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Student Aid

United Legal Center (merchant) is definitely a scam. I was called multiple times by Student Aid to consolidate my student loans. Initially I agreed and set up payments for the service but was told by the Compliance office that the process would not be finalized until I faxed over my pay stub. I called a week later before the initial withdrawal was to take place on June 3rd, to cancel. The gentleman said that it was cancelled and it would be taken care of in the system. I asked him multiple times on this same phone call was he taking care of it and cancelling everything. He assured me that it was cancelled. *** no, he didn't cancel anything. On June 3rd, this merchant (United Legal Center) withdrew 100.00 out of my checking account. I realized it on the 6th of June and called the company and demanded my money back. The manager claims that he did not have any documentation or any calls regarding my conversation with Student Aid. I wouldn't lie and told him such. An email was sent stating that my money was refunded by I will be monitoring my account over the next few days to ensure my money is back in may account. I despise lying, evil, scamming people and companies. Please, do not get involved with Student Aide or this merchant!!!!
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Not as described/ advertised
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United Law Center Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys Review from Las Vegas, Nevada

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I have been trying to contact United Law Center for over a week. I have left messages, emails and messages with who ever answered the office phone. My home is going to be auctioned on March 8th 2016. I had a buyer but the Mortage company has added more fees to the sale price which makes my home too costly for someone to buy. I had a chapter 13 attorney who really screwed things up. Now I have found out that I have a $23,000 judgement that should have been taken care of in the chapter 13. After the title company notified me of that on March 1st 2016 I have been trying to contact United Law Center with no responce. The $5,000 retainer I gave them last year I fee was nothing but a ripoff. So here it is March 4th and I know I am going to loose my home this Tuesday because the United Law Center does it have the courtisey to call me back for legal help. If you are ever thinking about this firm I would not recommend them to anyone. They really put on a good show on my first meeting but after that not much or nothing at all. I feel now that the whole thing was a big mistake I made in trusting them with my home. This was a very costly lesson that I'll never forget.
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Poor customer service
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Scam by United Law Center, how can i get my money back???

On July, 10, 2010 I met with Tony and Chris who represented United Law Center located at 3013 Douglas Blvd, Suite 200, Roseville, CA 95661. I agreed to enter a fee agreement which stated, "Represent client in a claim for damages against clients lender and other responsible parties relating to clients loans secured by real property. … the claim consists of what is commonly referred to as predatory lending practices and possible violations of the Federal Truth in lending act of 1968, and/or the real estate settlement procedures act, and other associated claims". In the responsibilities of the Parties section of the contract it states: "the attorney will provide those legal services reasonably required to represent client in prosecuting the claims described above and will take reasonable steps to keep client informed of progress and development and to respond promptly to inquiries and communications". I paid them $4700.00 in September , 2010 as an initial deposit and then I paid them $1000.00 for October, $1250.00 for November and $1250.00 for December totaling $8250.00. In January 2011 I received a notice of default and when I called United Law Center, they told me that I had a great case and to keep making payments. I made an in person visit on March 2, 2011 to see what progress they were doing on my house before I would pay them any more money. During the meeting they admitted that they had done nothing on my case outside the firm. From the time I signed the contract and paid them my initial deposit, until March 2, 2011 on my last meeting with the firm, they did not contact me and give my any information regarding the progress on my case with BofA for 6 months. I sent them a demand letter to refund my money on April 15, 2011. I did not receive a response from them on it. Stephen James Foondos - #148982 John Steve Sargetis - #80630
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ULC has kept the bank off my butt for 3 yrs now! They are getting the job done for me. Right now my house is making me $$$ renting it out while the lawsuits drag on and paying the insurance, taxes...ha ha laughing all the way to the bank with cash in hand!!!


What ever happened to the final result. Did you get your monies back?


I just want to everybody knows silver law center thay don't doing the right thing I paid 3 thousands dollars and they don't even finish my modification there is people named lakeisha dunmure betty betancour, nancy grosso, henrry,veronica and more this people's shoul be in jail the governments should know about this and I put my name in this comment my name is joel betances and silver law center I paid 3 thousands dollars for nothing I want my money back


I have a similar story about Silver Law Center. Here it is.

