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| map-marker Indianapolis, Indiana

International Vacation Services

I paid International Vacation Services over $3000 to take my previous time-share off my hands. They indicated it was complete - WRONG !! Royal Holiday was never notified of transfer and/or payment and continue to send letters and phone calls requesting annual fees. Mack Ridgeway was the consultant with IVS and has changed his phone and info. The company appears to have gone out of business; however, explaining all of this to Royal Holiday (a points program) falls on deaf ears. Their payment department in Phoenix does not communicate with the lease department in the Bahamas. I hope this helps prevent others from working with IVS or Mr. Ridgeway.
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Warranty issue

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map-marker Holly Springs, North Carolina

Purchased Platinum membership july 2007, never bookings available

I purchased their Platinum program (2 weeks a year) with free gas and other bonuses. Made so many calls to them it was ridiculous and they never had availability and the free gas, that was a joke, had to pay lots of money to get it activated. So they just ripped us off of $3,596. How do company's get away with this? Does anyone have any knowledge of something being done for those of us who got scammed in getting some money back? We even got a call from "Resort Reservation Services" who said they were taking over the accounts from VIP and needed more money to continue with them. They also weren't honoring the 2 week condo on our contract. They said that policy was no longer good for the family plan, etc. I said there was no way we'd give more money. So on Sep. 14, 2009 we got a letter from "Resort Reservation Services" that said we owed them $229.00 plus a $30.00 late fee and that they had placed a hold on our account until we paid them. I called them and told them I wasn't giving them a penny and now I just continually get emails from them about booking properties. I feel sorry for those people and our co-worker that paid twice as much as we did for the same thing that night.
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map-marker Ciudad De Mexico, Capital District

Vacation International, Inc. wasted an hour of my life

I called Vacation Internatioal, Inc. to find out more about what they could do for my international vacation, and they told me that I had to listen to their schpeel about how they can make my life better. Well guess what, they wasted an hour of my time by announcing this and that which I should get but they didn't really have anything of interest for me, so I thought I should hang up. When I finally got a word in edgewise, the person on the phone tried to put me on hold so they could talk to their manager! Can you believe that!?!
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Please be aware of this company. They try to tell you they have buyers for your timeshare.

They send you a document they want you to sign and they say right on the document (No commitment of selling you still own it) But what they don't say is you are agreeing to all the extra fees that will be incurred, like lien searches etc. I asked for a copy of there business license and Certificate of Incorportion and they wouldn't send it ...

tryed to turn it back to me saying I guess you don't want to sell your property. Yes I do, but not to *** bags

map-marker Salem, Illinois

Vacation Internationale - wronged me!

My certified letter to them... To whom it may concern, On September 26, 2009 I attended the San Gennaro Feast in Las Vegas. As I walked through the entrance I was approached and enticed to come to a seminar for vacation properties. I was told that this was not a timeshare opportunity and that if I attended then I would be awarded "gifts" for my time. I was given the option of several of these "gifts". $500 gas cards, a San Diego Vacation, trip for 2 to Florida were my options. I eagerly took the $500 gas card option, to which that also made me qualify for another "gift" which I was not expecting. I went to the seminar on October 3rd and indeed it turned out to be a timeshare brief. I patiently listened to the 90 minute presentation and after being hit on by the representative there and rudely being discarded because 1. I did not qualify based on my age (which they knew from the beginning) and 2. I was not able to make the down payment as I am a single parent with only one income. But at the end I was assured that in 7 days I would get my packet with my "gifts". I received a packet on October 15th that stated that I needed to send a $4.95 processing fee and the packet to PTS travel which I did on October 28th. I received the brochures for the vacations in November with no mention of the gas card. I waited about 2 weeks to see if the mail was slow and if the gas card would come separate and it did not. In early December I called and talked with someone at PTS travel who said that the gas card promotion had been cancelled. At this point I was extremely upset; all I had wanted from the beginning was the gas card not the vacations. I called back about a week later to find out just when this promotion no longer existed and they told me that it had been cancelled in October. So as you can see I am a little irritated that no one ever contacted me to tell me before I went to the seminar to tell me that the "gift" I had really wanted no longer existed. If I had known this I wouldn't have gone and wasted not only my time but VI's time either. I am requesting reimbursement for the gas card and the 4.95 processing fee for an item that I never received. I have attached a copy of the PTS brochure that I received from VI and my gas receipts totaling $525.71 (I know that only $500 is reimbursable). I hope that you will in good faith take good care of someone who has actually referred many customers to the VI property as I thought it was a good investment, just not for a single parent such as myself. I am sending this memo to PTS and VI – I don't care which one cuts me a check as long as it gets done. Thank you for your time. I am allowing 30 days from the date of notification for a response.
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Nelsy Vdb
map-marker Auckland, Auckland

