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Vandella Costumes- Don't risk it!

After settling on a design and recieving the invoice I asked Kira for an estimate on delivery confirmation to be sure that my suit would arrive by show time. She sent me an email, "suit to be started 4 weeks or less if possible from time of payment.Thanks,Kira" This does not have the e.t.a. So I again asked her for the confirmation and she wrote back: "I feel that that last email was good enough, so if you are not comfortable reordering from me, then just let me know.I don't have time to go back & forth on this, you are delaying your suit by not paying, I already have 20 more orders in since we talked last time.Thanks,Kira" I began to lose trust in her, and I explained that it would make me feel more comfortable knowing that my suit will be done by the date given. She then wrote me back: "I sorry I thought you understood that when I was ready to start on it in Mid- May, that also meant ready to ship.Mid- May is shipping estimate week.Cannot give an exact day. Thanks,Kira" Ummm, still unsure of this lady I decided to give her one more chance and asked if she still wanted to do it, she wrote me back: "I have gotten many orders since we started going round about all this, so now I am not taking any more may orders. Either please pay today or I will have to cancel your invoice request.Thanks,kira" Wow, this really didn't gain my trust. So I told her how I felt about the email not showing me that she really even cared about having my business and the fact that my clients have had issues with late orders and she wrote back: "Every single one of my many clients- I have thousands- have gotten there suits before their shows as promised. If you cannot pay for your suit 9-12 weeks out as stated on the site then that is not my fault.I have answered all your emails & phone calls when I could get to them.You may pass that along to your friends as well.I can give you many names of very happy clients ,some are pros.I see this as your loss, unfortunately, not mine.Kira" Geez, all I wanted was an e.t.a. and she tells me it's my loss? I decided to tell her that I was not happy with her customer service and that I will refer my clients elsewhere, she wrote back: "I came to the conclusion that I would not be able to do you your suits due to you dragging your feet.I required then at least 6-8 weeks prior- so that is clearly your fault.I feel that I have wasted enough of my time w/ your untrue emails so I will not even read any more of your emails, so don;t rouble yourself to send them.I do not concentrate on negative things, only positive.You sound like you need help in that area, so i wish you & whoever does your suit the best of luck, they will need it- Kira" I'm not sure where this all came from, I did no dragging of feet, I simply wanted to be assured that my order would arrive ontime before I spent the money. I contacted her at 16 weeks out from my competition date. Kira wasted about 4 weeks of my time dealing with this, and waiting for her to answer a simple question. Three of my good friends have had issues with her too, so this is why I wanted to be assured that I could use her but she failed to win my business. She explained to me that she is all alone in the business and has no help to keep costs down, this tells me that she bites off more than what she can chew. Later she changed her tune and said that she is a two-man show (she sows, and her husband decorates), but still doesn't win me over in the slightest. Since this fiasco with Kira, I've found three other designers that have been very happy to work with me. They've all sent me swatches to look at and return my emails right away. Now I've narrowed my search down to two and I'm very happy with the service I've been getting. Kira called me at 11:00pm one night, my husband was laughing, who does that? This lady has no skills when it comes to servicing the public in a pofessional manner. With VandellaCostumes.com designer Kira - Buyer beware, get your confirmation in writing.
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DON'T ORDER FEOM HER! She will not deliver on time.

She will lie. She will make excuses.

She will say she is sick.

The only thing she does on time is pull the money!!!


Hey, Thanks for this great site. I am really glad to visit this site.

I like posing trunks


Kira's work is not worth referrals; it's sloppy and not worth the money you pay. Although the suit may fit great, her husband uses a glue gun to attach the gems, and leaves a mess on the suits. You pretty much have to scrape off excess glue.

If you want a suit done with talent try Tamara of BikiniGuru.com You will get a great deal and high quality!!

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I also have had many suits made by and sent clients to Vandella Costumes and she does not use a glue gun or is sloppy. Kira also stands by her work so if something comes off or is wrong she is more than happy to fix it.

Shame on you for your lies, you apparently are a shill working for other clients.


I never seen so much BS in my freaking life! there is no way in *** you are going to convince me or hundreds of women I have personally sent to Kira, that this *** is true.

I highly suspect that the first person made up fake logins and posted more BS LIES! because obviously you have nothing better to do and you obviously are not an athlete, b/c you would not have the time to write such BS lies! I have know Kira for well over 6 years and she has been nothing but a PRO my suits are outstanding!!!. As a top level Pro, I would never get on stage with a suit made out of plastic stones or second par craftsmanship!

Kira has made many suits for myself and my clients and they are ALL outstanding! Seriously get a life, since you clearly don't have one! Karma will come back at you..

you have attacked an innocent, kind women who makes OUTSTANDING suits with your lies and BS.. your time will come!


I oredered posing shoes and swatches almost two months ago and still haven't recieved them. Kira finally answered my email and said shoes were on back order.

She also said she mailed my swatches before she left for vacation.

