United Property Invest SCAM!!!

I received numerous cold calls from a variety of different numbers with different area codes all from the same company United Property Invest all claiming to know me? I did not make an enquiry. offering me 12-15% returns on some projects that I have later found out do not exist yet they told me it did. they asked me directly to send money to them without ever seeing any paperwork. It appears these guys have been doing this for a while now and ripping people off left right and centre!! DO NOT BE FOOLED. THEY ARE SCAMMERS!! They also called from United property group so operating under 2 names if not more says it all. They will not take no for an answer. They are still called
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Poor customer service

United Property Group are certainly not scammers! They are actually the Worlds Largest Property Distribution Agency, Official Sales and Marketing arm of OPP (Overseas Property Professionals) and are the watchdogs of the industry.

Their other branch United Property Connect manage an agency network of over 150,000 property agents worldwide and are hugely respected and well known in the real estate investment market.

I have been investing with them for a number of years, they act as master agents for numerous international developments, they do not charge any fees or commissions and simply act as a gateway to the developers. You do not pay a penny to them, they simply assist and help with the process pointing you in the direction of the developer. I invested directly with the developer.

Signature Living who are the owners of Signature Works are one the fastest growing developers in the UK and are all over the news as is their CEO Lawrence Kenwright.

I have been paid on time as promised. I received my title deeds (one deed per unit) - i purchased 7 units and i fully intend to buy more in a few months time.



How do u know they are scammers? Have u lost any money?

I'm looking at a shared office building in Liverpool uk at the moment.

They mention is a 'titled deed' which gives me confidence. Part of the signature works Developper properties...


They are a boiler room. A firm not regulated by the FCA/FSA.

They continously cold called me trying to pressurise me to an investment and when I said no, they said this has been a waste of their time!!! Don't be fooled, their Jordan Belfort wannabees who are 2 decades late in the game.


I would like to know how you have come to this conclusion.... I have been investing through them for years and I have never experienced any problems or security issues.

I have done my research and they are one of the largest property brokers in the world and come well recommended by other companies I have used in the past...

Last time I checked property investments are not covered by the FCA anyway, they are an unregulated investment. Any property investor would or should know this so not sure how that is a drawback or even relevant?

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