They have our money but we having nothing

Four years ago we bought a time share in the Hollywood Towers building, on Las Vegas strip. It was all great, and the advantages offered, (international financial crash not withstanding), sounded great. However, having bought the studio apartment, and paid cash for it, this is what we have received. A bill for the maintenance of the apartment. No weeks available to be lodged with Vacation International so that we could actually go and stay anywhere, and thus far we are still not eligible apparently. This is four year ago! Phone calls to their offices resulted in our being quite literally laughed at, and asked whether we had or had not read the fine print! The fine print being at the bottom of a file of papers that actually need a concertina file to carry. There are two options: we could, if we wanted to pay a thousand New Zealand dollars a week, go and stay in one of their resorts in Orlando, Florida, or in Las Vegas. But the huge volume of listings that we were shown full of resorts where we could go and stay is not worth carting home. Four years of use of our $17,000 US dollars. We are entitled to nothing, and have nothing.
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map-marker Little Rock, Arkansas

Misrepresentation by VIP Travel

My husband and I were solicited by VIP travel over the phone for 2 free airline tickets to anywhere in the US if we attended a presentation at the Hamton Inn in Little Rock, Arkansas. We listened to the sales pitch and decided that it sounded pretty good. However, I am an attorney and my husband is a finance director who deal every day with fine print, we requested the total packet in writing including all the terms and the contract and contract. At the time, VIP travel would not provide us the information and we, of course, did not join. We sent in our paperwork for the 2 free airline tickets as promised. We did read the fine print that says this is in no way a free gift and you may have to pay a deposit and taxes. Yesterday, we received a letter from the Gift Center which apparently administers these free gifts. The cost of the fee, deposit and taxes amounted to about $160 dollars. We further looked at the fine print and it says tickets are only available at participating airports. We then went on line to VIP travel and discovered that the Little Rock airport is NOT a participating airport. In fact, no airport in Arkansas is a participating airport. This is misleading business practices and mispresentation in that VIP Travel solicited us for the free airline tickets knowing that Little Rock Arkansas is not a participating airport. We wasted time on a saturday afternoon to attend the sale pitch and did not receive our gift as it was promised on the telephone. I will be writing VIP travel to rectify the situation or the Consumer Affairs office at the Arkansas Attorney General will be notified. DO NOT do business with this company.
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Tydarius Ctp
map-marker New Haven, Connecticut

Vacation Professionals a scam

Vacation Professionals called me saying that I had won two round trip tickets to any city in the US. I was ecstatic but my dad told me it was a scam since I hadn't signed up for anything and the company showed up on the rip-off report and had complaints in the better business bureau. When they called back we said that we were not interested and to please remove us from their calling list. Their response was rude and defensive. My dad asked them why they didn't respond to the complaints on the better business bureau, to which the representative answered "No." The conversation continued like this until the representative hung up on us. Since then they have called back twice, once at 9 pm, and have hung up on my mother and myself after a few minutes of us trying to be removed from the calling list. I was skeptical when my dad first told me this was a scam but now I'm sure of it. Why would they continue to call if they were a legitmate business? Why wouldn't they just pull another name out of the hat since we clearly don't want our "prize"? The fact that they called at 9 pm and have hung up on us three times is unbusinesslike. The manner in which the representatives speak to us is rude, defensive, and has an accusing tone. I've read about other people being scammed by this company and frankly, Vacation Professionals are just annoying. Avoid this company at all costs!
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I just had a call from Vacations International - HOLY…. the lady follows a script and eventually I was asking her to speak like a real person and when I tried to answer questions she talked faster as per her script….

and demanded that I give her my Visa expiration date. She kept demanding it….

you know it's a rip off when they are following a script and won't talk like real humans - answering questions… All I got was the name of the company and that they are located in Florida - she wouldn't even tell me where in Florida…. It was a whirlwind!

map-marker Saint Louis, Missouri

Vacation International Professionals didn't send the plane ticket like promised.

