*** service and workers

They were very rude and there was a very long wait time. Most of the workers were too busy talking and laughing amongst themselves to bother helping out the line, and the doctor seemed *** bent on trying to force people to buy medication. My dog doesnt have fleas?? Never has had any. Insinuating that my dog somehow has fleas and ive managed to go 7 years without ever seeing a flea, flea *** or any itching is essentially calling me a stupid dog owner. So *** off. And as for the other workers, sitting around with your thumb up your *** complaining about your bosses and other coworkers in front of clients is unprofessional and really shows me the kind of company this is. Plus the shots were more expensive than I could've got else where and when I tried to clarify why my dog needed more shots and what they did they talked down the whole time. One guy (the only nice one, though he seemed new and didnt know what he was doing) went to ask the boss a question and she was very rude to him. They were all very rude to one another and acted like I was an idiot for not knowing medical lingo. And once the line died down and I was waiting for my test results to come back (which was a hassle anyways, you can call me with that information.), they were all sitting around talking horribly about their bosses and coworkers and excoworkers. If you hate your job so much that you have to talk about it in front of me, then quit. I dont want to hear that *** Wont be coming back here for the *** service, long wait, and expensive prices. The only nice guy was the dark haired boy but his niceness doesnt make up for incompetence.
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Deland, Florida
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Tammy was extremely lazy and rude!!!

Usually I have a good experience with the girls from Valu-Vet, but the last time I went to take my dog in for shots, I was greeted from the most rude and uneducated employee I have ever had the displeasure of speaking with. Tammy was her name and she would not help me with anything and all she did was yell at the other girls to try to make them look as ignorant as she was. I will not be taking my pets back to any stops that Tammy will be working in the future and if Valu-Vet wants to maintain a solid customer base, they should think about firing rude and obnoxious employees like TAMMY!!!!
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Rochester, New York
  • Other girls
  • Tammy
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Ethical conflict of interest

I went to Valu-Vet for flea medication for my dog. I researched the veterinary literature and determined that Comfortis (spinosad) was the best choice because the Revolution (selamectin) that the dog was taking was not killing the fleas. I wanted the brown package of Comfortis (60-120 lb dog) of six tablets for my dog, and I would then break the tablets in half (for a 30-60 lb dog) and have enough prophylactic medicine against fleas for twelve months. The tablets are given once per month. This practice is done all the time in veterinary and human medicine, and there is no contraindication to this practice with this type of medicine or tablet. ValuVet refused because they wanted to sell me 12 pills for a smaller dog size (blue package for 40-60 lb dogs) so that it would have doubled my total cost for flea prevention from $100 to $200 per year. In human medicine, it is unethical for doctors both to prescribe medicine and sell medicine to their patients because it is a conflict of interest, but this practice is rampant in veterinary medicine. Furthermore, in human medicine if a doctor changed her prescribing habit in order to maximize a profit from a drug, it could result in criminal charges against the physician. Why is this practice tolerated in veterinary medicine?
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With most flea/heartworms medications, this practice is not suggested, as an even distribution of product throughout the tablet cannot be guaranteed. I've diagnosed multiple pets with heartworms because the owners were cheap and breaking bigger tabs.

You are essentially complaining that they had the best interest of your pet in mind, but you're too cheap to want that too.

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Buffalo, New York
  • Attitude and veterinary ethics
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Told to have my dog put down in three days or they will notify the authorities

