Judge Comminsioner East Dept H did not ensure my rights. UD filed against me for Breech of contract, occurring 9/1/2015 so plaintiff stated. An affidaviad from his girlfriend,(he sold property to her in Feb. under United Marketing Associates, priors Koloe LLC, Standard Home Lending, Koko Polinojian). Amy Ashtons stated she was aware of incident and what UD contained. She signed and dated it 9/27/2015..prior to supposed incident. I believe this...
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KEENE, N.H. - On a mid-June afternoon, an unemployed history buff from Holden, Mass. announced cryptically on his Facebook page that "D-Day'' had arrived. Four hours later, the divorced father of three died outside a courthouse in downtown Keene after igniting himself in a gory self-immolation. His last letter that was posted all over the Internet had indicated the lack of possibility to express himself and being heard for the 10(!) years battle...
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Concerned Citizen This doesn't pass the "smell test" if you ask me.
Far too one-sided to be objective!


MichaelRu Judge Meisinger is now happily mediating in ADR,Inc. If you want to use HIS services, find him over there. Good Luck!

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