Wrong products sold through false videos

Unveiled Marketing Group - Wrong products sold through false videos
Unveiled Marketing Group - Wrong products sold through false videos
Unveiled Marketing Group - Wrong products sold through false videos
I purchased six wardrobe boxes from Angel Quilts, Jaipur, Rajsthan through i.facebook.com for 999/-. The design, material are totally different from the video presentation and no steel rods given for support. No front window for view. TOTAL SCAMSTERS LOOTING THE PUBLIC. Appeal to all: Do not buy anything from i.facebook.com as they just advertise and no control over scammers. No way to get refund.
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Kolkata, West Bengal
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Unveiled Marketing Group - Crispin Tasting Review

Well I wish I would have read all the reviews before I started working for them. This is disheartening. They are taking advantage of people and it's unfair. Someone needs to shut them down. I was desperately looking for a job after just moving here from TX, already broke and on my last. I invested in this because I thought they would have a lot of events and I could make some great income. I bought a folding table, all black attire, the table cloth and chill bowl, totaling over $100. Plus, I had to buy the product myself for the tasting and still waiting for reimbursement. I was hoping to have a check within 30 days but after reading all the reviews I see that will not be the case. I hope I get a check period. The communication is bad, no one emails or calls back unless it's related to an event (them making money). They don't even have a lot of events posted maybe 2 per month and you would think with them being around since 2008 or 2009 they would be more established. Beware. Don't waste your time or money. I just got an email from Kokii Stekoll saying that Unveiled Marketing is changing there name again guys, to US Event Management. Wonder why they keep changing there name? First sign of scam artist. Where's my check? I am thinking someone needs to get the news and media involved to put them on blast and I Just may be the one to do it too!
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I disagree with the complainer. I have worked with UMG and now USEM for a year and a half in WA state and have not had these issues. All paid as agreed and timely paid.


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Problems with payment
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Unveiled Marketing Group - Review in Professional Services category from Beaumont, Texas

Previously named AC. Don't work for them they DON'T pay it's been almost 3 months they have NOT paid me or the other girl who worked the events which we had to drive Far for! They don't answer emails and forget about phone calls.
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Unveiled Marketing Group Response #1217498

Anonymous Reviewer - We would love to take time and speak to you directly but are unable to connect through here due to no information being listed. We are unsure what experience you had to cause this frustration but assure we would like to resolve it and know exactly what happened.

Please call me directly at 206 919 6695 and I will definitely attend and discuss any of your frustrations with our team.

We care about staff - our agency is built around our Brand Ambassadors.

Anna Carling


This company is a scam, all prior reviews are correct THEY DON't PAY, they send you out on jobs, dont give you proper instructions, dont pay and if you try to call them, there isnt an actual landline, the only way to get a repsonse is to post a review and one of the managers will call and become defensive, blame bad reviews on past employee, and they will kiss your butt to get you to go on jobs yet NEVER pay! it has been 2 months, i have not been paid, The prior gal who worked with me left and told me why, due to all the scams, and when asked about being paid they will actually CHARGE YOU!

No reputable company CHARGES employees, I await the response from Jen who will call and dismiss your concerns, go on the offensive, unprofessional, run scams from their cell phones, won't pay their employees, then blame their fake company on old employees, where is the company phone number? WHY IS IT when you call to speak to the company, all phone numbers are a GHOST line and NO ONE has heard of them? AC MODELS and Talent is their Tax ID Name, they operate under Unveiled Marketing because of all the bad press.... Where is the paychecks you guys owe the employees?

why doesnt this company have an actual contact phone number? they steal your images to promote their fake company previously called AC models, which if you see all the complaints onloine, check BBB thwey are not accreddited, the ladies that run game on you wont call you back, wont pay you its a SCAM! This company does not even have government names to issue checks they claim they dont need your id or info and they mail checks...its been months we havent seen one check, nor a response, Whatever they main girl name Jennifer. she will reply with some phony "im sorry we are professional response..." projecting their scam onto you and disapear as soon as you find out their game....

go ahead call us us Jen, what is your real name? They wont give their location as they dont have a location they work from home, they get paid, talent does not, where are the checks and why does this company have so many pending fraud charges?

No one takes the time to pursure this fake company or their would be more reviews and action, no one has the time to chase these scam artists down, only solution is to let the clients know this company is a scam...My friend also worked for them under AC Models, she always had to chase them and it took months for her check to come, only after harrassing them did she get one of he checks, I havent received any payment....they wont call you back either....try and locate them, you cant, their isnt a real phone number, call their cell phone, they wont answer if they know they owe you money.,... their repuatation is horrendeous


Shanice - I just read through this an am sorry that you have had this experience. You can call me directly or come to our office in Renton (I see you are located in Federal Way) There is no one in the system by your name so I am unsure who this is.

There is no one in our office named Jen or Jennifer. Also, we pay our staff with-in 30 days.

Please give me a call directly to run through your concerns because everything you have written above does not make any sense.

Anna Carling 206 919 ****


Unveiled Marketing Group Response #1222438
@Unveiled Marketing Group Response

Our company is completely transparent and quickly responds to our talent whenever there is any outstanding issue.  Please call me directly and we can discuss.  We pay every two/three weeks. It is easy to come on here anonymously and make accusations without backing these comments with any factual evidence.  These pages are terrible because anyone can go on her and randomly make accusations that are completely untrue.  Call me...

Call Kessia call any of us and we can solve this issue.  Please let us know who you are so we can deal with this directly, we are happy to help but obviously we cannot if you are listed “anonymously”.

** We have been in business for 15 years and executed more than 25k events.  As you can clearly see 15 negative comments over 25K events is an extremely small fraction of the over all talent satisfaction.

Please CHECK OUR OUR BBB rating and our Facebook... you will see we are an excellent company.  This website is used by people that are unable to handle these issues in a professional manner.

If you would like to resolve the issue my contact information is listed below, we hope you genuinely are looking for a resolution because we would love to help.

Anna Carling

Director - Unveiled Marketing Group

206 919 6695

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Beaumont, Texas
Reason of review
Problems with payment

Unveiled Marketing Group Work Experience Review from Seattle, Washington