Nick N Igi
map-marker Seoul, Kyonggi-Do

Univa trid to stop my free speech

I am a open source Grid Engine user and have been for some time now. I was upset, as was the open source community that univa was keeping much of the code for Grid engine closed. Many people have complained about this in the community but I tried to start a website to help people learn the truth and give them good questions to ask univa if they tried to sell them the closed code. Univa then tried to have my website shutdown. There was nothing wrong with my site. It was not slamming them or anything like that. it was just what I thought was the truth and would help people make up their own mind. The site is now back up. It's at if you need Grid Engine you do not have to pay for it. Do not buy univa grid engine. You can go to that site at and get information and resources to help you. You don't need univa.
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Wow! So they don't like open source or free speech!

Is there a univa sucks website?

Long live man!! Great Job!!

Mike M Xgl
map-marker Houston, Texas

Univa tried to scare me into buying Univa Grid Engine.

The sales guys at Univa tried to tell me that Grid Engine that I've been using under a free open source license for years was illegal. They told me that I needed to buy Univa Grid Engine and pay them a yearly fee to keep it legal. This is a load of ***. I found a great site at that exposes the truth about Univa. Had I not found I may well have paid Univa for their 'protection' charge and wasted my company money. These guys at Univa are crooks. Even the CEO, Gary Tyreman called me and tried to strong arm me. Watch out for these guys!
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I've been using Grid Engine free for years. Univa makes some claim on their website about how much better their version is but that's ***.

If you ever get 'the' call from these guys they will tell you all this bad stuff. Use the questions on and they should go away.

If not you can gt some help from the guys in the community. They are very helpful.


I had the same experience with Univa Grid Engine as well. has some good info but so does

It seems that Univa has been trying to knock off Open Source Grid Engine all year. It's too bad but you can find some other people on the site to help make sense of all of this for you I wouldn't trust anything that Univa says though.

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