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Time Share at Vacation Villas @ Fantasyworld ll

Last March I went to Orlando with a package I purchased from etour travel. Of course I had to go to the 90 minutes tour which was at he Vacation Villas. I was convinced to purchase a timeshare in Maryland. After I paid the maintenance fee, I was still unable to take a vacation. I was not set up yet in the RCI system. When I tried to book something close to home, I was charged the full price. Altough I am making a monthly payment, I am not quite sure if have a timeshare. RCI told me that I have something about 17000 points toward a vacation. Last time I checked it was small discount from the hotel price. I will probably just stop paying the monthly bill and go on vacation the usual way. Which is find a hotel that I can afford.
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I have owned a 2 bed. timeshare at V Villas in Orlando for 20 years.

The last 5 years, I have not been able to reserve a week to stay there..they say they are booked up and I need to put in a request by Jan. 1st. Well, I did that for 2015. They emailed me that they had my request, but would not issue a week for me.

Also, they are not allowing me to deposit my week for the last 5 years. This is fraud.

They want my maintenance fee every year, but don't let me use my week to stay or deposit. Anyone else having this problem??

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Stay away from this crooks.

We purchased shared property from Vacation Villas Fantasy World in 1994. Their sales team skipped a couple of important points in a process: This was Golden (not Platinum) week, so you never have a chance to get there with your children; Yearly growing maintenance reaching now $650; Annual membership fee in the exchange organization Interval International, which is around $110 per each exchange; And the most interesting part, I am offering two bedroom unit in Orlando and never can get anything similar in exchange; you can get ski resort in summer, when no one needs it or studio of season. The Very Best: we are trying to return this property back to Vacation Villas at Fantasy World for free (paid $6000 in 1994) and they refused to take it back, thinking they can milk us for the rest of our life.
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I was unabled to use my week so I decided to transfer my week to Inteval international I was told by management that it is too late to transfer my week and I have lost my week for this year. They stated I had to transfer my week by June.

Going to file a complaint with my Congressionl Representatice. So I just gave them over$1,000.00 ths year.


They sent my debt to Pinnacle Recovery Inc,

PO Box 130848

Carlsbad, CA 92013-****.

Is there anyhing I can do about it?


Greg, MacMan -- there is a group of owners mobilizing. Email me at cjbglo@***.com for more information.


What are the steps required to walk away from this Timeshare. I've contacted an attorney in Kissimmee, Frank Townsend (407-846-****), who is willing to work with owners having issues with the SCAM Recreation Fee.


If I do the math right Kosmos will pocket nearly $10 million from this so called recreation assessment. I call it a capital fund building scam.

We have owned for 16 years, we may walk away also. Just forfeit the property and take that $1500 and buy a cheaper timeshare, one closer to where we live and continue to trade through Interval Int. ***, we have only been there one time in all the years we have owned it. We have always exchanged it to other exotic places.

Back when we purchased there was only gold, silver, and bronze, if I remember correctly. Platinum came along later.

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1500.00 per week recreation assessment

iget hiy hard besides the maint. fee going up they r charging 1500.00 for god knows what in this economy. i barely can cover the maint fee but a extra out of the blue sounds like someone ha their hand in the cookie jar. i lost my job like millions and they do not care...these r the people running this organization. i will sell my two weeks dirt cheap anybody crazy to make a offer? if i pay all costs it will be approx.$4200.00 is that crazy or what let me know if i"m wrong
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We are finally getting out of our timeshare. After having to pay this fee it was the final straw.

They have sold many of the condos to private investors which means less availability for owners but we still have to pay. We donated our week to the Cancer society which is accepting timeshare donations. It is tax deductible and cheaper. only $2000.00 do get out of it.

Call your favorite charity and ask if they are accepting your location. WE ARE DONE!!!


I paid the fee. The alternative was to go to collections, which happened the last time I fought the raise in the maintenance fee.

First off, if you hit this site looking for information as a potential purchaser: DO NOT BUY A TIMESHARE. Period. Ever.

Second, I see talk about "banding together" but am not sure if any action has been taken. I am going to email those who have posted here and see if we can get something going. I want OUT of this TERRIBLE investment. They KNOW they are ripping us off, but they also KNOW there's NOTHING we can do about it as individuals.

