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Shameful Patient/Customer Service when requesting a refund for services NOT rendered.

Updated by user Oct 23, 2023

UTSW has made four empty promises to send me the refund but I have never received it.

Original review Oct 16, 2023
I was scheduled for outpatient surgery 9/12/2023 and 20 minutes prior to going into the OR the surgeon cancelled the procedure. I was required to prepay UTSW $1800 of the estimate before admission. After the cancellation I requested a refund thru Mychart on 9/20/2023 with no response. My second request for a refund was by phone on 9/25/2023. I was told that it would take 14 business days to process my refund. As of today it has now been 16 business days without my refund. I need this refund to prepay for my procedure at BSWH to complete what UTSW refused to do for me.
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  • Well staffed
  • Poor communication and poor service

Preferred solution: Full refund

User's recommendation: Avoid UTSW Outpatient Surgery Center

Vanessa K Fho
map-marker Dallas, Texas

Remove complaint

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Leisha in Endocrinology (Dr.Almandoz) office. I filed a , in retrospect, unnecessary complaint. It should be providers choice if the youre late, whether they see you or not. My complaint should have been w/young lady who told me, as l arrive within 15 minutes provided. Will see me. The point -maybe I overreacted, I was having a rough morning, and a bad day. Thank you. Id like to remove my complaint against Leisha immediately .&&
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  • Best hospital l excellent care given patients teaching hospital
  • Foods exquisite the view from 12 green quality of specialists
  • It is a huge facility

Preferred solution: Inner peace back

User's recommendation: Take a moment, gather your composure, and then react. But don’t go overboard.

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They are engaging in criminal patient fraud, operations without consent, concealment of malpractice and using alternate exam codes so private insurance has to pay for malpractice

