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Like many people here I bought a package of 5-$20 cards to give as tips and gifts.I had one left over and decided to use it to get rid of carrying one more card. Not only did it not work - when we looked at the back of it, something'I'd never thought to do, it is...
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So I went onto the Vanilla Mastercard Website and tried activating my card because it is telling me, so I went in and typed my Postal Code in different ways but it still doesn't work. I checked online if anyone else had the problem and apparently everyone is having the...
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Anonymous Not to sure if you fixed your problem, I had the same one. I went to (web address is in fine print on back of the card) postal code registration works just...


Anonymous It happen to me too this is BS they've should fix the website or else

Vanilla Mastercard Prepaid Card Activation Review

I am so mad I got suckered by this scam, $150 gone poof. I am angry for Walmart for selling these to their customers, even though this has been going on for awhile. I am done shopping there, they should back what they sell, they are just as guilty of fraud.
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