I was LIED to by the sales rep too, let's win our freedom together.

Email me at cjbglo@***.com.



This needs to stop, has anyone contacted a lawyer? It's a bad sign that everyone resigned after they started assessing this fee.

there has to be something to be done, my husband also lost his job, they don't care. A timeshare realtor told us the week we bought for $7000 is only worth $1000 now at best, how can we be paying a fee for more than the thing is worth?


This needs to stop, has anyone contacted a lawyer? It's a bad sign that everyone resigned after they started assessing this fee.

there has to be something to be done, my husband also lost his job, they don't care. A timeshare realtor told us the week we bought for $7000 is only worth $1000 now at best, how can we be paying a fee for more than the thing is worth?


please contact me on any info you have on this. I am trying to fight this for my dad that has cancer and would appreciate any help. covop3@***.com


What an eye opener? I was going to take over this timeshare from a relative and now I'm second guessing the thought.

This may be the reason they want to get rid of this timeshare. Any solution to the 2010 recreation assessment? Is this a fee charged annually or a one time fee? Does the recreation assessment come up often to owners?

What is SPM Resorts response to this recreation assessment fee?

Does anyone have a comment on me taken over this timeshare, is it a good idea or a scam? :eek


I have been told that you can't just give up your timeshare week, unless you pay a fee of $2000.00 + . I would love to just walk away.

What we got sure wasn't what they made it sound like. Their salesman led us to believe that the timeshare would gain in value and that it was an investment.


Has anyone been able to retain legal counsel in Florida? I would like to forfiet my week at the V.V.II due to this recreation assesment SCAM. Please e-mail me at gregory.sutter@***.com


found out that they needed the monies to build a water a water park of all things-new scection of vacation villas will be able to use this park free????? we have to pay because its on the older villas property ...we r screwed all the way around if we forfeit there goes our crdit rating what do we do???


I totally agree with you. I was shocked when we were assessed the additional fees in addition to the maintenance fee in this economy.

I called and told them that I would not be able to pay them both because my husband had been out of work for a year. Their solution was to pay 200.00 monthly. Wow!That helps! When I asked about selling the week, they said that the sales manager position was vacant.

I completed the form online for selling the week and never heard anything from the timeshare, not even notification that they received it. I am very dissatisfied with VV.

I just want out. Sherry

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Vacation Villas Fantasy World II Kissimmee Florida

BEWARE of this company and it's affiliate E-Tour and Travel. Both of these companies are owned by the Kosmos Group. They are also known as Orlando Resort Development and KGI Properties. First and foremost Beware DO NOT PURCHASE A VACATION PACKAGE from E-Tour and Travel they have a D rating with the Better Business Bureau in Central Florida. This company has a very bad track record and has been sued by several states as stated in the better business bureaus complaint information. They are not a member of the BBB in Central Florida. The sales staff and management at Vacation Villas Fantasy World II in Kissimmee Florida will tell you anything they think you want to hear in order to make the next sale.They will also deny being affiliated with E-Tour and Travel. They will advise you that it is a marketing company they use. Lie they are part of E-Tour and Travel. Dan Preston is the project director and Morida Rex is his assistant. They are not serving your best interest,all they care about is the next sale in order to fill Nick Kosmos and their greedy pockets. After working for this company and evaluating their business practices for a 12 month period,I found them to be unethical individuals. This company is just one example of Bad Business practices of the Timeshare Business in Central Florida. MY advise is stay away from these companies and any other company that sells Timeshare. Anything that comes out of the mouths of these individuals and the sales representatives should be heavily questioned and researched by the consumer before making the mistake of becoming a owner.Hopefully you as a consumer will walk away before you lose your hard earned money. Anyone that would like further information on this company can contact me at jcholloway@***.com
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I just bought a timeshare from fantasy world and I passed my recession. Which I didn't even know I could cancel and I don't know what to do I don't want the timeshare and was there for about five hours and finally just said OK I was so tired and worn out I just wanted to go home and finish my vacation with my kids and when I got home I read all the paperwork and everything they told me was a lie do you have any advice on what I should do

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1022292

I also bought a timeshare this year July, 2017. I told the guy that I wasn't interested because I didn't want to worry about the maintenance fee so he said that I can buy hotel stays and airplane tickets and earn points through KGI Destinations so that why I accepted.