We received an invitation to attend a presentation on 1/19/2008 from Vacation International Professionals through VIP Travel. We were promised two round trip plane tickets for attending this presentation. After sitting through the presentation, knew that this was too good to be true and didn't purchase the plan. We then went to the desk to receive our tickets and instead received a certificate to mail in to receive the tickets in 30 days. The tickets never came and the folks at either VIP Travel know nothing about Vacation International Professionals. A total waste of time and a total lie.
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Greg Goode, did you ever get your plane tickets? I had the same thing happen, I thought i was getting the plane tickets, but in fact i was just getting two nights at their hotel in Puerta vallarta, then they tried to sell me the tickets.

I am curious what ever happened with you and this situation. thanks mark


Fly me to the moon.. Bla Bla Bla Then they will ask you for money that you cannot resist. :p


Hi everybody!! Now i know i am not the only one with a problem like mine.

I've never made any trips back to Africa since past 3 years i left my country.I have a valid A - DIRECT AIRSIDE TRANSIT VISA from United Kingdom to my country issued in New York but no money for plane ticket. I have a plan to go to my country to submit my old passport and get a new passport even to visit my Dad and my family members and come back. I pray to God that there is someone out there that will be able to help me, please contact me (prof4real2005 AT yahoo DOT com)to take my information that you can use to buy me a plane ticket. THANKS.

MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS. prof4real2005@***.com


For the record "VIP Travel", also known as "Elite Escapes International" and also as "Vacation Professional Services" and also as "South Carolina Resort Properties" filed Chapter #11 Bankruptcy July 25, 2008 in US Bankruptcy Court District of South Carolina case #08-04363-hb 1100 Laurel St. Columbia SC 29201-****


I too was rip-off by VIP Travel. From now on is I every receive a similar offer i will either ignore it is do some research first.


Ms. long.

you may be happy now.

But just wait. VIP Travel is a time bomb ticking, and your fixing to experience it first hand!


You guys are idiots. Are you that desperate for 2 airline tickets and a 7 day rental car that you would waste your time contacting the DA and whoever else?

The reason the world is the way it is today is because of people like you. Always have something to complain about. My husband and I bought into the VIP Travel membership. We have already used their services for 2 different trips.

We stayed in Williamsburg, VA at the Kings Creek Plantation for $399 for the entire week. That is how much Expedia had it on their site PER NIGHT! We took a cruise for our other vacation and didnt save as much money as what we did with the condo, but we still saved a little. And I didn't have to do all the research and the work.

I called and put in my request and was booked by Jeri within a day.

Like the saying goes, "Quit your ***..." You'd probably get further in life.


Listen here idiots it’s not free its complimentary it says that right on the mailing…can you not read. And on the back it plainly states “CALL FOR PARTICIAPATION.



V.I.P. Is a scam!!!!!!!!! They have ripped off many many people. Most

people just forget about them and write

them off as a lesson in life,not to trust anything that sounds too good to be true. I say we should put these people

out of business, and put them away on fraud charges!


I did the same thing. I recieved a letter stating that my gift, free airline tickets were "out of stock"..

They offered me some other "junk" type vacations. I plan on calling them in the morning. I'm not letting this drop.

I'll contact my DA,the hotel where saw the presentation and whoever else I can think of. I'm going to get me 2 airline tickets and my 7 day car rental or VIP travel will have *** to pay

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Rickie B
map-marker Dawsonville, Georgia

Misleading promises and poor service

Received a post card thinking it was from Delta Airlines. Went to Seminar Sept. 14, 2007, and purchased membership for $3,596.00. Have tried to use the membership several times since. All we have received thus far is, broken promises, broken promises, broken promises, and slooooooooooow response. Anywhere from 7 to 21 days response time. And even then, broken promises, broken promises, broken promises. Have not yet been able to use their services. Company is Vacation international Professionals (VIP Travel) 322 W. Main St. Lexington, SC 29072 Telephone: 1-86*-763-****. Ms. Roxanne Franklin, the supervisor, is the person with whom I have been trying to do business with. At this point, we would just like our membership cost $3,596.00 to be refunded.
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haha anyone that thinks they are going to get discounted airfare is an ***. Do you watch the news??

