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MOVER BEWARE! Please do your homework and save yourselves the time and headache of working with this company. They are listed on the DOT federal website as UNLICENSED, UNINSURED and UNAUTHORIZED to do business. They broke a number of laws they were supposed to adhere to during our move. While that is pretty bad, the worst of it is that it took ONE MONTH for us to receive our things and we were in a constant battle with them as they tried to charge us ridiculous storage fees we didn't agree to. The icing on the cake was that many of our things were damaged and missing. If anything you own is made of glass, count on it being broken when you receive it. No matter how much wrapping we did, they still found a way to break it. Our 47" HD flat screen tv which we wrapped up immaculately? Broken. The box looked like it had been to war. In fact, all of our boxes looked as though they've been to war. What are they doing with our boxes? Throwing them at rocks? Whole pieces of furniture were missing. The only response we got from the contractor they hired? "FILE A CLAIM, IT'S NOT MY PROBLEM!" Please do yourself a favor and get the full insurance with any mover you use. The $.60/pound is garbage. My $700 flat screen tv which I now have to replace will get us around $50 back when we file a claim. That's if we even get anywhere with their claims process as I have been told it's a nightmare getting anything through their claims process. They also broke a light fixture at my apt community and instead of reducing the price of the moving to accommodate for the fact that my building will charge me for it no matter what, all I hear is "FILE A CLAIM!" This is not a reputable business. The guys they use were not in uniform (none spoke a lick of English) and the truck was an unmarked piece of junk. Be prepared to be charged $$$$ for *** service. Your stuff WILL go missing. Your stuff WILL be broken. They WILL rifle through your things (personal items I taped shut were opened). You WILL wait AT LEAST a month to deliver your stuff, not the 7-14 bs they try to sell. They will be nice to you to get you to book their services but beware, their tone will change once they have your stuff hostage on their truck. It's their way or you won't be seeing your things ever again. Also, I now know that a reputable company won't require a deposit from you to book their services. These clowns did. Should have been a red flag. Again life lesson. In the end, we have a filed a federal claim against them. These people need to be put out of business.
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USA Express Moving Ruined My Things...

USA Express Moving "ruined " 7 items of mine during my move in November 2011. I say ruined , because these things were so damaged that they were unusable. The company's customer service representative was nice enough to send me the appropriate damage forms which I filled out and sent back...and I also sent pictures of each item with a replacement value. I followed up and was told that my case was still being reviewed. Nothing for awhile, so I called back pursuing my case. So, they finally sent me a note on January16, 2012 stating that I would be compensated $90.00 for my losses. These items purchased cost me $900.00. Of course I am angry and disappointed. Two of the items were vacuum cleaners and one was a four sided glass curio cabinet. I did not accept the $90.00, because it was an insult! Please, please, please, do not use this company as your movers or packers or shippers. They are horrible to deal with and you will lose some of your belongings in a move that they are In charge . Not only did they not make the customer happy...they made me mad enough to speak out about it!!!! P.s. I did tell them that I was going to write about this to that they wouldn't do it to more customers. They didn't care and I haven't heard back from them since. Shame on them.
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Orlando, Florida

Damaged our antiques and wont deal with claim

This company have been unprofessional in their dealings with us. Many antique items broken during shipping, one very expensive piece of furniture had had an attempted "repair" - presumably hoping we wouldn't notice. Instead of usual 10-14 days delivery, our shipment took a month! Every attempt at trying to resolve my claim has been negated by USA Express Moving - they will NOT respond to my letters, e-mails or phone calls. In fact even though I have a signed Certified Mail receipt - they deny receiving my claim forms.... I am working with the BBB to try and resolve this. I will NEVER use USA Express Moving again.
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Thanks for speaking up about your losses. I wish I had seen your post before I moved.

I would have used a different company. Kim

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Cape Coral, Florida
New Reviewer

Held Furniture for 2 weeks Pffffft to them.Stay away!!!!!!