I got my bill and they say that they are no longer working with KGI. This is the biggest mistake. I paid $9,000.

I want to get off this because it was based on lies. We should all talk to a lawyer.

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Did you get any resolution to this?


Have you ever heard of anyone being able to cancel a timeshare purchase at Fantasy Villas II. This is the biggest gimic ever.


From: Joe Holloway [jcholloway@***.com]

Sent: Wednesday, October 07, 2009 3:25 PM

To: 'WJDimick@***.com'

Subject: RE: Thanks for your input.


With everything you have said to defend your position I appreciate your opinion.

I am also aware like so many others that Timeshare is on its ***.

That is why almost all timeshare companies are pushing Vacation Clubs.

That is the only option to save them from the steep decline in ownership.

Timeshare has seen its better days. And there is evidence to that fact.

With respect to you personally I never felt that you were like the rest of them at VV.

However through your own admission you have over come your problems from the past.

Congratulation’s on your stability.

As for the car business there again everyone has an opinion just as I do.

Just because an individual worked in a profession does not mean that later they cannot be an advocate for the consumer.

Quite frankly if an individual does not have some form of experience/knowledge about how companies operate then they are just

Complainers that do nothing more than complain.

I have never gone into a battle without a plan. And I also know the legal aspects of how far the buttons can be pushed before crossing the line.

VV is not the 1st or the last company that I will go against. And I have had a successful record in the past for winning not losing.

As far as people skills my friend, you would be surprised at what I have done with my people skills over the years.

Your perception of me is not reality, but thank you for your opinion.

As for your remark that I can only insult the people you work with for so long before they lose their patience and respond to all my ***.

I am sure that statement can be taken as a threat to various extents. And it is very difficult for individuals and companies to dispute the true facts.

As for timeshare providing jobs and revenue for the State of Florida, great. But there is also a point in time that everything changes and timeshare is beyond

That point in time. And the State of Florida has a lot of fault in the regulation or not regulating timeshare properly. Maybe that is due to the states greed for revenue.

Sounds like Karma is making its rounds for both Timeshare companies and the Great State of Florida.

Timeshare WAS successful in the PAST but look now. I know a lot about what’s going on at the present time. It does not look good for timeshare.

I do feel for the individuals caught in the middle but that is the extent of it.

And thanks for suggesting I wake up, I will take that into consideration. Or not.

Seems as though I am more awake about the facts then others. But again that is just my opinion.

Good luck and I wish for you the best of everything in your life and your families.


Joe Holloway


From: WJDimick@***.com [mailto:WJDimick@***.com]

Sent: Wednesday, October 07, 2009 1:00 PM

To: jcholloway@***.com

Subject: Re: Thanks for your input.


First of all, the reason I felt the need to tell you how much money I made last year is to show you that some people are successful in timeshare, and some people are not. I would assume that you are the latter and are hating on the people who have done well. You just don't have the people skills that some do. There are many people in the business that are much more successful than I am so I'm not complimenting myself. And trust me, I've had resentment in the past that I was not able to keep up with a few others. That is part of the drive of wanting to succeed. And its not like you left timeshare after you left VV, so I think you're a hypocrite. By the way, I did make over 70K last year and I'd gladly forward you a copy of my 1099 if you don't believe me. And I'm also not a degenerate drunk or drug addict that goes to Cheers or out after work to blow all my money. I'm smart with my money, thats why I have 50k in the bank which I've managed to save over the last few years at VV, despite the fact that I've taken 5 weeks vacation and traveled quite extensively this year. I will probably only make 50k this year but its still better than most people. You could only hope that I didn't have a pot to *** in but thats not the case. And stop hating on timeshare, everyone knows its not perfect but I have plenty of happy owners. In fact, I had an owners come in yesterday that exchanged two weeks in Hawaii last year and a week in Las Vegas the year before that, and they absolutely love it. Do you really think I should go out and find a 9-5 job making 25k-30k like most of the losers in Florida when I can work half the hours, make double the money, and travel 6 weeks a year. I don't think I'll make that switch. And do you really expect me to believe you are a consumer advocate. You were in the car business before timeshare which you and I know isn't any more reputable. I did that for a year myself and I know how that business operates. Its run by uneducated *** Finally, about Joe V. I completely understand the situation with Joe and I would hope that the company would resolve the matter in a respectable way. Like I said, you don't have to completely agree with the way a company operates to work for that company. I like Joe a lot and I hope that matter is handled but I cannot affect the outcome so it is obviously no business of mine. You can only insult the people I work with for so long before we lose our patience and respond to all of your ***. The fact is, timeshare is the most successful industry in the state of Florida and it produces a lot of jobs and much needed tourist dollars. I guess you don't realize but you are doing more harm than good for the state in which you live. I truly think that you are the one who needs to wake up.