My 12 year old Back Lab, who i saved as a puppy at 8mo, condition has been deteriorating of the past few months. He has had a few days where he was less than peppy but on most days including two days ago he was prancing around asking for treats and to be left outside. He was diagnosed a few years back with fatty tumors and we got used to his somewhat "lumpy" appearance but his abdomen was now getting more and more expanded. He was still the sweet dog we know and love but we were still under the impression that the fatty tumors could be at fault because he was still energetic, eating and going to the bathroom regularly. Then beginning last week he had a swollen rear leg. We waited a day to see if perhaps it was just a bug *** but he started losing his pep a bit so we thought we should take him in for evaluation. We thought that if he had possibly he had been bitten by something in the yard he may need treatment. we reluctantly decided that it was time to take him in for a checkup knowing that at his age and somewhat lumpy condition he might very well need to be put down if his condition worsened. Now to select the vet... My Ex wife and friend had just had a very good experience with Valuvet Sanford with a dog that needed spaying so we decided to go there rather than our regular vet which was a bit pricey. Well, it's what happened after that which enfuriates me. My girlfriend took off work for the afternoon anfd took him to Valu vet. After doing the right thing and bringing him in for evaluation she was told that he needed to be put down within 3 days or legal action will be taken. The Vet Charlie, stated that had I, the owner, come in they would have called the police and charged me with cruelty to animals. He said all of this after only a visual inspection of the dog. My dogs temperature was never even taken, a diagnosis was never made be analyzing his stool sample, no blood test, only visual inspection. Did I mention that my Girlfriend's 11 year old daughter was present during all of this. He stated to my girlfriend on the way out that she should tell me that I should never have any pets again. Can you say extremely unprofessional and immature behavior. M girlfriend and I have always had pets, our fdamilies have had pets, we are pet people. We vacation with our pets. Talk about kicking someone when they are already down. After she told me of this, I was shocked but yet fearful as I didn't know the law at the time. I went home from work the rest of the day to spend it with my dog thinking that he would actually need to be put down. I then decided to take him back to my original vet. I was again prepared for the worst but was very compassionately treated by my original vet. They were able to run the proper diagnostics including an xray of his abdomen. The diagnosis was that since he was eating, drinking and regularly going to the bathroom he could be taken home. However he had spenic cancer and he could last days, weeks or months but not more than months. They said to take him home and spend some time with him and Love him. We felt so much better and took him home. The following morning we received a very cheerful call from Valuvet asking us how are babies were doing??? seriously?? We are now considering legal action at this point but become distracted because our puppy's mood had very rapidly gone down hill and he was just laying on his bed in the family room most of the day with us. Much to my horror i walked back into the room with him later that evening only to find that he was taking his last breaths. He died in my arms within 5 mins. Children and adults crying over our lost Puppy we were forced to take him to a night petcare clinic to have his remains cremated. What a horrible thing to go through, this Sunday evening. Monday, after my girlfriend had gone through a horribly traumatic weekend, called our vet and notified them that our puppy's remains would be sent to them for us from the crematorium. She then receives another call from Valu vet. This time it is Charlie, the veterenarian that had verbally acccosted her days earlier. He was calling back to ask if "what had been discussed had been taken care of....." We will be likely be filing suit against valu vet as well as filing a complaint with the better business bureau along with the other three complaints that have already been posted. Valuvet is not BBB acredited by the way. I guess you get what you pay for..... Did I also mention that my ex wife who is Caucasion was treated well but my girlfried who is a Puerto Rican graduate of Harvard university and a teacher was treated horribly. This is not an accusation just an observation. I hope this information helps you decide whether or not to use a discount veterinarian.
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I have had nothing but great times with val u vets. They have treated myself and my dog with great care and compassion..


I find this complaint hard to believe. Dr.

Charlie has been the primary vet for three of my dogs, including my current dog. He has always provided compassion but he is ultimately my furry child's advocate.

Rather it be a wellness visit or, very sadly, discuss end of life treatment, Dr Charlie has taken time to provide me the options to make the best decision for my dogs (even when there was not a good option available). He has performed a total of three surgeries and countless wellness check ups....he has always been knowledgable with vetinary medicine, provided the best course of treatment/options to give my animals the best quality of life, humanely treated my animals, and compassionatly acted towards me.


Miss M and boyfriend (“Puppy’s” owners),

We take our responsibility to our clients and patients very seriously. As a matter of standard care, we perform full and thorough physical examinations on all the patients that we see at our clinic (we back up our examination findings with thorough and detailed medical notes). Then we give our findings and recommendations based on the best outcome for our patients. We never presume that anyone will accept or decline our recommendations, we just present the diagnostic and treatment plan/s to our clients and let them decide on how they want to proceed based on the information that we have gathered (patient history and physical exam) and discussed.

