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Bad Business Practice

My daughter which is a college student purchase her first car from Dan Vaden ( Brunswick) I spoke with Jonas on several occasions between financing and explain I did not want her car notes more than $400.00 we purchase a 2017 Chrysler300 put 4000.00 down . Jonas called me back several times with different amounts I specifically explain she is a college student she works but she is trying to build credit I dont want her payments too high he said he understood he had a child in college as well I also explain we DID NOT want any extras no Gap no maintenance plan nothing to bring her payments up.Jonas called me back with a 444.00 payment I agreed . We thought we were all set until my daughter gets a call from Ally financing and was told her payments are 585.41 she immediately called me I called Jonas both my husband myself and my daughter went to Dan Vaden we were told the finance manager added Gap and maintenance on and they would get it rectified I ask Jonas do we need to bring the car back because we could not afford those payments he told me No he would get it fixed it will take about 30 days he was in contact with his person from Ally. In February Ally tried to withdraw 585.41 from my daughter account I contacted Jonas he told me he was working on it to make this payment and we would be reimbursed when the paperwork goes through. Well here we are in March the same thing Ally is trying to get 585.41 from my daughter account now we are frustrated . I text Jonas today and he text back he dont know whats going on. I need an answe and some resolution. We have purchased several cars and this has never happened. Can someone please let us know our next step into getting this resolved . Thanks Jackuelin Norman
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User's recommendation: Make sure your quotes and payments are what you ask for before you leave facility

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I was sold a BMW under false pretenses of there being a factory warranty to 100K miles

To make a long story short, after I drove back to Atlanta and took it to Global Imports Bmw where they told me to take it, I found out there was no factory warranty despite being told by the salesman, the sales manager, and the finance manager. Two weeks after the car was purchased I had to spend $9000 having the car repaired. This is absolute fraud and sheer negligence on be half of the dealership.
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User's recommendation: Don’t waste your *** time

Gary S Xrg
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Vaden Infiniti Dealership