The e-mail from Walter shows the public just how the minds of individuals in timeshare operate. Notice the points of bragging and accepting things that I will not state.Just read the letter and I am sure the public can read what is going on.

These individuals are in denial about the timeshare bussiness and other aspects of life.

They also try to intimidate others to believe that they are right and you like myself are wrong.But please notice that this individual admits alot in his e-mail to me directly and indirectly.

The 1st e-mail was my reply to this individual.

And my position is facts not denial.

This represents the type individuals that are timeshare. And some of them are even worse than this e-mail.



On Thursday, October 1,2009 I recieved an e-mail from an employee possibly a manager by the name of Walter with Vacation Villas at Fantasy World II, located in Kissimmee,Florida.

The e-mail reads as follows.

Joe,I don't know if you relize but to others this comes across as something from a desperate.disgruntled ex-employee.

I understand your pissed off at the company but you keep going on and on and on leaving yourself with no credibility.

Everyone around VV thinks your a nut job.You keep mentioning Joe V, and yet Joe says he no longer speaks to you.

And how about the people you use to get along with,like myself.This nonsense makes us think alot less of you.We'er just trying to make a living to support our families.But it sounds like you do not care at all about that.

I'd seriously watch out with this stuff,cause you'll be looking at a slander lawsuit soon.

And you know they have alot more money to burn then you do.

Signed Walter.

Well in a nut shell this individual represents the type individual that works in the Timeshare Industry at this time.

They still think that implementing intimidation tactics will shut other individuals up. NOT IN THIS CASE.

The public needs to know how these companies do business.

As far as anyone thinking I am a nut job I find that amuseing. Considering what I know about the individuals that work for Vacation Villas at Fantasy World II.

As for my credibility suffering,not worried considering that what I write and say can be backed with documentation.

And as for the individuals that are just trying to make a living and feed their families SORRY. That is some of the same *** Wall Street said when they got caught in our current financial melt down.

As far as being a desperate.disgruntled, ex-employee. I quit working for this company over 18 months ago once I compiled the information about how Timeshare management operates.

Everything I am writing about this company and it's affiliated companies the public needs to know.

These are the paracites of society that prey on the public in may ways.

I really feel sorry for all of them that are having a difficult time making a living to support their families and what ever else is going on in their lives.

But they all should look deep into this and understand that they choose the path that they are traveling.

I strongly believe KARMA is catching up with all these companies and the individuals like Walter.

If nothing else I have found these individuals amuseing,pathetic and in most cases just *** individuals.

I can be contacted at jcholloway@***.com


adding to this site I am writing an article that serves as a prime example of the incompedence and disreguard this company and it\'s management have towards their employees. Back in June 2009 at Vacation Villas Fantasy World II located in Kissimmee ,Florida an employee of the age being 64 was hurt badly because of a urinal overflowing.

There was unseen water on the floor next to the urinal and the gentlemen slipped on the floor, fell hard on his back and had to be taken to the hospital by another employee.Dan Preston, Morida Rex and Liz the office manager all knew of the accident and acted as if it never occured. They also knew that there were witnesses to this incident.They failed to fill out an accident report hopeing the problem would just go away.All 3 of these individuals in management delayed the entire Insurance process to the employee. When asked by the employee what they were going to do about the medical bills Liz stated that she and the company would take care of them as he recieved them.The employee was in fear of loseing his job because of the way this company operates and a few days later still in pain and trying to hide the pain and taking medication for the pain went back to work.The employee still to this day suffers back and leg pain.Finally in September after starting to recieve the Hospital Bills he contacted Liz and turned the ones he has recieved so far over to Liz the office manager. For weeks and after several phone calls to Liz he became aware that this company had no intention of taking care of his bills.He had to finally contact Donna McKready the individual that handles processing the insurance claims withing KGI\'s Various companies.

