Christian a Gpc

Car accident

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I’m wonderint when Catherine bell is goning to call me I been waiting but I haven’t heard anything I called her 2 times but nothing called her manger 3 times nothing my clam number is C008288MN19 can someone call me at(612) 219-**** I need a rental or something to get to school and I’m way behind please someone
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Daleysa Jhq
map-marker Minneapolis, Minnesota

My insurance just tripled!!!

I've been with Unitrin Direct for nearly 2 years. I just received notice by mail that Unitrin Direct was "sold" to a company named Kemper Direct.

Here's the problem: My insurance monthly cost is now 3 times more than what I've been paying for approximately 2 years. I'm told that this is illegal as i never agreed to this switch (was just told of the change where-after). Here's my guess: The 2 "different companies" are actually one. The "first" (Unitrin)gives you unbelievably low payments for, we'll say 2 years.

Then they are "bought out" by "Kemper" and hike up your policy payment(and I do mean hike up; WAY up!) It just seems very crude and dirty and illegal. I understand that if you're not pleased with your policy, you can opt out, but wow!

I'm just truly surprised and disappointed with "Unitrim/Kemper". As the saying goes: "If it's too good to be true, it is"...:(

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This worst insurance company ever. It's a scam.stay away.


Kemper did not "purchase" Unitrin. Unitrin changed it's name to Kemper.

When you purchase auto insurance you buy a 6 or 12 month policy. That means that when your policy renews, the old contract, premium etc are null and void going forward. Companies can increase the rate 1000% if the insurance department in that state approved the rate hike.

They can also change the contract as long as they provide you notice in your renewal to give you opportunity to change if you want.

It is illegal for an insurance company to increase your rate after the underwriting period (usually 30 days from the start of your policy) and before your renewal. At renewal, all bets are off.

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map-marker Las Cruces, New Mexico

Worst ever

I don't have the insurance myself but I was rear ended by one of Unitrin's insured. The day after the accident they called us and in the rudest manner possible told us to stop all medical visits because they had determined the accident did not warrant any further medical assist.

However they had not inspected either vehicle or even talked to other party. It's been two months and they yet to accept liability and my car is not fixed. Their reason: have not gotten a statement from other party. Their solution: go through my insurance.

I have a $500 deductible, who pays for that, and what about the rental?

I have delta with many insurances in the past but this is by far the worst. No courteous or professionalism what's so ever.

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I have had the same experience. They claimed my accident was a low impact claim and they keep trying to settle for much less than the actual medical bills.

I had to scream at them to get the car fixed and this accident happens in early August. I am still waiting on the medical claims. It is not my fault their insured rear ended me...

I am not asking for anything unreasonable and even did all the leg work to get the doctors notes and information they required. This has been by far the worst customer service I have ever experienced.


I'm going through the same thing with them about the third party! Did it get resolved yet? What did you do?

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heatherientile I
map-marker Cleveland, Ohio


Unitrin Direct is by far the worst renters insurance company I have ever dealt with! They lied to me last year when I bought my policy.

I was under the impression I would be covered in the even of a flood. I live in Ohio where it floods almost every month so I would never have knowingly bought a policy that didn't cover floods. My basement flooded and now these people don't want to help! They are rude on the phone yelling at me and interrupting me.

They cover water damage if its caused by a broken appliance that leaked! Seriously??!! WHo needs that coverage??!! I just loost atleast $2000 worth of furniture, electronics, books, and scrapbooking/school supplies and I have been paying them every month for over a year for no reason!!!

So I cancel the policy and they don't want to refund the payment I made less then 48 hours ago!! I will be talking to a lawyer.

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No homeowners or renters insurance policy covers flood. Period. Flood insurance is an entirely different type of insurance.

map-marker Tulsa, Oklahoma

Unitrin Insurance Sucks for those you hit

We were rearended by a driver insured by Unitrin insurance and we have had nothing but rude disrespectful adjusters. They totally screwed us on the worth of our vehicle. Their insured admitted it was her 3rd wreck in 2 yrs and the police reports she admitted to looking over her back seat and never even stopped...the driver was sited for wreckless unattentive driving yet they want to screw us...They have not return calls promptly if at all...allowed the personal adjuster to take vacation with no back coverage we have to wait until she returns for information on how to proceed with the claim...On the car we provided simular cars in our area that cost 3500.00 and up they offered us 2600.00...they suck

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eric s Vsz
map-marker San Diego, California

Unitrin Direct stole my car!

