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I have been in the moving and storage for the past 32 years and corrigan moving systems and united van lines do nothing but rip off and steal drivers fuel surcharge and than after they steal it, they want you to go chase loads I'm a one operator at united which means i'm one of the best and safest driver in there fleet if they are doing this to a 32 year vet in the business, I hate to see what there are doing to others. I would not recommend... Read more

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I feel it is my duty to warn anyone who is thinking about using United Van lines. We called Geiger Transfer & Storage for United Van lines in Evansville Indiana. They made many promises including insurance. We paid $750 for insurance. The driver, John, showed up with the truck and they started loading. I noticed that they were taking my fragile goods and putting them on dollies and slamming them down each tiled step outside. In a matter of... Read more

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They seemed like a very good company, until they delivered my stuff. Here are some of the highlights Dinning table was ripped in half. The top part ripped apart from the base. Childs crib was dissembled by them and all the screws and bolts thrown away. I was just delivered individual parts, and am now left to figure out where to get the parts from At least 1/3rd of my boxes were crushed. A box with a big label of “Fragile” was crushed so bad,... Read more

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I moved to Vero Beach from Long Island NY The salesman came in and showed me a tape of how professional his company is.They came to my house 6 hours late with workers off the street When the came to my house in Vero Beach they came in with the wrong furniture There was a lot of items broken and missing I was missing tools my kitchen boxes dishes cat cages I called them up they were very nice on the phone saying they will make good Just another... Read more

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Moved from NYC to Charlotte, NC was told items would stay on the same truck which was not true. Once in Charlotte they sent 3 men who hardly spoke English, so I didn't realize a box of expensive dishes were missing until I unpacked. All of my wall units were broken at the top, the mirror had fallen off the unit, the glass door was broken. My treadmill was taken apart and dropped now it's not working at all. Over $6,000 in damages and they... Read more

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United Van Lines/Igo Moving and Storage has lied, tried to cheat me and all the while my husband's company paid for the move. I will not let my story go unheard. Steve Nogg flat out is a liar. #fedupinarizona

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United moved our neighbor on December 31, 2014. Mover parked his van in front of our house, which isn't great for us, but it's understandable, because the van was long. This next action, however, was not understandable: The mover let his dog out of the cabin, and into our yard. I watched as the dog pooped. Mover did not clean it up. In our part of the country, dog owners are expected to clean up after their dog. At the minimum, this disgusting... Read more

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United employees while in uniform often congregate (just about everyday) on the street where I live. They use the company trucks for personal use - mostly shipping drugs, etc... The often deal and use drugs on the street, while in uniform. I had a couple of issues with them, often calling the police, but there wasn't much the police can do about it, since there's no property damage done to us. They also drive and park the company trucks... Read more

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i moved to texas from mass recentley the salesman quoted me a price including the amount of boxes needed to be packed and a weight of 8000 lbs the packers who were great packed 180 boxes i was quoted 72 my shipment weighed 14000 lbs they screwed me n destroyed 3antique furniture items plus the crew leader smelled like a brewery plus delivery was 4 days late! only good workers were packers thanks glenn mike n paul but *** the rest of them i hear... Read more

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WARNING!! DO NOT USE UNITED MOVERS! We moved from AL to FL in June. Our entire 17,000lbs. of everything we owned sat on a hot, humid truck for WEEKS before it was unloaded and then a water leak was discovered. I was refused seeing my things by Suddath in Clearwater. Everything on that truck was a perfect breeding ground for mold spores. United in St. Louis HQ encouraged me to sue them and told me I would run out of money way before they did!!... Read more

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