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I run a boat repair business in Arkansas City Kansas and my customer bought a "long block" from this company because he could not wait for me to re-build one for him. I knew from the time we got it was going to be a problem I have bought several motors from different places and every time a "long block" was bought got a NEW oil pump. When this motor arrived low and behold NO oil pump I called and was told that they "US Marine Engines" do not...
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I didn't like
  • Bad company to deal with
The motors are not cleaned out the old oil is still in engine after they send you the motor motor is plugged up you lose oil pressure and Mike at USMARINEENGINE argues with you that you did something wrong very rude and a real *** refused to give me a refund after 3 motors were bad very bad people do not buy from these guys you have been warned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The heads looked as if the old valves were still in head old deposits on valve stems...
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