I used USA Express Moving & Storage for my move from Ohio to Louisiana.......the first day they were supposed to arrive at 9 am and didn't show until 130 p.m. Instead of bringing my furniture on to New Orleans, they took my furniture back to Pittsburg (hub). I didn't find this out until I called USA Express to see where my shipment was and that is when I was informed the truck was in Pittsburg......broken down....and would be 4-5 days before it would be repaired. I tried calling representative who kindly took my money for securing the delivery; however, it wasn't "his" job for operations. I was told my shipment would be here on Sunday. I received a call from a lady from USA and told me that shipment is expected on Monday!!!!!! They have had my furniture for two weeks!!!!! If you want to be lied to and taken for granted, then I suggest you use USA Express. Any questions, please give me a call: 937-694-****. We will see if my furniture arrives in the next couple of days.....I'm not holding my breath.....and did I mention I love sleeping on the floor?
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It has been over ONE YEAR since USA moved my furniture from Ohio to Louisiana....ALL of my furniture was damaged....a gun was stolen and a marble top for a table was also missing. I am still waiting to get my reimbursement.

I contacted the Better Business Bureau and USA will not answer the complaint. BEWARE of this fraudulent company!


:cry Finally received the shipment...however, my new stone coffee table had a huge gouge in it along with my other furniture. Very dissatisfied.

After posting my complaint, the president of the company has called me twice!! I called it harassment, but she said she didn't appreciate my comment on her company that she takes "it personally" and would I not write anything negative about her company.

I won't lie about this company to anyone. Stay away from them!

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Kenner, Louisiana

USA Express Moving Are Awful

I think this is the first time I have felt strongly enough to write a negative review for a company. USA express moved us. Dana is "sweet as pie" and will say anything you want, but don't believe a word of it. They will take your money, not call you back, my shipment was delayed for weeks, leaving us in an empty house with nothing. When our stuff arrived, many of my furniture articles were dirty, broken and I am undoubtedly missing things. They are the absolute worst. I have moved 10 times and never had an experience like this. Please, please, save yourself the stress and money, they are terrible, no matter what they say to hook your business.
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In response to the above referenced letter, I can only start off by saying that at no time do I "say what you want to hear" just to book your move. It is with great regret that someone would believe that! I enjoy what I do to help our customers during a very stressful time and am very confident in the services my movers customarily provide or I wouldn’t be doing what I do. I only hope anyone reading this would have the good fortune to have the opportunity to read all the wonderful letters of support and thanks we have received from hundreds of very satisfied customers.

I find it disappointing to hear that whoever wrote the above letter was so unhappy. I can assure you that at no time would we not respond to a customer concern or do anything to purposely cause any additional stress to your move. I hope that you would agree that there is always two sides to every situation and I would be more than happy to explain any issues that may have taken place. Often the entire story is not provided with all the details of the move. If there was a delay in the delivery, there had to be a legitimate/justified reason and my Operations Dept. certainly would have kept them abreast of what happened and the status. I apologize to the above if for any reason we fell short of their expectations. Unfortunately, given so many people automatically believe movers are not upfront, they believe someone isn't being honest with them.

Once a relocation has been booked and is in the process of the move, it is customary for the customer to be put in touch with the appropriate department to handle their questions. It is always best to speak directly to the individuals who are involved and handling your move or the situation at hand. I, nor anyone in our company would NEVER just not return a call.

In closing, I can say with complete confidence that it has always been our goal at USA Express to provide each and every one of our customers with the very best service possible and at all times only have the best interest of our customers in mind.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond!

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Portsmouth, New Hampshire
New Reviewer

USA express moving are thieves

USA express moving and shipping arrived very late. The packers were very slow, and time wasting. My home was not any where near packed up in time. They did not have enough trucks to put all my stuff in so I had to call 1800gotjunk to get rid of the rest of my family home possessions, before the buyers arrived the next morning. When they unloaded at my new home my TV was broken. My globe was broken. Pictures were broken. The walls were bashed and a hand rail came out of the wall as they pushed and pulled my belongings into my home. The boxes were not put in the correctly labeled rooms. In short nothing was good, it was very slow, and I lost a lot of my household goods. Sabrina refused to refund me for anything.
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It has always been and will continue to be our goal at USA Express Moving & Storage to provide our customers with the very best service possible. Given this, we appreciate and welcome any feedback from our customers on the services provided. We found the above information concerning, however, after reviewing, we beieve that this was incorrectly placed under our name and was meant for another company. We do not have anyone by the name referenced and would never just not finish a job for no reason. There are several USA Express, US Express USA movers, etc....out there.

It is common practice for us to gather the most detailed information possible prior to providing a price quote. This information is re-confirmed in a contract to the customer prior to the move to ensure a safe, smooth and satisfactory relocation.

We have a great team of relocation consultants and well-trained company movers ready and able to assist you with all your moving needs. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We would be delighted to share a few of the many of Letters of Recommendation that we have received on our services.

