Horrible Service/Won't return my calls

I have had the worst experience with this company. After they delivered my household items, I was told that I can file a claim for the missing and broken items. I have completed my inventory listing and mailed it out to them along with pictures. To my surprise my envelope was returned to me, stating "not deliverable". I have tried contacting Phyllis and Tina to no avail. I have left several message for a return call and once again, no response. My only recourse is to hire an attorney and let them figure this all out. It is horrible when someone takes your items break, not return and damage your household goods and now doesn't even want to return your call to get the correct address. I know that every staff member is not on break all day, everyday. Phyllis is the worse when she answers the phone after finding out it is one of their customers, her attitude is real nasty. I will be getting me an attorney to fight this battle and with their negative reputation, I am sure the courts will agree with me and my case. BE AWARE OF THIS COMPANY!!!! THEY ARE SCAMMERS!!!!!
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Stafford, Virginia
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United National Moving Arbutus Md

Oh I wish I saw this. This company has my things hostage! They originally quoted $12875 for a move and pack from NJ to Tx 8/12 pack 8/13 move 8/20 delivery - Extra for the dates. They charged me a 25% deposit to guarantee my dates. They showed up for the move late and worked until 1am - when the police were called because of all the noise. Then their truck broke down and my husband had to drive them around all night because they have no emergency help. He go home at 5am. The next day, they never showed for the move! I called and called and Arleen told me she was caring for her grandchild and that's why she didn't call back. Then she told me that since they weren't delivering for a week later, I should be grateful because normally they won't hold anything for a week. They delayed the closing of my home and I was desperate to get them out so we could close the sale. They knew it! They forced me to sign a receipt for over $21,000! I signed every page "disputed" so they refused to give me a copy. They refused to weigh the load. The man told me I tool over a full truck. When I was leaving the movers told me the truck wasn't full of my things - there was another move from yesterday inside! 8/20 came and went. The never showed or called. 8/30 Monsoor called and told me Tuesday 9/3. It came and went but he never showed. I got a lawyer. They told the lawyer that all my calls gave the driver a nervous breakdown and that why I never got my stuff. The same guy called me a few days later and told me Friday 9/6 late night and I better pay CASH $9338 more or no stuff. I told him no night deliveries and no cash and he refuses to deliver. Please help! We are so upset. This has taken all our time and effort fighting for what is ours. We have paid these thieves over $12,000! I have reported them on every site. The DOT, the BBB, ripoff report etc. They do not care. Show less
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One of the offices is in MD. But the sales office is in Florida and it is ran by the scam king himself, Josh Socher.

Him and his *** bag wife Jodi Socher were just scamming every one under the name Ryder moving and storage. Now its United National Moving and storage. Josh goes by the name Adam Rolenski. His slutty wife still goes by Jodi "down low" Socher.

Looking for Josh Socher? His new number is 954-604-****.

Call before he changes it again. Call the DOT immediately if a problem arises and report them!


This is company based out of Md. I had to get the Enforcement Division of the Texas DMV and the local Police involved.

My items were officially classified as a "Hostage Load". They tried to extort money and threatened my family. THey destroyed over half of my possessions. After the police and the DMV Officer left the one person they sent had no men to unload.

He hired unskilled workers from Craig's List. My wedding ring were stolen from a locked cabinet that was broken. Sergei the owner threaten to make false statements to destroy my husbands professional license if we continued. He also claimed we had items that did not belong to us and threatened to come to our home.

We have young children. We live in fear of these horrible criminals.

@Opel Ono

Sounds like them. Call the DOT and report what happened. They can actually help you and maybe even get you some money back!!!

