Phillis Vjz
map-marker Aurora, Colorado


DO NO FALL FOR THEIR LIES!!! They have scammed me initially with $843 fee and now they claimed they had a buyer, sent me the "closing documents" and asked me to pay the real estate taxes of $770 through MoneyGram! I unfortunately was naive enough to believe them, and now every time I call and ask for "Rob Verrier" (supposed Salesman), "Maurice Allen" (supposed RE Attorney), and "Michael Shackleford" (supposed Tax collector/MoneyGram recipient), they are hanging up the phone on me, giving me fake addresses and addresses of strip clubs, saying the sales person I had talked to doesn't exist, mocking the whole situation!!! I have attempted to call the number on their site and it is now disconnected! They SHOULD NOT be allowed to get away with this and I have taken legal actions and will continue to report this fraud! How do you people steal from the innocent and sleep at night???
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I was talking to Robert Verrier today. Just about wrote a check for $1200 but decided to look him up.

Very interesting.

Now I choose not to write a check first. But have have to find a way to get out of being a Resort owner.


His name is Todd Ferron. He is now trying to operate a business in Munhall, pa but still scamming people.

It's not fair. He lives on Elizabeth street in Munhall... Look it up..

Or tell your lawyer.

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map-marker Saint Louis, Missouri

Vacation PropertyResellers scamed me out of $500.00 this Feb. 2011.

Vacation Property Resellers scamed me out of $500.00 in Feb. 2011. They said they would sell in three months. Want return calls or answer phone. I would like to know how I can go about trying to get my money back. They told me they had a buyer at one time but when I tried to contact them all the phone would do is go on the answering machine. I am 70 yearold and don't have money to throw away. I really thought Mr. Stephen Powers was really on my side and sounded like a honest person. All he is in for is the money he can take from other innocent people. I think it is time all these crooks and arrested and out in jail. I think they should have to pay anyone they took money from and add interest on top of that. Otherwise sit in jail and see how funny that is.
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map-marker Saint Johns, Newfoundland And Labrador

Company will not communicate with my as to why I have not yet recieved my promised $2000refund

On Feb 1st. Salesperson Manuel Parrado claimed he had 4 interested persons intwerested in buying my timeshare and would I like to sell it. The price was right so I gave him my credit card number over the phone for $2000.00 cost for legal work and papers. Changes my mind a few hours later as my husband was dead against it. Phoned Manuel right back and asked to cancel. he agreed and said he would contact financial department. I also wrote a note to customer services on computer saying I wished to cancel and receive refund. My contract has never been signed and I still do not have money refunded. Communications seem to have been cut as the phone rings busy all the time. Jim - vice president of customer services, had also assured me he would look after this matter. I sent him a fax with the typed letter of original refusal to sign contract.The better business bureau of Florida also can not communicate in order to settle this matter.
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The reason you can no longer contact them is because they went out of business. That's the bad news.

The good news is that they simply changed their name and moved a couple of blocks down the road. Their plan was to rip off as many people as they could and then go out of business. These same people now operate Pinellas County Advertising.

Unfortunately their plan seems to have worked for now as the new company has a BBB rating of B- even though these people are the same exact people that ran Vacation Property Resellers, which had a grade of F.

All this information can be verified by searching the Florida State Corporate Records.

Chris D Qnn
map-marker Glennville, Georgia

Vac Property Resellers-Scam

A few months back I was in really desperate straights. These *** came in out of the blue and said they could sell my timeshare (which was charging me an additional $1500 for renovations- Wonderful!). They seemed to know alot about it and said they had buyers already lined up. Issue was they wanted $1100 up front. Yeah, I know. Dumb move but was not thinking right back then. Paid it and saw the "closing date" move 7 times in the last 8 months. In finally (a bit late!) doing some research I found what I should have looked at 8 months ago. These guys are scam artists of the sleaziest variety and should be avoided at all costs. The biggest sleaze-bag of all is a guy by the name of George Leonard. Great and weasily sales criminal! He also hates to get phone calls. I figure for $1100 I can jam up his phones forever. Yes, childish but since I've given up on this clown selling the thing, it's all I have.
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File a report with Florida Attorney General

and Departmet of Business and Regulations- Division of Real Estate Florida and

map-marker Dallas, Texas

Vac Property Resellers-Scam

8 months ago I was in pretty desperate straights and did something totally out of character (I guess we all do *** things when Hope over rides intellect!!). Anyway. We have a time share we haven't used so wanted to sell it. My business was just closed and they (the time share) were charging em about $1500 in upgrade fees. I got a call from George Leonard from Vac Prop Resellers. He had a very convincing pitch and hit me at just the right time. I agreed to pay them $1100 upfront (I know, I know!!!!). George promised me he had people who wanted to buy the thing now and couldn't wait. Well, the closing date kept getting put off and put off (7 times our of 8 months). During this time George told me he had cancer (in one of the few times we spoke-Normally he lets hi cell go to VM and never answers-probably never listens) but he was still working on this. I really don't believe any of this because his illnesses seem to have changed several times. Finally the Jan "closing date" has come and gone. I have written off the $1100 and any sale from these clowns. One thing I haven't written off is I am going to keep calling and calling. George seems to really get irritated by this and I figure for $1100 I can call them into distraction on my time and as much as I want. After all, just trying to find out the state of my sale! Petty? Yep. Fun? You bet! Worth $1100? Nope!
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OMG! I feel like I wrote this article.