We are confident that you too will be one of the many very satisfied customers of USA Express Moving!!

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
New Reviewer

Read your Contract, words mean nothing

I used USA Express Moving company from PA.- I felt misled by the delivery time. When our stuff didn't arrive in the time I was verbally told it would,7 days, 10 at most, I checked our contract and saw that they had 21 days to deliver. Ours came at the 19 day mark. We were not offered any compensation for the late delivery because I signed the contract...they had 21 days. We did not do our homework properly. We moved several states away, and planned to arrive within a day or two of our furniture and would stay at a hotel for a night or so until it arrived. However, more than that we couldn't afford, so we ended up at the empty house. We had to purchase air mattresses, dishes, a few towels, bedding, camping chairs, etc just to survive until the stuff came. It ended up being more expensive on the tail end than if we would have went with the higher priced company that we were going to go with...but we were tempted by the lower cost quoted by USA. While I would like to blame them for what happened, it was not their fault, I should have went by the contract instead of going by what I was told,(that it was just standard, and not to worry) and prepared ahead of time for worst case scenario. Live and learn my and learn.
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I had a similar experience, but our delivery took 25 days. this is the worst company I have ever dealt with; their verbal representations mean nothing, and they have no concept of customer service.

Though they claim to own their own trucks, they are completely unable to tell you when your delivery will take place until the driver tells them--and that can take several days.

Constant missed deadlines, and unmet expectations. Buyer beware!

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North Port, Florida
New Reviewer

Great Job by USA Express Moving

A quick note to those in the process of the difficut job of looking for a reputable moving company. USA Express Moving just completed my move from AZ to PA and did a great job! Making this move was a very stressful and difficult time in my life and they really made it easy. From the very first contact with them, I felt at ease and the movers (Gus & Tom) did an incredible job handling my belongings. They truly knew what they were doing. Everything made it safe and right on time! I would, without reservation, highly recommend their services! A big THANK YOU to everyone at USA Express!
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
New Reviewer

USA Express Moving

I moved from New York to Florida with USA Express Moving. The two movers, Wilmer and Carlos, did a great job. They took care of my furniture at the pick up and delivery. Further, my goods stayed on the same truck throughout the entire move. All of my furniture arrived in tact and I was really pleased. I also found the sales person to be very helpful. She gave me all the information that I needed and was very friendly. I highly recommend the services of this company, I am glad that I used an actual moving company rather than a broker.
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New York, New York

Avoid USA Express Moving - Phoenix

If you’re looking to pay triple what you were quoted, to be awash in attitude, and to have your stuff unceremoniously dumped on the receiving end after you sign the credit card bill, this is the mover for you! USA Express moving, headquartered in Bristol, PA, is a typical bait-and-switch company. They give you a low-ball estimate over the phone, which is never put in writing, and then you end up paying many times more. Actually when they gave me a quote (about $300), I doubled it, thinking I’d pay $600-$700. But when I ended up paying almost $1,000, I was floored. What was just as bad, however, were the guys who made the move, telling me they would not take any glass table tops and then packing odd items, such as a 30-year-old TV, in materials I had to pay for—materials that were worth more than the TV. Generally, it was my worst move ever. They never did provide a detailed invoice or deduct my $100 down payment as far as I can tell. I guess I’ll never know, though, since no one will return my phone calls. Do yourself a favor: get a binding estimate from a reputable national company and avoid USA Express.
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Wow...the same exact thing happened to me...and apparently many, many others as I go from website to website and read the reviews. This company needs to be stopped in their tracks.

It seems every rebuttle blames the consumer yet they are still getting more negative reviews out there than any company I have researched! I had MAJOR issues with them fromt the original price they quoted me, to the 3+ weeks it took to get my things...some broken nonetheless. It was not only a horrible experience, but like above mentioned...they are very smooth talkers and will tell you whatever you want to hear, many time I too tried to talk to Dana...and Jennifer circumvents those calls and tries to deal with them on her own...only making promises that Dana will not back up...the problem is, is that they will work with you on their grounds...right or wrong...then when you confront them like myself and MANY,MANY others...they simply state that they "tried" to work with you and you did not want what they and complete manipulation...PLEASE shop is so not worth what these people put you through.

They have ex-employees talking very badly abou them, TV exposes done on them and countless negative reviews as well as BBB complaints. Don't listen to your own research and hopefully you will save yourself the heartache that all of us had to deal with.