We always try to work with our clients in the care of their pets and we always give options for our clients to choose from. From best diagnostic and treatment plan to the most conservative option possible. We never force anything on our clients. If you take our recommendations, then great, if not, then we just accept your choice (hoping that you as the owner/guardian, will also take responsibility for your choices). However, we are also there to advance our patients’ welfare. If we think that our patient is being neglected or abused, we are ethically bound to advise our clients do something for their pet/s. Otherwise, we are also ethically, and sometimes, legally bound to report these cases to the authorities, specifically, Animal Services.

You have the right to your opinion, however, you left out a lot of information on your posting that is relevant to your complaint. We can not share all the details that you omitted on this posting. However, I can share the following factoids of my own:

I told Miss M (owner on record) that based on the history, physical exam and progression of the patient’s condition, I was very suspicious of a mass or cancer somewhere in the abdomen. Apart from the obvious swelling on the rear leg, I also noted that “Puppy” most likely had fluid build up in his abdomen, possibly even blood. He was a happy dog, but in very poor physical condition. I advised Miss M that we would recommend running some tests. Specifically, take a couple of radiographic views of the abdomen and run some labwork, just to be sure. I will not repeat what Miss M told me inside the exam room, on this posting, but suffice it to say that Miss M declined our recommendations. Based in large part on “Puppy’s” condition and the information that Miss M shared with me, I concluded that the patient was being neglected and was already suffering. I advised Miss M that if they were not going to do anything to alleviate “Puppy’s” suffering, I would be forced to report her boyfriend (true owner of the patient) to Animal Services. I advised Miss M to strongly consider euthanasia since “Puppy” was in bad shape and it would be the humane choice to make for their pet. I did inform Miss M that if she did not take any positive action to alleviate “Puppy’s” suffering within 3 days, that I would report her boyfriend to Animal Services.

Your monetary loss of $70 does not state that Miss M actually brought in “Puppy” and her own cat for examinations.


Charlie Chuacuco, DVM



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Washington, District Of Columbia
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Val U Vet - a bad vet clinic in DeLand FL

This place is run by DR.ERIN GREY, INCOMPETENT AND DUMB. I don't know how she got through vet school Maybe she cheated her way in? I took my two dogs there and walked away with two sick dogs and a bill over $900. Talk about being disgusted". I tell everyone I know to stay away from that place;. The guy who owns this group of pathetic clinics is an accountant:. He doesn't know the first thing about animals much less medicine.. All he cares about is money, money, money:. Forget having animals healed,'. AND HE HIRES POOR STUDENTS WHO CAN ONLY FIND JOBS AT HIS CLINICS?. They don't stay long either and you'll never know who you're getting or what kind of service you'll get,.BUT BELIEVE ME YOU'LL WALK AWAY WITH A HUGE BILL AND A SICK PET.
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First of all, any posts, dated Nov 2012 and beyond,degrading the West Volusia Humane Society, Deland Police and certain City of Deland, Fl employees,Deland Animal Hospital and Val U Vet / Dr. Grey are NOT BEING POST BY ME.

There have been many posts by several people under ASSUMED names with letters and numbers THAT INCLUDE MY NAME. They do not have the guts to POST THEIR REAL NAMES & meet face to face. They are cowards that are what appears to be blinded by some loyalty/ attachment to a "Animal RESCUE" Charity in Deland that had MULTIPLE NEGLECT/ abuse CHARGES LEVIED AGAINST THEM AS WELL AS FIRE CODE VIOLATIONS. IT DID MAKE TV NEWS last fall.

OVER 130+ ANIMALS IN DEPLORABLE CONDITION. THEY HAD OVER 3 MONTHS TO CLEAN UP AND COME TO CODE. I still remember the comments on TV as stated by multiple station reporters, "You can smell it from here". They were on the street and sidewalk.That's neglect.

