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I used the valspar furniture paint to refinish a vanity. I prepped according to directions and after 4 coats of paint the brown color from the vanity is still bleeding through. I'm very disappointed! I've put 30 hours into this project and it looks terrible. This paint is expensive and Worked worse than. Cheap Walmart paint!

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  • Dec 18, 2016
  • by anonymous
  • #975562

After painkntkgn the walls white streaks appeared. Have to repainted the walls and I will file complaints and will put up a video on YouTube as to why you don't buy Valspa.

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Hi there, My first time using Valspar reserve with hydrochroma technology. I've been painting (part time) for over thirty years and this is easily the most difficult paint I have ever dealt with. Its incredible how bad it is, never seen anything like it. when applying the paint with a 3/8" knap roller, if you overlap the area just painted 20 seconds before the paint lifts right off the surface. you can't get the roller wet enough. the finish is... Read more

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Recently, I bought the color 'mad about you', a bright, deep blue-ish red, from Ace Hardare. I tell the kid helping me that I was painting over light yellow. He tells me that I'll only need one coat, at best one gallon...I buy two just in case, because I don't believe him. So five coats later, bot of the two gallons gone one wall left and 12 hours invested, and the room still looks like Absolute ***. Spotty, blotchy and streaky, like five year... Read more

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I just bought the Valspar Reserve 1 coat paint/Primer system and it sucks! I have coated my walls twice now and we still have a few spots where the old light (flat gray) is still showing though. This paint is horrible. We just did the other side of the room with Olympic Assure White Satin and the job was done quickly. If you are going to have to use two gallons of paint to finish a room you might as well get paint that is cost effective. We blew... Read more

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I have used Valspar paint since Lowe's came to Shawnee, Oklahoma, many years ago. Last week, I bought two gallons of their paint and primer to paint my living room. It is the consistency of skim milk. There is more paint on me and the floor than on the wall. It's not covering, no matter how many coats I apply. I've done one wall and I'm just going to throw it away and go get something better. It's not worth it. Read more

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So, I always use a different paint to seal my foundation every fall. It takes a gallon of paint and I use a waterproof paint -- and the results are a dry cellar for another year. However, year before last the saleswoman at Lowes said that this Valspar Waterproof paint was as good as the stuff I had used. She convinced me, the can after all made the same claims. Last spring the paint did not do what it said it would do -- and the result was... Read more

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Bought the medium range Valspar. Quality is rubbish, wont cover evenly, blotchy, very very thin - watery like, doesn't coat the brush or roller very well. It says one to two coats, I'm now on my fourth coat having now upgraded to Valspar's top grade paint in their range. To their question, no its only the sitting room wall I'm painting on, no it's not over a dark colour and it is nothing I'm doing wrong. Bought brand new rollers and... Read more

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Purchased Valspa signature paint + primer, ideal for kitchen and bathrooms. .. Color grey base A Took time to clean and use painters tape on the walls. There was good ventilation in the bathroom and was dry. Applied paint and allowed to dry before reapplying. Pulled painters tape off and took off some of the paint leaving uneveven edges. Repainted edges with small brush. My main complaint is that after a few days, I noticed streaks running... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 21, 2016
  • by anonymous
  • #869717

This paint is unsatisfactory i will bot recommend this to anyone it has a high cost with bad results i wish i could get my money and time and labor back because this was very stressful

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