That was 2 weeks ago still no swatches. Glad i read this before I ordered a suit from her.


I hope you read reviews before making any purchase, they are there for a reason - to save you money and hassles!


Well, I am with you guys on this one. I ordered a plain suit from her over two weeks ago.

I told her from the beginning that I order my suits plain simply because I like to do my own artwork on them. Now she's telling me she's gonna refund my money because she doesn't like for her work to be mixed with anyone else's. HELLO! its a plain suit.

If you aren't going to be a good business person then don't bother with trying to run one, or trying to pick and choose who you will and won't make a suit for.

We are all paying customers looking for something different in a suit. I will never recommend her to anyone.



Hello. Just checking on the status of my suit please.. Ordered 25 March 2011. you left a voicemail on my phone and if I heard you right, you said the suit would be here the week of the 16th. I haven't received it yet and wasn't sure on the shipping method or anything. I'm not sure if I will receive another e-mail once it ships or how that works. I was concerned about it not getting here in enough time as to what I needed for my own personal satisfaction and wanted to pay a rush fee but you felt like it would be here in time enough. I was hoping I had heard you correctly on my voicemail message and that i would have received it this week but I haven't gotten it yet.. =(... just hoping everything is still on track and that you will be able to tell me that I'll be getting it sooner rather than later! I have to go out of town late next week for the Army and I really needed it before then. Any advice you can give me will be much appreciated!--------------------------------her response--------------Been very busy here- alot of shows for april 30th & may 7th so i have not gotten to yours yet as your show is later. i will call you tomm.I have to get the suits for the done first though.Thanks,kira---------------------my response------------------------ Kira,

I really hate to hear that. I NEEDED my suit because of my military duties and having to go out of town and was very interested in paying a rush fee (whatever it took)to get my suit to me early enough. I expressed these concerns when I first spoke to you. You assured me it would be OKAY. I know you are very busy which is why I was so interested in paying a rush fee in order to get it here when I needed it by. I could have gone with another company but I after talking to you on the phone and you assuring me it would be okay, I chose to go with you. I'm so sad. When can I expect to get it? How soon can you tell me it will be here?....Please please please give me some good news? -----------her response---------------------------------All I had for you was the show date.Iwill get to yours as soon as I possibly can.Thanks,Kira -----------------------my response--------------------Kira,----------------------------------------------------------------------------my response-------------------------

Thanks for your quick response. You cannot give me an idea of when I should be receiving the suit? How do I know I will even receive it in time for my contest?..

Would it just be easier to give me a refund at this point? I think it would be best if you would just refund me my money. You haven't started on my suit so you aren't out anything .. I paid you in full, upfront, assuming everything would be okay but if you cannot even give me an estimate of when I should have it, then I need a refund please.. Thank you for your help but I just don't feel right about this. If you would please just refund the money, that would be really nice of you and be one less suit you have to do. I'm sorry for the trouble but I'm a single parent in the military. I don't make much money and now I don't even have any money to try to throw something together for my show. I really need the refund. Thank you so much..

your suit was to be worked on over this weekend.I had to move you up in front of a lot of other clients that pd before you.I never asked you for the rush fee, yet I am moving you up anyway.As stated in the policy on the web site as you signed before you check-out there are no refunds.Thank you,kira…------------------------------------------------my response-------------------Thanks for all your hard work Kira.. I know you are very busy and I Thank you for your work.. You did tell me I'd have it the week of 16 April and then when I asked you yesterday when I could expect it, you didn't give me any kind of answer. Clearly that makes a person nervous. Espescially one in my position who literally has NO MORE money for any other options. If you are telling me I'll get my suit before the contest, then good. All I wanted to hear from you was "don't worry, you will have your suit in time". you didn't really reassure me about anything. Please forgive me for jumping the gun but as I said, I'm a single parent, I'm a Soldier, I just had a death in the family, I've being sent away for the military, I've got alot of stress in my life and this was the one thing I was looking forward to and it didn't even work out that way I planned. I've pretty much lost all motivation.

---------------------------------her response---------------Apparently YOU DID NOT GET SOME OF MY EMAILS STATING THAT i WOULD INDEED HAVE YOUR SUIT DONE BEFORE YOUR SHOW DATE & THAT i AM ALSO VERY BUSY.i GET 2 HRS OF SLEEP A DAY & WORK 7 DAYS A WEEK & AM PUTTING TOGETHER A CHARITY EVENT.i AM SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS, BUT YOU CANNOT base your happiness around just a swimsuit.You have children & that should be your focus of happiness.If I did not think I c ould work on your suit, then i would not have taken your $.You have to understand what I am going thru as well.Thank you,kira--------------------------- I was wayyy to nice to this woman!! She is a horrible woman and such a poor excuse for a business woman. She is unprofessional and should be ashamed of the way she pretends to do business. I just wish I was in a financial position to pursue this and do something about her and her make-believe business.. I am somewhat devastated over all of this. I just hope someone reads this and benefits from it.. =(




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