Go after them. I really believe they do not "SAVE".


We took our puppy to Val u Vet in Daytona Beach, He was 4 months old. He was not feeling great and I found a flee on him.

We waited for an hour past our scheduled time. When we went in to see the Doc, He gave our 3 lbs pup more vaccinations and treated him for worms, $200. That night our puppy got even more sick. The next day after work, our poor pup was feeling even worse!

We rushed him to Val u Vet in Deland. He had not eaten all day and the only water he had we gave him with an eye dropper. We explained He had been getting sick all day. They gave him no Intravenous fluids, no blood work, nothing but more shots after they ruled out Parvo.

10 min later our pup died in my Wifes arms...

I think it was my fault. There are so many things that can kill our little friends and I took him to Val U Vet???

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Val u vet sanford fl

I brought my 8 year boxer to valu vet at 11 am on 1/16/10 with what i thought was hip problems the doc checks his hip and does no other tests does not listen to his heart or look in his mouth gives him arthritis meds. my husband comes home in 3 hrs and dog is not moving gums white we bring him back my husband says what did you not see this before they do a blood test and all counts are low they come back and say he more then likely has cancer and needs blood transfusions or should be put down my husband refused and we took him home 3 hours later he was fine so we took him for a 2nd opinion 0n 1/18/10 this doc has 20 plus years experience he listens to his heart and says i think he has a heart problem with further tests it came back as a dangerous but treatable heart condition. VALU VET IN SANFORD FL ALMOST KILLED MY DOG. the vet looked like she just graduated from vet school.then when i called to complain out of 300.00 all i want is my money back for the first visit because he was miss diagnosed. the 2nd fee i am willing to pay because they did do the blood work they refused val u vet sanford fl is in it for the money not the animals
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My experience at the old Valu Vet in Sanford, now called Newman Vet center is nothing but stellar. Dr.

Charlie is the most thorough, patient and compassionate doctor I have dealt with in a long time. I recommend him to everyone I know. He takes his time, gives options and listens to you. 2 yrs ago my 11 yr old dog became ill from a fall.

He hit his head and I believe he had a bleed in his brain. Dr. Charlie saw him made some recommendations and left the decision up to my husband and I. I finally had to have him euthanized after convincing my husband there was nothing we could do for him anymore.

During that time. Dr.Charlie had called me after I called with questions several times at different hours of the day.(never had to wait very long) When we finally made the decision he offered to come to my house after office hours to euthanize him because he didn't want the dog to be uncomfortable. He also gave us all the info for burial/cremation services. A few days later, he called personally to see how we were doing.

The office even sent a beautiful card that they all signed personally. I still have a dog that I bring to Dr Charlie. I have had alot of dogs in my lifetime and have had many vets and he tops the list. I wont bring my boy to anyone else.

Love ya Dr. Charlie keep up the good work.


animal clinic of edgewater killed my dog dr. long an castro in they would not give him back to me they put a splint around his private an cut it in 2 an got infected puss green red bloody they did not give him antibotics they had him there for a week an the 7th day they told me to take him home he died home 2 hrs later


:) Sanford Val-U-Vet ROCKS! They're wonderful, helping us with last minute appointments and taking excellent care of the many cats we bring in to be spayed/neutered.

They're always nice and helpful and have helped to save many lives in Seminole county. Thanks, guys!!





With regards to the comments left on 11/11/2010 by "VV killed my puppy". After reviewing our records, we could not find any pet, client or case that would fit the scenario described by the person who left the comments.

We do not tell our clients that their pet is "infested with worms" without first confirming it. Unless we or the owner actually saw the worms to begin with, at a minimum, we would have to perform a fecal exam.

Unless it's an obvious outward problem, nobody can know what a patient may actually have without performing some tests. But even if we run all the diagnostic tests that are needed to establish a minimum database on an average sick patient, it would be nowhere near the amount stated by the person who left the comments.