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Dallas, Texas
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UNITED NATIONAL MOVING AND STORAGE / JOSH SOCHER AND THE GANG BACK AT IT AGAIN! UNITED NATIONAL MOVING AND STORAGE NEW GIG FOR JOSH SOCHER, CONRAD QUINTER, DARREN, JIMMY, BRIAN CHAFFIN, SCAMMERS, ***-ARTIST (PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS GLOBAL EXPRESS VAN LINES SALES TEAM) JOSH SOCHER, CONRAD QUINTER, DARREN, JIMMY, BRIAN CHAFFIN, SCAMMERS, ***-ARTIST, THEIVES, SAY ANYTHING TO GET THE DEPOSIT AND THEN THEY RIP YOU A NEW ONE WITH HIDDEN FEES AND CHARGES OUT THE WHAZOOOOO NOW IN ARBUTUS, MD SAFERSYS SAYS 18 TRUCKS AND 24 DRIVERS – I SPOKE TO STAN – ONE OF THE MOVERS – UNITED NATIONAL MOVING AND STORAGE ONLY ONE TRUCK - 1995 FORD AND ONE DRIVER. Moved from FL to CA. UNITED NATIONAL MOVING AND STORAGE made it very stressful for me. Where do I start . . . Salesman(josh socher) was hard to reach. That should have been my first clue to run. I requested May 15th move day with 16th as backup. They called day before saying it would be the 16th, which was fine. Then I get a call the eve of the 15th saying they will be there that night btwn 7 & 8pm. Despite my pleas for them not to come until the next day, the truck showed up at 8:45PM & stayed until midnight. It was a small truck, so they explained that my stuff would be repacked onto the big truck later. Oh great! More chances for it to get dropped and damaged. The contract does state they charge for packing materials, but since all my stuff was packed, I didn't think it would apply to me. I was told they would wrap furniture, but it wasn't explained that I would be charged for tape and also a LABOR FEE for the time it takes them to tape and wrap items. They also found an excuse to crack out a few boxes and charge me for those too. It ended up being $250 additional! Now the real fun starts. . .I get a call the day before delivery saying UNITED NATIONAL MOVING AND STORAGE lost my check because somebody's purse was stolen. RYDER wanted the entire amount in cash on delivery. They agreed to pay the stop payment fee but when I logged into my account, my check had ALREADY CLEARED! I tried calling them back and also tried to reach josh socher who i found out is the owner, not just my salesman, so therefore they scammed me the whole way. he even put me on hold to ask "the manager" for a discount, and now HE IS THE ACTUAL OWNER, and I couldn't even get HIM OR ANYONE ELSE FOR THAT MATTER on the line. They finally called me and agreed that my check wasn't included in the ones "stolen". I asked him to please make sure the driver knew my check wasn't lost so I wouldn't have any problems with delivery and he said he already informed the driver. About an hour later the driver called and said my amount due had gone up. Nobody told him! It was finally worked out and my stuff was delivered . . .a day late . . . because the job ahead of mine had 5x more furniture than they listed and it took more time. (thats what they told me). In the end my furniture was picked up and delivered. There were a few scraps and dings on some items, but I guess thats to be expected. I didn't like how stressful UNITED NATIONAL MOVING AND STORAGE made this for me, changing the pickup time twice and coming so late in the evening telling me I didn't have a choice because they had other jobs. I expected to be charged for actual weight, but the additional LABOR charges I wasn't expecting, but felt what could I do now, I needed to get moved & they knew it. WELL WELL WELL, LOOKS LIKE I FOUND YOU AGAIN MR. SOCHER, AND THIS TIME YOU WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH SCAMMING THE INNOCENT! THE FEDS AND I ARE AFTER YOU AND YOU WILL BE BROUGHT DOWN, AND THE MONEY WE'VE ALL WASTED LOOKING FOR YOU WILL GO TO GOOD JUSTICE WHEN YOU'RE BEHIND BARS!!!! They ripped me off, and don't think for 2 seconds they wouldn't rip you off either. JOSH SOCHER DOESN'T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING EXCEPT TAKING YOUR DEPOSIT! THAT IS IT. and once they put you on the truck, they know at that point you are stuck. The whole story about losing my check brought this experience full circle & seemed made up and then delivery was also a day late. Never again! NEVER AGAIN, YOU WILL GO DOWN UNITED NATIONAL MOVING AND STORAGE, JUST LIKE GLOBAL, JUST LIKE MOVING DIRECT, JUST LIKE MAINLINE, JUST LIKE ZOOZ, JUST LIKE ALL OF THEM YOU WILL GO DOWN SOCHER AND THE GANG!
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I am a victim of the Socher moving scam, with his company Ryder Moving and Storage, a.k.a. Storage and Moving Services Inc.

