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Kanger Subox Nano Kit Review

Will all take all stuff it flavor of the oil
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Vapor Planet Sandpoint ID

So how do I begin.... I went in to the Vapor Planet in Sandpoint Idaho to check out their products and compare them to my existing e-cig provider. Right as I walked in the door I noticed the man behind the counter. To my surprise it was the same guy that used to work for my current e-cig provider, The Vapor Depot! This guy was a complete *** when he worked there and now he's opened his own e-cig business, copying almost everything that The Vapor Depot had going with the exception of The Vapor Depot's incredible customer service and high quality products. This man should be ashamed of himself! But let's move beyond that to the rest of my terrible experience with Eric at Vapor Planet... I walk in his door and the guy doesn't even look up from his computer to acknowledge my existence for at least 20 seconds. From the sound of it he was watching some sports game. When he did finally acknowledge me he seemed annoyed that I was there. I proceeded to talk to him about what he was selling. He was very short in describing his products and completely lacked enthusiasm, all the while, he was condescending. His products seemed very cheaply made and his e-liquids were the most horrible tasting liquids I've ever tried. He makes claims that the manufacturer of his liquids is FDA registered and licensed but refused to show proof of that claim. In my opinion Eric is lying to consumers in order to capitalize on our ignorance in such matters. In fact, since I was in his store one of my friends, who has been using his liquids, had to go to the hospital due to lung bleeding and mouth sores! It was the opinion of her doctor that the cause of this was from her e-cig that she bought from Vapor Planet. She's having her e-liquid tested and will likely be suing Vapor Planet soon. Now back to the rest of my horrible experience... When I decided I wasn't going to buy any of his horrible products, Eric got very rude with me, said something under his breath and went back to his game on his computer and simply ignored me. This man, this business, is horrible and should be shut down! Take my advice.... DO NOT STEP FOOT IN VAPOR PLANET!!!!!!! DON'T BE TEMPTED BY CHEAPER PRICES! YOU WILL REGRET IT! I'm ashamed for even thinking I could find a better place than my current e-cig provider.
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I was skiing in Sandpoint last winter and went to Eric's for information about hemp products. Eric was very knowledgeable; gave me a lot more information than I needed to know but he wanted an informed consumer.

He was really nice and very professional as well. If you are in the market for quality hemp health products I recommend Vapor Planet.


Whoever wrote this article about one of the nicest guys ive EVER met in my life should be wellashamed of me it sounds like its coming out of the mouth of someone from vapor depot "Ryan" i assume...vapor planet is the best ecig place around and i dont care about cheaper prices from online..i love the conveniace of location and friendly customer support erik has shown me for the past 2 years that ive been coming here..and i will GLADLY support local buisnesses if they are ran by someone as kind hearted as erik...what a load of absolute *** is all i have to say...i wont DARE to walk in to the allmost strip club appeal of a store that vapor depot is...37$ for a 30ml bottle of liquid when its all VG ( Vegatable Glycerin) based..are you kidding me??? nasty thick molasses liquids with the EXACT same aftertaste for any flavor you get...Not to mention the lack of EVERYTHING that the store and the stores owners have...erik will look at ANY ecig product you have and fix it for FREE if he can..the depot charges you for even looking at something and as well might not even acknowledge your existance when you walk in the doors...i could go on and on about vapor depots TERRIBLE service and products...but that would take all day...and that is NO exageration...the liquid at vapor planet is the BEST ive tried from 5 states around and people including myself will travel MILES just to come in and see erik and his awesome store...everything in the article above is an ABSOLUTE lie!!!

and dont trust my word for it come to downtown sandpoint and check out his store on church street.. if erik doesnt reach you on a personal level where you feel comfortable disregard everything ive said...but i allmost GUARENTEE youll be surprised by his service BEST QUALITY (you can look up the stuff he sells yourself) ecigs and accessories you can find today...i can tell you one thing from personal experience..i tried quitting smoking from being a two pack a day guy to the ecigs sold at vapor depot and not only did i waste a LOT of money but i hated the way the people behind the counter treated me (like i was some ***) and there nasty tasting liquid...since eriks had vapor planet open i havent had a ciggerette in over 2 years...and i feel healthier than i have ever been since i was just a kid...again dont take my word for it stop in an see for yourself..i promise youll like what you find...

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Bravo' I certainly agree with your comment. Eric is a top notch kinda guy.

The bad trip between Vapor Depot over vaper Planet-Eric is really a ridiculous situation of fighting and pouting.

Get a grip Vapor Depot' stop playing games with the competition in the county. Try being customer friendly and professional like Eric at Vapor Planet!


The vapor store downtown is much better priced then the one in the mall. But that said, they are both extremely overpriced. Check out massive online vendors with mass reviews.

Compare the prices and genuine branding. I won't even by a coil head replacement from either. Every single item is marked up at least 200%!!!!!!!! That's more ludicrous then a *** drug dealer! I wish more people would realize this and make them lower there prices. Especially when it comes to e liquid.

Check out... (my fav is antidote 50/50 pg/vg)

Great info and references on ecigs in general is.... Google "ecf"

Let the masses explain. Research before you waist your hard earned money!


Your a dumb *** is all I have to say he has been nothing but nice to me and meny ofmu friends and family if anything the place in the mall sucks *** they are highly over priced and have *** quality items.


I have to agree on the side of the "pissed consumer"... I've tried his stuff and his e-liquids and to me they are cheap imitations compared to the place at the mall.

The liquid flavors are disgusting and taste chemically. So if you are okay with paying less to use a cheap *** e-cig and inhale what tastes sketchy go ahead. But I'm willing to pay more for higher quality and better tasting stuff. Besides that, it's no secret that the place in the mall will beat Vapor Planet's prices by 10% anyway!


Better quality and they'll beat Vapor Planet's prices by 10%... That's a pretty easy choice!

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if that WAS true it sure isnt anymore..VG liquid is *** comparison to PG eriks liquid beats anything ive EVER tried...and vapor depot doesnt do that *** at all What The @#$% are you talking about??? eriks liquid is not only better quality but on sale right now for 15$ for a large 30ml bottle..the depots are 37$...hmmmmm..if you honostly like vg more than pg thats your own *** up taste buds fault not eriks

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Vegetable Glycerin is actually a very sought-after ingredient in liquids, especially for consumers who choose to "drip". Whereas yes the viscosity of the liquid is thicker, which provides less ease for wicking, the ingredient itself is virtually tasteless with only a very sweet underlying taste when vaped purely.

Now there are different "grades" of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin all the same, but perhaps the concentrate in the liquids is what is providing that strange after taste.

Vegetable glycerin provides virtually no throat-hit on inhalation. This is a great ingredient to base your liquids off of, especially if you are marketing to users who like to take larger draws or puffs on their electronic cigarette. PG would choke you up well before you were able to take a LARGE inhale.

(I'm not talking iClear 30B or Kanger Aero Tank. I'm talking Genesis style atomizers and dripping atomizers)

Also, VG is known to be the main ingredient in most organic e-liquids. A store owner may also market these liquids due to the rising number of propylene glycol sensitivities.

Please do your research before creating a bias!


-From someone who has worked in the ecig/eliquid industry for years, with personal experience in mixology.-

-I also have no opinion on the matter seeing as how I live in Upstate, NY... but I can't idly let people spout ignorance on forums the FDA may see.-


My experience was nothing like this. I have used the juice and have many friends that have switched even the net is cheaper than my previous ecig place Eric is just helping us small town idiots that we were being ripped off so someone could make good money of us. Ill I have to say is keep up the good work Eric.

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