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  • From mobile
  • Feb 15
  • by anonymous
  • #1008469

They quoted price somebody else stole the shipment. They the double charged me .

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Uship - Ustpp12 Shipping Service Review
1 of 2 is the largest scam operation to collect fees from the shipper and drivers who follow policy. Customers are advised that they should hire a new shipper even though they never canceled the shipment. Then when the Depends wearing grandma you are delivering to cancels ,she wants to call the cops even though ain't said : been said to the woman in a 3 week period of time, for unwanted contact. Shippers you guys should be careful to not join... Read more

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We are a Christian organization who provide living options and community services for the elderly. We were recently blessed with two new vans to assist in transporting our elderly residents to and from doctor visits and our wonderful senior outings. We decided to donate our old vans to our sister location in Missouri. We “Googled” shipping companies and one of our first results was uShip. We liked the website and contacted the company on a... Read more

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I exepted a bid on uship to transport a car from phoenix to reno from ultra transport, there terms were to pickup within 7 days of booking, delivery 3 days after pickup, Its been 3 weeks car has still not been pickup, there excuse is they dont have any drivers going thru the phoenix area, I have waited 3 weeks ,now to have to cancel and find another company to ship my car, IT WONT BE ULTRA TRANSPORT and not thru USHIP! Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jan 17
  • by anonymous
  • #992900

I will stand out of money for my pet to be shipped to me buy uShip the only numbers I can get are Google phone numbers does anybody know what I need to do to get this resolved

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i had him get a deck for me in ohio two months later he still had it i called him several times one remark was he was broke down in tennesee he,ll deliver in a week i called a week later he said he was on vacatin then i called after his vacation he said he was shut down for the winter he double talks because he said he has a truck in a snow storm.i rentented a motorhome for a month he made me loose over $1200 waiting for him to deliver i had to... Read more

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First I have read ALL the complaints here and I have to make a few comments and point out ALL the complaints errors. FIRST Uship is a middle man. Meaning you pay them to list an item and people willing to move your items pay to get your information. Meaning anyone with a divers licence and a truck can bid on your load. Second Every person using Uship services are trying to send items as cheap as possible. Cheap is cheap always! You are getting... Read more

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I ordered a puppy online. Sent money for puppy plus cost of shipping. Breeder told puppy to airports and arranged uship to bring it to me in Florida. All was well. Then I got an email from uship that inhad to send $1800.00 to rent a crate for the pup to be put on the flight. If I didn't pay that they would not ship the puppy. I couldn't raise $1800.00 if my life depended on it. Now the puppy sits at the airport. They claim its refundable but if... Read more

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3 weeks prior to pickup - coordinated and paid USHIP and the Carrier deposit to move vehicle from Oklahoma to Florida. I kept being told they would have a driver, they were working it, don't worry. Gave them a whole week for possible days to pick up. Now the week is over, the Carrier - ADL Logistics asked me if I could leave the vehicle at a location with the key in it for the driver to pick up next week. No - I am not making that up! Then he... Read more

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On November 10th I contracted with a USip carrier to move my furniture from Cypress, Texas to Florida. I paid in full. I read the reviews of the carrier, all excellent, a 4.8 out of 5! On December 20, exactly 7 days before my scheduled pick.up I got a e.mail saying my shipment had been cancelled. 7 days!! I phoned USip it, and spoke with NUMEROUS agents who couldn't care less about my rather serious problem they had created for me!! They said... Read more

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