn't use any gimmicks or he does not try to up sale you. I am not sure who wrote this but it just seems like a jealous person or someone who wants to give Vaquatics a bad name.

I recommend trying them out for yourself. Actions speak louder than words.


I spoke with the owner of this company for 2 hours and I got an education. He thanks some local businesses that educated him in reefing as well as his years in the saltwater hobby.

Now keep in mind all I bought was a few chemicals that was under 50.00 and he had no issue talking to me for hours.

Customer service like this is something that plain does not existed and people post spitefully things like this because of whatever reason suppressing a truly great business just trying to make it. I hope people read this and disregard this post which makes no sense.


The best customer service I have seen in a while. For the size of this company the offer quite a few convenient ways to make sure you feel comfortable.

I spent over 2K on 1 purchase that they spent several phone calls and several weeks while I made my decision.

I was a bit skeptical because they are not one of the big companies but I took a chance and I could not be happier. A++ rating


I ordered 3 ECORAY 112D's and the arrived perfectly, on time and as described. Not only that but they spent hours on the phone with me making sure I got the right lights.

I have nothing but great things to say about Vaquatics.

Hope this helps people make decisions. If you want one on one attention Vaquatics will give that to you.

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