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Structural damage fried

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Structural damage frud your dealership sold me a car with a rebuild title and never told me now I will hire a Lawyer to sue your company I try to talk to United Nissan but they don’t want to work with me in taking care of this problem if I don’t buy a 2019 car . They said if I buy 2018 car it has rebate and they can take the car back and pay it off but I don’t want a 38000 car I want a 14000 car so they don’t want to help me with there mistake it lives me no choice the car has the check engine light on do to the instability control and Greer don’t
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UNITED NISSAN - Used Car Review from Los Angeles, California

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Horrible!! Buyers beware!! I purchased a used vehicle from united nissan on sahara two weeks ago. I explained my situation before i went down there and i was told by ray richars that his boss can get it done so i finalle went down there and purchased a used vehicle. We had the vehicle for two weeks. We then get called and said to come in and sign paperwork and get the slip for registration. When we got there we waited for over an hour. We then got told we needed 1500 down. When i specifically told them i couldnt come up with anything. They said the deal didnt go through. I ended up having to give the car back. They screwed my entire family and i looked like a fool in front of my kids and wife. My advice to anyone buying a vehicle is do not by under any circumstances go to united nissan. They will *** over!!! Ray richards steve and chris are all horrible!!
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Reason of review:
Pricing issue
Finlee Mfo

United Nissan over promises and underdelivers

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I am not sure that this is really going to get to someone that matters but here goes. On 8/29 I visited the United Nissan on E Sahara here in Las Vegas to look into purchasing a vehicle for my daughter for college. The first thing I told my sales person was that I was credit challenged and has $1000 down an wanted to keep the payments at around $300 per month. Ok I was told no problem it was the end of the month and they had not yet reached their quota and he was sure that we could come to a deal. After driving the Nissan Versa Sedan we agreed to run the numbers and see what our options were. The sales Manager Mr Vasquez with a $360 a month payment a little higher than I wanted but was ok with it. We then filled out a little more paperwork and then they had my daughter ring the bell as a new owner! Fantastic! I then asked both my sales associate and the Sales Manager if this was a done deal and I was assured it was a done deal they don't let you ring the bell otherwise. We then began the paperwork process all the paperwork geezz I was surprised they had not gone to the digital age yet. But when all was said and done I signed a contract for %15.95 interest rate a $1000 down payment and a monthly payment of $369.99 I was ok with all this. Just before we left we were told to expect a phone call in about a week to sign the final paperwork and get my green slip for the DMV so I could register the car. A week went by and sure enough I got the call saying everything was done and I needed to come and finalize the deal and pick up the green slip. I proceeded to ask Jason how long was this going to take since I was currently at the Vet with my sick dog he assured me 10 minutes and even offered to send the salesperson out to sit with my dog. I arrive at approximately 3:30 and asked to speak with Jason and I was told to go over to finance and anyone can page him for you. I went to finance and asked a gentlemen if I could speak with Jason, he said sure let me page him for you. After 10 minutes of haring no page I asked another gentleman sitting in an office if he could page him once again 10 minutes go by and still no page or Jason, finally I ask a 3rd person and finally they page him after waiting approximately 15 more minutes Jason shows up and leads me into an office and says that the Mangers had my paperwork and were just finishing up with the details. At that time another man walked by the room and said we got several offers back for her and we are just going over which one will be best for her. So approximately 20 minutes go by and by then I had to bring my sick dog in cause this was taking way longer than the 10 minutes he told me. He pulls up some numbers on the computer and to my surprise it is nothing what was on the contract I had signed with them the original contract stated the interest rate is now at 24.99% they are asking for an additional down payment of $1155 and the payment of $517 woooo I was buying a Versa not a Murano, I said wait a a minute that is not what we agreed to and he said that the bank came back with these numbers and I said but I have a contract that says these are the terms we agreed to and I was told at that time that was not a legally binding contract and it was only valid if the bank agreed to it. First off I entered into the contract with United Nissan not a financial institution. I then told them this was not going to work for me that I was not comfortable with a $500 a month payment, he then said let me see what I can do, I then watched him go across the hall into another office with glass walls and he sat there on his cell phone texting and laughing with the other associates in the room and once again came back with another offer that was no where near the original contract. After about an hour of back and worth I stood up and with my dog in tow said you need to work out a deal that is much closer to the deal on the contract but I could no longer stay I needed to get my sick dog home and once we could come to an agreement or not come to an agreement that he could either pick up the car and return my down payment and I proceeded to leave, Jason chased me out of the building yelling ma'am come back her ma'am you can't leave as I was getting into the car he yells at me that if I drive away he is going to call the cops on me and have me arrested for stealing the car!! Wow I have a contract that says I purchased the car, he then had the sales associate stand behind the car so I could not leave now I am being held against my will at that time I called a friend to come and pick me up I just wanted to leave, then Mr Vasquez came out to the car and started yelling at me at the top of his lungs "is it my fault you have bad credit? did I cause you to have bad credit?" I was humiliated and I know I have no one to thank for that situation but myself and never tried to blame anyone else. Finally my friend came to take me home and I went inside and handed the key to the original finance guy and he asked me what is this and I told him we were not going to be able to come to a deal and that I just wanted my money back and of course I got the oh no no no don't do that lets see what we can do and once again the games began, after several No's from me they then called in Josh to try and do some damage control and I have to say the only thing I really heard was WE (united Nissan) are not making any money on this deal please explain to me how it is my fault that your associates over promised and under delivered? At this point in time I just want to leave I do not want to hear how you are not making enough money. I work in customer service and if I ever said anything remotely close to what was done to me that night I would be standing in the unemployment line, if I tell a customer this is what I am going to do for you my company makes sure I follow through, United Nissan needs to teach their sales associates to not write checks their buts can't cash. Sadly my father referred me to them he had been a united Nissan customer for years, my sister live on Maui and she is also a Nissan owner and loyal buyer, well guess what not any more. I am not sure this will do any good but when your dealerships associates threaten to throw people in jail for stealing a car the only thing anyone hears is Nissan did what?!?!?!? So in closing I can not in good conscience do business with any company that is ok with their affiliates treating their customers his way. I really do hope something is done about this, if not that's ok to, with this day and age of social media and the review sites, I will continue to post my story until someone contacts me.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: full written apology and a large reduction in price

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United Nissan las vegas False Advertisemet.

Tv commercial stating "test drive any new vehicle and receive a 50 dollar gift card for best buy ". I showed up at the Sahara location at about 1050 am this thursday july 18 2013. I test drove a new black pioneer pickup truck. Basic with no air cond. no radio and a stick shift. Went back in with salesman Chris Cadot and talked numbets for a bit . Then i told him i needed to think about it . I then asked for my best buy gift card. And i asked if it was for 50 bucks anf he said yes. They he left to get it bit dissapeared and i waited till some other guy comes up to me and lays the pitch " make us an offer cause were slow this morning." I said sorry but i need time to think about it. He then handed me the best buy gift card. I left united nissan and went right to best and as i was checking out we found out is was only for 5 dollars. Now im upset and went right back to united nissan and asked for a manager. After a 15 minute wait this sloppy dressed overweight guy comes up and tells me that the ad says "up to 50 dollars gift card." I told him the tv commercial only states "a 50dollar best buy gift card." Then he said in a very snotty way "i know what it says because i wrote it. I have since recorded the commercial . What a bunch of liars. DO NOT PATRONIZE THE *** ARTISTS. If they lie before the sale imagine all the nightmares after the sale.
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At least you got one. They "ran out" when we were there!!!

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thats what happens when every one in this world has in the head that there intitled no one owes you anything all there trying to do is make a liveing and show thier great product.

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