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UT Southwestern Medical Center - They are engaging in criminal patient fraud, operations without consent, concealment of malpractice and using alternate exam codes so private insurance has to pay for malpractice
UT Southwestern Medical Center - They are engaging in criminal patient fraud, operations without consent, concealment of malpractice and using alternate exam codes so private insurance has to pay for malpractice
UT Southwestern, Flowermound Presbyterian Hospital, Baylor and Methodist Hospitals in DFW all share an illegal "risk management" agreement where if a physician at one of their facilities injures a patient they all cover it up. How they cover it up is through the Epic medical records system sharing of records between hospitals patients MUST consent to in order to be treated. It should be illegal. They say it is for greater patient access but really it is so physicians between facillities can hide what they want to hide in physician chats and the margins of the EMR they refuse to share with patients. Again, this should be illegal. I discovered that UT Southwestern and other hospitals named had falsified all my radiology readouts to not include kidney injuries, objects such as surgical clips on my urater and other things left in my body by one physician. By extracting the metadata from the EMR in my disks at UT Southwestern I realized they had been cropping my radiology images themselves once I started catching on and reached out to Risk Management ran by Leah Hurley at UT Southwestern and placing filters on it as well. They deleted alot of images I was able to recover with a DLL decompiler. They place external orders on all radiology they want falsified to have it reconfigured and they place asterisks next to false diagnoses in the medical record. If you open your medical records and see an asterisk but no key at the bottom with an explanation; run to a private physician for a second or 3rd opinion! I highly urge patients who feel they are being lied to or something isn't right to TRUST YOUR INSTINCT and begin to tape your doctors' appointments in your phone. Call your insurance and ask for the billing codes they were sent and Google what they stand for. That is how I began to unravel what my doctors were lying to me about versus what happened. Do not go to the Texas Medical Board without proof because they are corrupt and all proceedings are "statutorily confidential". The doctor gets all your evidence and you are escorted out of the room for his testimony so really, you will be doing evildoers a favor. I'm going to give you a brief synopsis of what happened to me, but if you need help and are in a similar boat or work at UT Southwestern and are tired of the administration forcing the physicians to lie to patients reach out to me at damaris.mccalley@***.com or find Damaris McCalley on social media and I will put you in touch with resources if I cannot personally help you. Here's what happened: I was severely injured by a Doctor Clifton Lyndell Cox II at Methodist Southlake Hospital in 2017 in two separate surgeries where he placed clips on my urater on accident when trying to stop bleeding from nearby blood vessels he severed during an operation to remove my colon for what was allegedly ulcerative collitis (it turns out it was Crohn's so the operation would not be curative as I was told and I shouldn't have had it). In the second operation he checked the urater (according to Texas Medical Board findings) so he saw the clips but instead of calling in a urologist to fix it like he should have, he severed the urater to try to reimplant it, failed, lacerated my kidney several times in the process somehow, but still did NOT call in a urologist! Dr. Cox and Methodist Southlake Hospital then dismissed me on post op day 2 (it was supposed to be a 5 day stay) with green urine, level 8 unmanaged pain without even hydrocodone for relief after just having my guts rearranged while filling up with blood and urine. Then Dr. Clifton Lyndell CoxII who would have certainly been my murderer, told me not to return to the ER when I told him I was in so much pain I was shaking, I had a surgical infection, yellow water was pouring out of my wound, I couldn't normally urinate, I had a fever etc. Finally I go AGAINST medical advice to Methodist Mansfield Hospital where they say I have hydronephrosis of the left kidney, there may be cuts or clips or something on it (it was confusing) and there are clips on my urater. They need to do a scope to try clear it. They told me I was getting a cystocopy but secretly gave me a CYSTOTOMY which is an operation while I was under anasthesia and I just found out a month ago! There's alot more to that story but for the sake of time I'll just say they told me the scope failed, something was blocking the urater and they put a draining tube in my back for a nephrostomy catheter to drain the urine. Apparently there was also systemic involvement of my connective tissue affected by Dr. Cox and *** in my GI tract that he may have caused on accident but they didn't tell me. I became infected and septic because they dismissed me after speaking with Dr. Cox and wouldn't tell me anymore. So I go to UT Southwestern, they lie about there not being any surgical clips left on my urater, about the kidney injuries, about the hole in the GI tract, both to my face, on my radiology readouts, in my medical records and to the Texas Medical Board and my insurance. They tell me I have an abcess but when I ask if it is a puddle of urine inside me they lie about where it is located and say it cannot be urine. For this reason I do not get a drain installed in my abdomen as recommended and opt for CT aspiration as they tell me it is not urine so I figure it will not recollect. I am dismissed and I become septic so I present to Baylor's ER and they again lie to me about radiology findings since Dr. Cox's friend, Scott Smith who had stolen images of my radiology from Methodist Mansfield without my consent to text to Dr. Clifton Lyndell CoxII and he also works for Radiology Associates of North Texas which is the Radiology group who performs the radiology at Baylor. When I go back to UT Southwestern for operation by Dr. Yair Lotan who is also the main Professor and Chair of Urology at UT Southwestern Medical Center performs a nephroureternectomy WITHOUT my consent to repair issues with the kidney. Perhaps I would have consented had they told me what was really wrong with me but they lied, and said my UTI's, pain upon urination, blood in the urine and kidney infections for the next two years were NON urological in nature. They gaslighted me and lied to me, causing me to be in unknown pain for no reason because Attorney Nicole Bunn of Brisbois and Lewis Law Firm and Stanley Thiebaud of Thiebaud Remington Law Firm in Dallas (malpractice attorneys for Methodist Southlake Hospital medmal insurance carrier, Nuehealth and Dr. Cox) did not want to pay me a settlement for the lifelong damage, disfigurement, kidney operations and all the unnecessary surgeries and pain and suffering they caused me. It is ABSOLUTELY EVIL. The fraud extends to the Texas Medical Board because they let Dr. Cox of Cope Center for Pelveorectal Health and Methodist Southlake Hospital off the hook stating false things that were not in my set of medical records. When I ask for their set of MY medical records they refuse to turn them over even though I have federal rights to them. I believe Dr. Cox paid them off at his informal settlement conference or at least the malpractice carrier did because they also lied and said Cox was a first time respondent with no prior board history when he has an extensive one. Look up the TMB buletin of 2012 for starters. And they allow Cox to continue to lie and reflect he has no medical malpractice suits on his record when he has 2 that I know of, one involving a gentleman named Davis ended in a judgement against Cox II. It is illegal not to show it on his record. Basically all this awful criminal behavior cost me years of my life and the opportunity to have legal representation because there was so much fraudulent concealment by UT Southwestern and others (UT Southwestern also hid a Crohn's diagnosis from me because it would help my case). Luckily I have been finding experts to help me and I filed suit as a pro-se litigant in which I am about to challenge the constitutionality of Tort Reform because it, along with all this fraudulent concealment is what made my life so impossible and justice or even compassionate medical care impossible. Sometimes you gotta be your own hero to help others! Please feel free to reach out to me, Damaris McCalley, should you need help or advice and if you are injured by a physician do not ever go to UT Southwestern for "help".
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User's recommendation: ALWAYS look at your actual radiology results versus what the doctors tell you, if you are injured DO NOT contact the hospital before an attorney as they will have Risk Management illegally change your medical records to rewrite events in their favor, Always try to tape your doctors appointments by hitting the video button on your phone in your pocket or purse! If something goes wrong you will need it as proof!

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