Disgusting collection practices

I answered the phone and immediately someone asked to identify myself with the last 4 digits of my social security number. Really, like I would offer that kind of information out to just anyone? When I asked who was calling they would not offer the proper information and proceeded to continue asking questions without fully identifying themselves but continued to rudely ask questions. How these people who work for these companies sleep at nite or can look at themselves in the mirror each day is beyond me. Karma though!!!! Truly a sick and twisted organization. Beware of organizations like this and never give out any information over the phone!!!!!
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map-marker Austin, Texas

Terrible Services

I answered my phone I asked who this was (as i was unfamiliar with the number) I was asked to verify myself; before doing so I asked yet again who this was and was very rudely told that they were not going to tell me who it was and they hung up. Now from my understanding they are legally required to brand their call with whom and what their services are. I asked to speak with a manager another very rude individual got on the phone would not confirm that the issue would be addressed in a satisfactory manor. My request was simple just to pull the recording listen to how rude their agent was and call me back to assure me that the issue was rectified. He has yet to call me back. Its pitiful really I as am one of their clients and if they really had common sense they would not speak in ebonics when calling their clients and they would address the issue in a professional manor so it does not escalate to corporate. Which it will be now as well as the attorney generals office.
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map-marker Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania

IGNORANT PEOPLE work at vanrue.

I was doing some work in a client's home. I was told to answer the phone and record any messages for the client. First one ignorant and abrasive person called and asked me a number of personal questions. I refused to answer questions from an unknown person. I then hung up the phone. I was so angry that I redialed the "800" number on the caller ID. An even more abrasive person answered the phone at this time, asking ever more personal questions. I asked her if she was wearing a badge and hung up the phone. I am now calling the Better Business Bureau and to report this company so that no other people will have to put up with this BS. I will do anything I can, make phone calls to the newspaper, local television station, etc. to report this company, and how they conduct business. I WANT THEM "OUT OF BUSINESS". Thank you.
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sissy Isu
map-marker Niles, Michigan

Disregard for Continued Notice for Wrong Number

This slimy company has called my home phone all times of the day, night and on weekends to speak to a Kay Gommel who doesn't live here and I have never known. This has been going on now for about three months, even though I've repeated informed VanRu callers she doesn't live at this phone number. To no avail,I've requested my number to be removed from their call list in every way imaginable way: following their automated instructions, I've touched the number 1 to indicate they've got the wrong number; I've pleaded; I've immediately hung up on; I've ignored messages left on my answering machine; I've cursed out; and I've even threatened to call my state attorney general - nothing works! Sometimes I'm told my number will be removed - yeah right! I'm being ignored and unnecessarily harassed while this Kay Gomel character is sitting around somewhere in peace and quiet when she's not out charging *** she can't pay for and giving out my number. The most humiliating part of all this is that VanRu did the same thing for about six months a year ago - yes, asking for Kay Gomel! They stopped when I threatened to sue. On second thought though, maybe I should get caller id with memory and recording capability so I can show proof of their disregard, unprofessional sleazy tactics and over-the-top harassment and actually follow thru with my threat. That way the table will be turned, and it will their *** some bill collector (my lawyer)continually call any ole time and all the time, demanding payment for money and damages awarded to me via a victorious lawsuit!
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Kenzie L Zum
map-marker Minneapolis, Minnesota

Van Rue- What a freakin joke.

Wow, so these people call me off the wall, i'm trying to get my finances in order, and they seemed to be "helping" me in the beginning. Im paying off school loans. My dad was also on my account. Lately they've been calling probably 4-5 times a day. So I called them back, the guy said hello... who are you? I give him my name, and he said something like, "you're looking for drugs?" WHAT? no. I set up my payments, not to take anything out yet, and I just so happen to look on here, because that customer service is not okay. I speak to a kid, and he says he has to transfer me to my agent... I asked what his name was, and he wouldnt even give me that. Anyways... I get transfered, I guess he cant hear me? I have full service- and he hangs up on me. I call back, the same thing happens. I can clearly hear you typing on your keyboard. And then being forwarded to a voicemail? This place is an absolute joke. By reading what all of you have put up here, im going to get paper documentation of everything.
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map-marker Rawlins, Wyoming

VanRue took my money and lied to me.

Van Rue Corporation has been harrassing me about a bill. I am willing to pay that bill. However, they only want to take money out of my savings account. They are charging me an extra 6.95 to take it out of my account. Instead of taking $106.95 out of my account they are taking $100.00 out and then taking $6.95 out. They said they can not take a money order unless it pays off the full balance. This is not legal in any way. As long as I am making a payment that is all that matters. I sent a $100.00 money order in June. I called Van Rue and told them not to take anymore money out of my account. They said that they recieved the $100.00 that I sent. Today 7/15/10 they tell me that they never recieved the money. Who is telling the truth?
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Manisha Hfx
map-marker Parker, Colorado

Lefts voice mail with legal name!

Van Rue left a voice mail with my legal name to a number they were unsure of saying my full name and that they were attempting to collect a debt. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL! In the message they say to hang up if it is not the right person. It's hard enough knowing you are broke and trying to keep it a secret. They just start calling numbers and that way they may find you and in the meantime tell people you are in debt. I can't believe companies use them for collection. And they are rude on the phone. Don't be kind when speaking to them.
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map-marker Dallas, Texas

Lost my Family

I have lost my Family because of the Van Rue Company. And I did not give them permission to talk to my Wife, they theaten to garnish my wages. She Divorced me because of it. The Loan is mine not hers, so why do they think the can talk to her? Idiots, I'm taking them to court on this, If I can find an attorney that is not Scared of a big company. If you are an attorney that is not Scared of taking them down, then contact me. I hope this *** them off. Good hunting, to us.
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I paid you guys with tax money and money orders, I would like to know what you are doing to get my overpayment back to me because I could start harassing you guys like you like to do to other people. I wish I would had paid you in pennies, just to *** you off like you're *** me off.

A bunch of jerks. I refuse to get another loan due to your triflingness.

map-marker Newport News, Virginia

Van Rue Debt Collections Practices

I called this compnay on my mother's behalf. She's elderly and on a fixed income. Since she also has dementia, I tried to get this "debt" resolved since her payee didn't and she was staying with me at the time. When I called the first time I was told I would recieve a ltter in the mail to explain the debt. I waited, but never received a letter. I called back and the same lady put me on the phone with her "manager" who got ugly and rude, so I told him good luck trying to get blood from a rock and hung up. Now, almost 6 months later and I still haven't received anything in the mail, but I've started getting those debt collection calls that never end. I told guy named Joe how rude I was treated when I oringally tried to get this resolved and he appologized. Again I explained the situation and again I was waiting for something in the mail, but was I still receiving the calls. The nest gentleman I actually spoke to took the time to explain to me what they could and couldn't do as the collection agency, and he did give me the account number and told me to call the company direct. I think maybe, I'm finally making some progress, but I will not be harrassed by jerks that lie to you on the phone. It's not my debt and they know it!They can talk to the answering machine or hear the click when I do pick up the phone. I hope those folks got fired and they need to fire some more!
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They call my husband, who is disabled, constantly over a debt that should have been discharged 2 years ago. Today they told him that we should stop using the air conditioner and buy some fans to keep cool.

Nothing like 100+ degree temperatures and an osculating fan to keep someone from having heat stroke.

These people constantly violate FDCPA and someone needs to file suit. :(


The worst people and the worst attitude on the face of earth! I don't know where they find such people to work for them and who trains them!

They harrass people right from the first call.

They have no courtesy at all. They harrass and intimidate people.

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