I wish to take an the opportunity to respond to Ms. Sujatha Raghunathan letter of concern. As I’m sure you understand, there are always two sides to every story and in this case that is exactly the case. I was very disappointed to read the comments Sujatha placed especially since I had not only had many detailed conversations with her on this relocation both verbally and via email, but enjoyed talking with her. We completed an in-home estimate and discussed exactly what needed to be packed prior to the move. In fact, we gave them an estimate of $650 for the packing requested. When the move was completed, they were charged only $549. Over $100 less than estimated. So, yes, they did receive the $50 coupon. We were not able to go down any more. A detailed inventory of all materials/services was completed and provided to them.

As for the delivery, we absolutely did not pick up a person off the streets for $30 and Sujatha is well aware of this—very unfair comment. Movers are only allowed 2 ppl in a long-distance truck when going across country and it is customary for the size of shipment to only use 2 ppl at delivery—the same two for pickup all the way to delivery—you can’t have it any better than this. As for the moving truck, of coursem, we were in a semi-trailer--every mover would be. They too were informed of this from the very beginning and again at the time of pickup. They even initialed that we did discuss this with them. I spoke to her myself on this. Given we were unable to get the moving truck into their complex, they were charged ONLY $195 to simply cover the cost of the shuttle/excessive distance to carry the goods from the truck to their apartment. This too is on the contract and is NOT in small print! I hope you would agree that this is a very fair charge for such a service and certainly not out of line especially since it was discussed.

In closing, Sujatha and her husband received their HHG’s in good condition appox.a week from pickup, paid less for their move than we had originally estimated and were charged for nothing more than what services were on their contract and agreed to. It is very unfair from Sujatha to make the statements she made portraying our company as misleading or dishonest. It is my opinion, that the above statements were made simply because I was unable to take an $50 off for a coupon she had already been credit for. As for reaching me, the Operations Dept. was handling the move and at no time did I not return her calls or not respond. In fact, I did speak to Sujatha after the move, at which time I informed her that I could not take an additional $50 off the packing that she was requesting. If she felt that I was unresponsive to her, I do apologize for this, however, this was never my intention! It is always our goal to provide our customers with the very best service possible and in this case that is exactly what we did. We certainly value our customers opinions and always appreciate the feedback.

Thank you!


I have had a really bad experience with this company and I would urge people to stay away from them. When you look for movers and you read these comments you get confused.

I was in the same boat. So 1st I said no to them and then said Ok only because they came and did a inventory in person. For this I was talking to a person called Dana. She was all friendly and made sure she emailed me or called me till she got the papers signed.

She told me she will help me from start to end. That is a lie. As soon as the movers came and took my stuff she is no where to be seen. I emailed her, I called her office 5 times and all that they do is avoid connecting me to her.

I had a coupon for 50 $ off for packing material. And yet somehow I ended up signing for the same amount she quoted. The guy who came to pick up the stuff said that I should talk to her regarding the coupon. When I tried to contact her there is no reply.

The contract they give you is different from what you sign when they pick up the things. The fine print items are all in that yellow sheet. The contract doesnt say anything about the truck coming to drop things off. But after they pick your stuff they explain some things and take your signature.

This yellow sheet contains everything that is open for interpretation. Now my stuff reaches after a week and the driver calls. He lands up with this huge truck. He looks at my apartment and says he will charge me 200 USD more to just move my stuff from the truck to the apartment.

And when we tell him we will pay him once he unloads since we dont have so much cash in hand, he says bring it now or you dont get your stuff. So my husband runs to the ATM until which time they are just waiting there. The best part is they send 4 uniformed guys to pack. Guess who comes to unLoad?

the driver and one helper whom he probably picked up on the way for 30$. This is the worst company and they know that moving is not something that people do often. So they dont care what you go through. PLS PLS DONT GO WITH THESE PEOPLE.

Dana might be sweet in the beginning and since she is in sales once you sign off she will never be seen again.I wish I could sue them. The worst part is I went with them even though they charged me 200$ more than every other mover in phoenix.


USA Express has its own staff of movers and doesn't hire day movers. The entire staff is well trained and professional.

The case described in the comment above was a local move. For local moves, it is very important for the customer to provide the accurate inventory involved because the fee is determined by the length of time the move requires. Inaccurate information may result in gaps between estimated and actual costs. USA Express Moving recommends doing in-house estimates prior to the move to avoid such gaps.

USA Express Moving emphasizes customer service. We appreciate communication with our customers in order to address any concerns.

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