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Universal subscription agency thiefs

i bought from universal subscription agency never recived my magazines i paid cash to get the game informer and never recived it as it was the only thing i was getting for my sons 9th birthday we dont have money usually for even that and they took my sons only gift. i called the customer service number but it puts you in circles and eventually hangs up there is no one to talk to on there. at all. so how do you go about telling your 9 year old there are no presents this year im sorry. and how do you contact them im tempted to go sit at the post office in nevada 3 states away and wait for someone to check there mail.
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If someone comes to your door selling anything, ask to see a copy of the reciept they are going to give you, if there is a number on the back of it, pick up your phone in front of them and call this place, 9 times out of 10 your going to get a recording or it will just ring, this is a big sign that your about to be scammed. Better yet, write down the name and address of this business, tell this person your going to check them out online first and they can come back in about 10 minutes.

If this place is a scam, call the police right away cause you know this person is still in the area. Then contact your local paper so they can put the word out about this.

This is the only way we are going to stop these people. Do your homework before you committe to being scammed, if they are a legitamite company then that person won't mind you checking them out first.


I got scammed by this so called USA company as well, some cute girl named "chelsea" came to my door, gave me a sob story about how she has no parents and is working to pay her way through college and needs to sell magazines in order to win a trip abroad so she can further her degree.. ITS BULL ***, they take your money and laugh at you as there walking out the door, they got away with $75 of my hard earned money, I would love to have someone approach my door selling magazines again, I filed a complaint with the Attorney general in Nevada but nothing can be done. DONT BUY MAGAZINES from someone that come to your door.


Yeah the little *** do move fast. I was hanging out with a guy that i later started to date.

the people they send out are great at flatery i would like to know how the *** they got everything to look so legal. the guy said that he was in a race to see if he could win a trip to london or something. My soon to be bf wanted to hit him, and he didnt do anything.

the guys and his buddies tried to get me to jump in their truck because i had to walk three blocks to give them the $ they scamed me. :( :( :(


I was 9mo. pregnate and some guy from this company tell me he needs more points to get to a drug help center and they work through a church!

Fast talkers and once you pay they walk very fast away . no joke. so i got them july 2008 it is not october 2008 and yesturday i thought about it and decided to look them up. sure enough i was scamed !

im so *** for thinking it was real never again !

LIVE AND LEARN but they are a rip off people . call the police is they come to your door and report them in.

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Snohomish, Washington

Ripped off my daughter for $510

A young man approached my 19 year old daughter and intimidated her into writing a check for $510. She was told it would help him win a trip and she could cancel the transaction but that he would still get credit towards the trip. The phone number to cancel only had an answering machine. He instructed her to send back her original paperwork with "Cancel". Needless to say, they cashed her check. She received nothing. Her bank can't help her because it was a check and her signature was not forged. Police don't care. Any ideas how to stop these people?
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She just learned an expensive lesson. She's obviously very naive. Tell her next time someone approaches her --- RUN!!!!!


Did you not teach her not do do something like this? Kids even scream when approached by strangers!


Perhaps the state attorney in your state could help with the the intimidation issue. I would not hold your breath if I were you though; it is not likely she will ever see that money again.

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Asheboro, North Carolina

USA Subscriptions Big Ripoff

My 12 yo daughter ordered a magizine from this company and about three weeks later I ordered a magizine from them. $109.00 later and waiting the 120 days for delivery we never recieved a thing. It is now over 6 months and have not gotten any response. I have called, I have e-mailed, I have written letters, I have even called the Los Vegas Better Business Bureau and never got any response. I would love any type of response. This is a huge ripoff and I am pissed. The sales people's names were Chelsey Elliot and Brandon Robinson, I live in Leesburg VA and if they ever read this I would love to hear how their trip to Cancun was so please contact me, I would love to hear from you...
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I know everything these people are going through! I just stopped selling magazines, and I didn't like that I was taking advantage of people and lieing to people that work hard for their money!

I was really good at it; but couldn't live myself knowing that i woke up everyday to basically scam people! They teach us to get personal with the customers so that they wanna help us, but in reality they are making 1 person filthy rich!!! If somebody paid for a $100 magazine subscription I would probaly make $10 at the most from that sale! I call it legal pimpin!

They only target youth ages 18-25 with basically nothin to live for, they put us in motels and make us work until 10:00p.m! To be honest, It should be illegal!! I worked for a company named Universal Subscription Agency! based out of Chesapeake,VA!

owned by Michael G. Whitely


I as well was taken by a girl named S. Ashford. I spent $35 ordering a magazine for my granddaughter and never heard a thing, have tried calling the number numerous times, She even had the nerve to write God Bless on the order form, may God bless her as she and all the others will need it to pay for what they are doing to innocent people who are truly believing they are helping others.


Chelsey Elliot also came to my door. Against decent judgement I spent 65 dollars.

I find it interesting how far they travel, I'm in WA state.

She mentioned her grandparents lived in my neighborhood, and also rattled off a bunch of places she'd lived where I grew up. Is Chelsey Elliot a psuedonym, you think?


I think you should get your daughter to write a letter as well. People are more incllined to get upset when a 12 year old is ripped of than when an adult is. Though I doubt they will listen to her as well.

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Culpeper, Virginia

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