All of the airlines are about bankrupt. You really think they are giving ANYONE discounts?

Give me a break. You people are idiots.


Here is an update on VIP Travel.

Following was reported by Channel 7 WSPA TV Spartanburg South Carolina April 9, 2008

Consumer Affairs files Lawsuit against travel company

Wednesday, Apr 09, 2008 - 03:34 PM

By Heather Sullivan

E-mail | Biography

The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs has filed a lawsuit against VIP Travel, based in Lexington, South Carolina, saying the company has used unfair and deceptive practices in its solicitations. An attorney for VIP Travel says the company is cooperating with Consumer Affairs and taking steps to address those concerns.

When Cheryl Rich wanted to plan a trip to Europe, she says she attended a seminar in Greenville for VIP Travel based in Lexington.

Said Rich, "They were giving us information that were similar trips and cruises that we had taken, yet they were much less expensive than what we had paid."

But Rich says after paying VIP about $3500, she wasn't getting booked on the trip she wanted. Said Rich, "I started calling about one particular cruise and I was getting put off. I was not getting information I needed."

Said Danny Collins, an attorney with the Department of Consumer Affairs, "They promise quite a few things that they don't deliver on."

After receiving about 50 complaints from customers in the Carolinas and Georgia, Consumer Affairs filed a lawsuit against VIP Travel in Lexington, accusing the company of offering free rewards that the Department says were not really free, and not offering customers a three day right to cancel their contracts.

Said Collins, "A lot of people tried to cancel the contract but the company told them they did not have such a right. But that is not true under the law. The law does give a person a three day right to cancel when a presentation is made any place other than the regular place of business."

VIP Travel's attorney Robby Birnbaum told us by phone the company is cooperating with Consumer Affairs and taking steps to address concerns and make sure it's complying with the law. Birnbaum says some customers may receive refunds, but did not have details at this time.

A refund is what Cheryl Rich is hoping for. Said Rich, "We have lost a lot of money for something that I felt like was going to be something really fun."

The Better Business Bureau offers the following advice to protect yourself when using any travel company.

- check for complaints filed with the BBB or Consumer Affairs

- get offers and travel arrangements in writing

- get copies of cancellation policies

- pay with a credit card. Many credit cards will refund your money if you don't receive the trip you pay for.


Same with me. I LOST $3,000.

At the meeting I was promised discount air fairs with vacation packages.

When I called 1st time was told only weekend trips with discount air fairs (lie). Later called to book weekend trip and was told that they can't do discount flights because of 9-11 regulations.


My client, ---received an unsolicited postcard in his mailbox via hand delivery. The postcard purportedly was from Royal Caribbean and promised him a free cruise and two (2) designer Milan watches, no strings attached.

He called the number listed on the card and instead of being connected to Royal Carribean, he was greeted by a representative of VIP Travel who assured him that all he needed to do was to come to the Holiday Inn Express in ---, Alabama and collect his cruise packet. He was specifically assured that he would not be required to attend any sales presentation of any kind. Upon arrival, on November 10, 2007, he was required to attend a sales presentation. After listening to the presentation, Mr.

--- purchased a travel packet for $4,596.00. Upon researching your company through the Better Business Bureau and online complaint boards, Mr. ///changed his mind and demanded his money back, in writing within three (3) business days.

Pursuant to the Code of Federal Regulations (16 C.F.R. Part 429) and section 5-19-1 and 5-19-12 of the Code of Alabama, Mr.

-- is entitled to a three-day cooling off period during which he could cancel this purchase, because the purchase was solicited at his home, or a place that was not VIP Travel’s place of business. I am sure you are aware of this legal requirement and that the three-day period does not begin to run until you have provided the buyer with a written notice of their right to cancel.

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