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Updated by user May 23, 2013

We had a board meeting at Parkland 2 days ago. I told them word for word exactly what Mr.

Matchett said. We even had the original paper from parkland from when matchett gave my wife the number to the D.E.A. office.

We called the CEO of Parkland to arrange this meeting in case anyone else needs to do this.

Once the Customer care advocates reach a stale mate call the CEO's office and be polite! Remember you get more with sugar. We set down with several doctors 2 of them said Mr. Matchetts notes were very wrong and my wife was wronged by his accusations.

As I write this her pain is so out of control she is in the bathroom and I can hear her throwing up. She has been crying for the past 2 hours. I feel so helpless! At the meeting we showed pictures of my daughters graduation that my wife missed.

we showed pics of my wife with an E.J (External Jugular) I.V. that is the only type of line they can get on her. We had the heads of 6 different areas at the meeting plus 2 medical doctors and they were just in disgust with Mr. Matchett.

Because of his notes my wife is dealing with this bile duct pain with muscle relaxers! I get so mad i have to *** my tongue. I mean where else can people go with no insurance?

I lost everything in the 2008 recession! My god I never thought we would be in this position and certainly never thought a doctor would flat out lie!

Original review May 19, 2013
I lost my job in 2008 and we were forced to use Parkland's Pain clinic. Mr. Matchett, I refuse to call him a doctor, came into the room and said your pain is being caused by Hydrocodone. Now my wife was bed ridden and had a benign mass removed from her bile duct which started the pain. She still has not eaten a solid meal in 2 years and survives on ensure. So anyway he said her (3) hydrocodone pain pills a day was causing the pain and then called her the next day and told us the D.E.A. had her file! I know, first thought is wow more to this story but it's not. We don't drink, NEVER used any drugs, never been arrested, just normal people. So now she is hurting, vomiting, worried and scared. We both contact the D.E.A. at the number this worthless *** gave us and they said they never heard of my wife! They also explained, it does not work like that. If a specific doctor was being investigated that doctor would be in trouble and unless the patient was stealing prescriptions or something over the top they would not be investigated. So to anyone using this liar please be careful. My wife was very sick, in a lot of pain and he was cold hearted and out right LIED. He is no longer with Parklands Pain Clinic but now is with UTSW. Not a day goes by that I don't think of this trash for a human being. He put in her medical record she needed detox! We are having that amended and have 2 other doctors going to bat for us but patients have got to use the internet to let others know about liars and *** with some power trip because they are a doctor! If Matchett reads this I hope you burn in *** for what you put this lady through! My hatred for you is a perfect hatred because you lied and intentionally hurt my wife.
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Lawyer up people do not stand for this


Yes, I am a Stage IV Cancer patient. I had temporarily gone on Disability after 3 years, and the very best doctors at UTSW. When I got to Parkland, I got a referral to the a Pain Management Clinic and Gerald A. Matchett, MD. I had a re-sectioned T-12 vertebrae and cancerous margins there where it had been too close to my spine to remove. The cancer had mestatisized from my uterus. Anyway, my "chemo" was an oral Aromatase inhibitor called FEMARA. So, I had a full head of hair, extra poundage and liked to be happy, grateful and wear a smile. Dr. Matchett is a rather miserable, pre-maturely old and mean man. So, when my *** test came back negative he proclaimed me to everyone and anyone who would listen and ultimately, to his immediate replacement so that he could count on corroboration (because the new guy, John Alexander, MD didn't know!) who kicked me out of the Clinic (into the barrel of horrible narcotic withdrawal) about which they said, "We don't care...We know that you are a drug dealer.

I was just beside myself. Cut to the chase. I provided the Dean of Anesthesiology (and Pain Management) at UTSW Medical School with a hair analysis for which I had gotten a referral to Qwest Diagnostics to retrieve.

Further, with same, I filed a Formal Complaint with Parkland Hospital who takes these things very seriously. My doctor there, a PhD, MD, a Fellowship Resident was called upon to analyze (w a Fellow Pharma Resident) for the Parkland CII (narcotics) Board. We prevailed everywhere.

Down the street, at UTSW, where now I am a patient again, Dr. Matchett has gone and simply told them that I am a drug trafficker. Even though there have been times since that the blood test has not been right involving Dr. Joan Schiller, MD (now, UTSW co-CEO) when she was Head of Oncology and a Proxy doc ran the wrong test again. Again, the same PhD, MD, solved any questions and proved each one wrong.

They, however, disseminate on a daily basis that I am a drug trafficker to anyone with a password. My doctors tell me that they know it is not true. Yet, it has made pain management at UTSW impossible...maybe even Anesthesiology ~ yet, no thank you.

Accordingly, UTSWLegal has made my rights pursuant to the Public Information Act, HIPPA Privacy and Medical Records accuracy impossible to access. Those Departments are forbidden from interacting with me or working with my Records in any fashion. Now, my tumors are multiplying and on Active Issues (under Convalescence from Chemotherapy) they have two (2) out-of-context, rather private medical concerns and a big, fat, salacious lie that serves no purpose but to distract doctors for the Case at hand. My best is just to Zen through it because going elsewhere dragging this incidious lie would be ridiculous. No telling how they would try to dress it up or worse.


Dr. Drummond must be bed buddies with Matchett.....

No can't be she has a bigger set of nuts. She screws up my urine test and tells me I have Dilauded in my urine. I said impossible please retake it. "no it does not concern me" she said!

Well it really does concern me when the urine was not marked in front of me! Im not saying it was not an honest mistake but now it's a mistake on my medical record. BEWARE people.

These little mistakes follow you for life! :sigh

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Atrocious Customer Service - UTD Career Counseling Services

I am very dismayed with the inconsistent customer service and professionalism at the career center at UT Dallas in Richardson, Texas. Lauren Nise a so-called "career coach" who works at UT Dallas provided among the most abhorrent career coaching I've ever had in my life. She spoke to me with blatantly rude and arrogant entitlement, as if she were the Queen of Texas; she used a deeply cutting tone of voice; and she blurted out trivial innuendo rather than anything professional or applicable. She came across as a biased and immature twit more than a professional. The dilemmas I had with Lauren Nise are listed here: she tries to dominate and monopolize the conversation with trivial, frivolous, and antiquated red herrings and strawman arguments; she raises her voice to you as if she is your elder (it's a shock because she appears to be in her twenties yet she acts like a petulant teenager who has never been disciplined in her life); she hardly lets you finish a sentence without being rudely interrupted; she insults your confidence and intellect with snide and passive-aggressive retorts and innuendo; she does not provide detailed information for your concerns nor does she bother to research it with you and for you; and she comes across as indolent and domineering rather than cooperative, well-researched, and helpful. Some of the other women who work at the career center could use an attitude adjustment; better training; and better supervision; in totality the career center comes across as inconsistent, bungling, trite, frivolous, ill-informed, and Machiavellian. It appears that the career center has mediocre leadership and vapid management at best. It also appears that the systems approach that they utilize is interpersonally dysfunctional and inconsistent. However, it does appear that the career center is improving at the pace of a snail. I encourage everyone to report your dissatisfactions with their services until they improve.
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