My Custom 00 Integra Turbo Gsr was stolen unrecovered Feb/28/08. Unitrin has a habit of never calling back, even their supervisors never call me back!

It took them over three months to settle my claim in which they gave me $9449, peanuts! I provided all reciepts for aftermarket work on my Car, they gave me $10.00 for over $10k in maintainace/ aftermarket work all valid receipts . Actual value of my Integra $15,000+ street value. I still owe my financial co.

a balence of $400. They are dismissing the aftermarket work done to my car, they claim my car had 82k miles on the odometer.. 60k Actual miles clean title. Unitrin is litteraly robbing me the actual money they owe me!

Im not pissed, im spitting LAVA Furious! This company is unprofessional, rude, during the 3 plus months it took them to eventually settle my claim I got laid off work, had to borrow money from friends and family to survive while they took their sweet time. Unitrin has made it clear that they believe I had something to do with the theft of my Integra, In all honesty I loved my car and I loved tuning it to 400+ Whp. It was a scary fast, flawless body, rare low actual milage, clean title Gsr.

They compared my Gsr to economy models such as the Gs, Ls. If ur not savy to Acura Integra models I owned the performance model then bolted and tuned it to over 400+ Whp. It was not the fuel economy Non-Vtec models. Unitrin Direct is Garbage!

They think their gonna screw an american hero who served 4 years with the Navy two deployments to the persian gulf, 6 months in iraq repairing vital water systems. I have never felt so disrespected in my life. This company only cares about money. Period!

This is far from over, now I have to get an attorney which means my life is still on standby because Unitrin wont give me respect or the actual value of my car. I served proudly for USA and what it stands for, this is unacceptable.

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I worked for the company. They basicly try to ware people down until they give up.

In training it is a outwardly spoken thing that the Claims dept tries to find ways to avoid paying a claim. UD sells insurance to ANYBODY! Mostly total losers that cannot get coverage anywhere else.

So settle with what you have chosen. You get what you pay for.


What does serving your country have to do with an insurance claim? So if you did not serve your country you deserve to be screwed?

Get a life dude! Thanks for serving your time, but it was your choice to join. There is no draft, no gun to your head.

It just so happens our *** president sent you off to fight. Bad luck?


I am going through the same thing. Filed my stolen vech report/claim 7/21 and it still not settled.

They are treating me like I am the theif and not the vic. I cannot get anyone to call me back and by chance they answer when I call, NO ONE WILL GIVE ANY INFO OR ANSWERS.

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batfan K
map-marker Phoenix, Arizona

Unitrin is Hands down the worst ever!!!!

Will start with the incompetence of Patrick and Marie who can not take ownership for their own folly but in turn blame their clients for their own ignorance. No progress can be made when you only go backwards. save the headache, seek insurance elsewhere!

Never have I been treated so poorly in the name of "by the books" standards in my life. If they had actually gone by the books and done their job we not be sharing this just condemnation of a outright washout business like UNITRIN DIRECT. Direct, ironic to the extreme.

Please heed these words and boycott the Unitrin

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I was 3rd party on claim, victim of their driver. They never called at all, lie about estimate, lowball, lie about comps, ignore physical injury claim.

Will have to file report with Calif Dept of Ins.

Nat Rjm

I hate this company too.

I asked how the claim process would be in email.

Never got reply...2 days later they just sent me a bill of about 60 dollars for the term I have already paid in full.


I work in claims for an insurance company. Have for about 14 years. Problem is there is a lot of fraud out there and many of those people that have legit claims look in my ways to inflate the value of their claims.


I had a accident on 12/29/08 and filed it with this sorry insurance company UNITRIN...and it took like almost a week for a adjuster to come out and look at the car and about another week for us to get in contact with them and then two weeks for them to tell us that my car was totaled and for me to get the check....they really SUCK...the people are very rude and very unorganized and dont know what they are talking about most of the time...when i was waiting on the check and wondering why i havent got it yet....i called like a couple days later and then thats when they say they need more information faxed to them....but they couldnt call me to let me know...they are full of it....and to this day i am still waiting....UNITRIN IS BY FAR THE WORST INSURANCE COMPANY EVER AND I HOPE THEY GO OUT OF BUSINESS...I MEAN THAT :grin


I hate Unitrin as well. I filled a stolen vech report 7/21 and they still have not settled my claim.

They NEVER return calls and treat me like I am a theif when I am the vic here.

They are very unprofessional and rude. DO NOT GET YOUR INSURANCE FROM THEM.


i hate unitrin i filed a claim and made one late payment and they dropped me after 2 years they suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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