It's exactly what I went through; with an exception of the cancer part. In matter, instead of George being sick, it was Lavenda henson that had some type of kidney/liver failure (something like that).

Now she's no longer my agent. So this is when George came by to save the day :-(......

map-marker Fresno, California

In the process of taking $1,125.00 -not signed contract yet !

Have just sent $1,596.00 to Vacation Property Resellers. After reading complaints I am wondering if I should sign the contract and send it back! We are just now negotiating, and promises are in question! jcs49jerry@***.net - Someone let us know??? I am to review the documents & send our billing address and fax the contract so they can start on our property immediately. They have a team of dedicated prof- issionals to help in the sale of our time shares. Of all these complaints what are we now to believe? Please respond, I hope their good answers. One more word! Try!
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map-marker Miami, Florida

Refuse to return investment after 90 days

vacation property resellers salesman bret campbell, spoke with my wife and I and guranteed us that if our timeshare did not sell in 90 days we will be given a 100% refund. Since inception we have not heard from Mr. Campbell, we wer5e directed to a manager named Jacklyn. I spoke to her and she denied that anyone in the company would make this promise. We are now out a lot of mone. seller beware they are ripoff artists. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and with ripoff report. Our government should put a stop to ripoff companies like these timeshares.
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I was told by VPR salesman Steve Powers that the money I sent by credit card would be used to close escrow. I called back within the 7 day time to cancel and there was no one that answered at that number.

He called back and said that he had a new number to call. He gave me the number but would not return my calls.


The same thing has happened to me. Brett Campbell and company should be thrown in jail. We will go after them :(

jay Eeq

check this company out at and

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Diane M Iql
map-marker Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Charged for Services before Contract was Signed

Last week my husband and I decided to sell our timeshare with the assistance of Vacation Property Resellers. They agreed to send us their contract. My husband requested that they not remove any funds from his account until the contract was signed and returned to them. VPS went and took the money from his account prior to us even recieving the contract in the mail. There was nonsufficient funds, and naturally an overdraft at the bank. My husband was angry, took the overdraft notice and the unsigned contract which we recieved in the mail today, to the bank. The bank officials reviewed all paperwork and credited my husband's account. Lucky for him, not so lucky for VPS. What they did was illegal and the bank is pressing charges. People! Do not deal with this company if you wish to keep your hard earned money!
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By the way, I am dianes, the original poster of this complaint.


Thanks for your input. We did not end up losing any money over this scam, but it was close.

Just wanted to "put this out there" so others don't either. Looks like this person is a career criminal and his main focus in life is making money, at anyone's expense.


I also have heard he us wanted by authorities for unrelated issue.


Todd Ferron goes by the name Maurice Allen and a few others. He rips people off for a living while living with his parents in Pittsburgh. You can reach him at 412979****.


Vacation Property Resellers was a licensed, insured and bonded advertising company. They did not sell propertys they advertised them on the internet.

Todd Ferron worked there doing customer service. He was not the owner of the company nor was he a sales person. Todd Ferron never spoke to anybody on the phone or told them business men where interested in buying there unit or land. Again VPR was an advertising company they did not sell anything.

The contract they used was written and approved by the state and in that contract it states VPR does not sell propertyies.

Statute 61 also required VPR to publish a two year ratio on how many units were sold in a 24 month and it states zero were sold. Todd Ferron was an employee there and had no way to make properties sell.

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hi todd! hows moms basement?


This guys name is Todd Ferron, he lives in Largo, FL very close to Belle Air in a house just off Alt 19 and 8th ave he runs his scam business out of that is in foreclosure for 2 years now. No cable, NO Ac or heat, All he has is phone lines and Internet! Want his address??

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Vacation Property Resellers office was on Starkey Road in Largo, Fl. The business was never run out of a house just off Alt 19 and 8th ave.

That area is residential since 1958 and no businesses are in that nieghborhood. Todd Ferron is a pillar of the community and has donated thousands of dollars to local charities and non profits. The company he works for gave a third of there profits back.

From food banks to rape abuse centers all recieved donations. He employeed over 300 people from 2008 till 2011 and the negative info put online is from disgruntiled employees.


I too was contacted by Sean Ketcham from this company and had the same problems. George Leonard took over my case and then "became ill".

I contacted BBB and my CC company to try and get my $1598 back for multiple "refundable" "closing costs"... George Leonard has now contacted me from Onyx International and starting the same thing. stupidly i agreed to go along with it after hearing his sob story of becoming deathly ill and how VPR closed and such. Now it is janurary 2012 and i've been "closing" on my time share since july of 2011 and over $4000 in "closing cost".

George HATES to be called and every time I contact George @ 727-831-**** (cell) or 727-216-**** (work)to inquire on the sell he gets extremly short and has even gone as far as dropping "F-bombs" at me! This is a very ignorant man and any company he is assosiated with is a scam.

Don't be *** like i have been!!! Do NOT deal with Onyx Interantional and if you ever hear George Leonards name mentioned...RUN!!!


I agree these are *** They called and told us our xshare had sold right before Thanksgiving. Then withdrew 2000.00 from our acct.

without our knowledge or reason why. Then on Dec 16, they wanted 1753.00 to cover the taxes for the sale. We slowly got wise. Put stop payment on the check.

Went to our bank and changed accts and the bank got our 2000.00 back for us. How do these guys get away with this? With so many complaints.

The attorney general of Florida is even aware of this, because we talked to them also. I just hope their Christmas trees burn down.

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