I have started a blog to help others from becoming a victim of a fraudulent moving company like the ones Mr.

and Mrs. Socher operate. I can show you how to find out who really owns the company, what fictitious names they operate under and how to track down complaints and avoid being scammed once the movers show up.

I also provide useful links to organizations that can help you once you have been scammed, along with news links and videos of investigation reports involving scammers once they have been found out.

I am here to help others. I am a former scammed customer of Josh and Jodi Socher, and have posted photos of my contracts and bill of lading, to prove I am not a disgruntled employee or competitor.

I gave Josh Socher a chance to make things right, he refused to cooperate with our insurance company or credit card company.

I have no doubt his next moving company will operate the same way his old companies have... Fraudulently.

My blog is Moving Scam Busters: http://movingscambusters.blogspot.com I hope it will help some of you, Charlie


United National Moving seems to be inactive on the DOT. Crooks might be out of business.

until they start another company up.

Be on the look out! :p


jojoreed im sorry to hear that. Yes they are Russians but do not forget that Josh and Jodi Socher also run that company.


This company will not quit. They post on yelp as different people but it is just employees.

They posted bad reviews about every doctor and dentist with my husband's last name just to threaten us. The refused to give information to the insurance company that we paid for to insure all the things they damaged.

The DOT investigator told me they are a group of Moldavians that think they can outsmart Americans and flee back to their country when threatened with prison. I just wish I had known!

@Opel Ono

954-604-****call socher, hes garbage


Josh Socher the moving scam king owns this company. He goes by the name Adam Rolenski his new cell number is 954-604-****.

He keeps changing it to hide from every one he rips off! :upset :upset :upset :upset :cry :cry :cry :(


This company is located at

3000 NW 25 th AVE.#2

Pompano Beach, FL. 33069

Josh Socher scam king runs this compnay.



This is Josh Socher and i am the owner of Storage and Moving services. I have nothing to do or any part in United National Moving and Storage.

The owner is a Russian Person and i have nothing to do with them. Furthermore all these post are all from "competitor's" whom we all know each other, except since we now have the world wide internet they like to try and ruin people's career by putting false statement's the best is the person who named 6 different moving companies as that person had worked for each of those companies now work's for another company and is scamming away like they do! If there stand up people write a review in your real name don't sign up real fast a quick fake g-mail account so you can pretend to be someone your not, and never did any business with storage aND moving services. The funny thing is these people are all in the moving business writing these review's and there saying United national which is at 3000-nw 25th ave is incorrect that is where Storage and Moving services inc is located.

If you did a search you will find United National is a company out of Arbutis MD and been around since 2001 when most of these kid's who are writing these review's were still wet behind the ear's. If you want to know how good a company is you can't alway's believe what you read! from review's go to fmcsa.gov or BBB to really see how a company is.

The sad thing is all these people talking non-sense and untruth are all in the moving business and if they were "honest companies" they would say there real name and the company they work for "but then customer's would find real review's and not good one's from REAL review's. The person i am resonding too named "justyntime" happen's to be my real brother's Maxx Socher name who own's "re-max" van lines so that's how ugly this business is when your own brother tries to hurt you over business sad sad sad


Josh you are saying that you are not Adam Rolenski from United national moving? Are you saying your former foreman Sergi is not one of your partners with United national moving?

Stop you BS man. You and you wife are both scam artist. Just google josh socher or Jodi socher to see. And where is storage and moving services located again?

According to the DOT it is shut down and should not be located anywhere. :grin


This company is located at

3000 NW 25 th AVE.#2

Pompano Beach, FL. 33069

Josh Socher scam king runs this compnay.


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