We found this individual also to be incompedent in the way she also handles the claim. And it\'s is obvious she made no attempt to file the claim with their insurance carrier Brown and Brown Insurance.Again after numerious and documented phone conversations to Donna McKready and adviseing her of possible legal action as a result of their delaying the fileing we recieved a phone call the same day. That is only because we gave her an ultimatum and dead line that we demanded a response by the close of the work day.Suddenly at 5:00 pm on September 27,2009 James Wood with Brown and Brown Insurance contacted the individual that was hurt Mr wood called from his office number of 1-78*-***-****.Mr Wood stated that he had not recieved the file on the accident but was requested to contact the Victim of the accident.HE then stated after getting a small amount of information that he would contact the now Victim of this ordeal on Monday Sept 29,2009. The victim never recieved a call and after calling several times to get in contact with Mr.Wood he has still not heard back from anyone as of September 30,2009.

We have found Mr. Wood to NOT be a man of his word just like the OWNERS and MANAGERS of VAcation Villas AT Fantasy World II.We have left messages with Paul Komas at 386-427-**** ext 3106 since there is no avaliable phone number for Nick Kosmas. We also have left messages with Debra Bean/Human Resources Manager at 407-658-**** ext 32. We have not recieved a Response from any of those individuals.

We have had the displeasure of talking to Donna McKready at 386-427-**** ext 3004,This individuals was rude and disrespectfull to the point that she hung up on us during a conversation. At this time the victim is still suffering from the accident and is having additional stress in his life from having to deal with this unethical company and the individuals that management it. This is a typical case of the abuse of employee rights that exist with companies of this caliber. The victim of this whole ordeal ahs since left this company for many unacceptable reasons.

He alos found this company and it\'s management cannot be trusted. They do not stand behind their word and try to cover things up rather than acting ethically.

.This is the short version of this entire ordeal.KGI Resorts,E-Tour and Travel. Orlando Resort Developement,Vacation Villas at Fantasy Word II and all other companies ownerd by the Kosmas Brothers along with their management we find to be incopendent,rude,uncareing,greedy,Manipulative individuals.I will update this as artical also.But this company is clueless in respect to knowing how to do the right thing.


AS of 9-30-2009 the individuals involved and the owners of the companies in this artical have failed to respond ti my articals. Either by commenting on this page of by phone.

They have no rebuttal because they know I have provided comsumers with the truth and facts they have been hiding from the public for many years.

It has been interesting trying to contact these paracites for an interview on these matters and many more that I am not at liberty to mention at this time.

Paul Kosmas,Nick Kosmas,Debra Bean,Dan Preston,Morida Rex and Liz the office manager with Vacation Villas at fantasy World II in Kisssimme Florida have been offered the opportunity to defend the information I have published,However have failed to make an attempt to contact me.

It is obvious to myself and other individuals that have helped with this information that these individuals have alot to hide from us and the consumers.

With that being said we will give them more time to respond before we provide further information.

During my Investigation on this information and their unethical bussiness practices I knew these individuals do not have the ability to handle the truth. They do not have the ability to confront the hard asked questions.And they are unable to tell the truth in my opinion.

They all live the life of Timeshare as the public knows it. Timeshare is not a respected profession for many reasons as the public knows.Timeshare companies and the individuals that work for these companies have been long known as paracites and bottom feeders that prey on the public's weakness to make the next sale.

As this progresses I will update every aspect of this artical and the response and actions of this company and the individuals involved.


Dan Preston the Project Director with Vacation Villas at Fantasy World II in Kissimmee Florida, and Morida Rex his Assiatant Manager have stated several times the following in morning sales meetings.






Knowing what I know, I would never purchase anything from any of these companies.


Consumers: BEWARE.

Check The Better Bussiness Bureau of Central Florida for rateings of these companies. D- and F ratings are not to taken lightly.


Look at the reports and you can decide.

These are companies that are allowed to prey on society with limited if any recourse.

These are the same mind set individuals that have helped damage and ruin out society.



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