My hope is if enough people had an experience similar to mine, as a group we can do something to make sure Silver Law Center changes its approach to doing business. Maybe we can even get our money back!

Silver Law Center sent me a mailer saying they could help me reduce my interest rate. I called them and the representative said Silver Law Center could help me to lower my mortgage interest rate to 2-4% with no impact to my credit. The representative said the government gave banks a lot of money so banks could lower interest rates for customers paying above the market interest rate.

I was told Silver Law Center has experienced negotiators that will work with my bank to get my interest rate lowered. I went through a pre-screening process and was told Silver Law Center would not take my case or ask me for $3,500 unless they were very certain they could help me lower my interest rate to 2-4% with no impact to my credit. After being pre-screened I was told I was a good candidate to have my interest rate reduced and Sliver Law Center would represent me for $3,500. I sent in my money and afterward realized I had no shot at all to lower my interest rate.

Silver Law Center dragged my case out over 4 months before I realized they could not help me. They were non-responsive to my inquiries, often times not responding to me until I followed up with them 2-3 times. My case was even transferred to a different representative because the first person handling my case messed it up so badly. Once my cased was transferred (after months of unresponsiveness), the new representative and I called my lender together and in 5 minutes my lender said I didn't qualify for any of their refinancing programs.

There was no negotiation at all! I was livid. Not only did Silver Law Center tell me they could do something they couldn't, the dragged their feet for months on something that took minutes to determine. When I asked for my money back they said no.

I have emails from their reps talking about helping me qualify for certain programs that supposedly I had already signed a form for saying I didn't qualify. I did not initial where it asks you to on the form acknowledging I don't qualify b/c based on what I was being told, I thought did.


Again, we understand your frustrations. Due to the number of sites you have copied your complaint we have set up a Web Page where you can find our full response and would like to direct you to *


What's sad about these complaints is struggling citizen seeking to save their homes place their trust in these attorneys that are simply there to further prolong your suffering by ripping them off even more! The way to beat these so called legal cons is to continue reporting your complaints so others can be warned before making an even bigger mistake in trusting their legal representation.

Also file a complaint with the Bar Assoiciation as well. Good Luck and be aware!!!


We at United Law Center are aware of your case, complaint and frustrations. We pride ourselves in always being there for our clients and would like to apologize for any missed communications that may have occurred.

I assure you that I will do everything I can to sit down with you and personally resolve any issues you have.

Please contact me (916) 367-****. Thank you, Stephen Foondos.

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That's bull *** Mr. Foondose

I have been repeatedly calling you to complain about my representation. Never a call back. Miles seemed like a on the ball attorney till he had to go. So in ten days my house goes up for sale on the court house steps.

I have paid you well over $40,000 dollars. I have never received any good news from anything in this case. Your attorneys do not call back. They set up phone conferences and don't call. My wife kept conversations with our bank as evidence. The evidence consisted of three books. ULC lost two of them. I could go on and on.

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I have the exact same thing going on with my case. Paying money and come to find out after 6 months the defendants hadn't even been served.

And by the way that "Glaski" that Foondos keeps saying is great isn't doing so well. Other courts are ruling in favor of the banks saying that the homeowners must be a 3rd party or beneficiary to apply to the PSA...."Jenkins" case and Yvanova case.

I think what makes this firm worse than the banks is that I expect this BS from the banks but then this firm preys on people like us throwing out the Glaski case and then takes your money, does nothing. They tell you they do a "comprehensive" review and only take good cases.

Not true, they don't review your case with other attorneys. ULC is worse than the banks,,,but hey who care Foondos, you laughing all the way to the bank holding hands with BofA.

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Foondos, Saragetis (which has had his license suspended twice) and Julie Gustuvson are liars. They have won few cases in relation to the 1000's they take.

They use this Glaski case to get clients. They claim to do a comprehensive review and make sure you meet the 4 criteria that makes them take a case they are "confident" they can win. Yet we get our butts kicked by the banks lawyers. Foondos say they are the leading firm,,,,lol, of course because very few lawyers don't want to get into this law.

Its very complicated and lawyers do unethical things and get their license stripped. Foondos also says they are voted the number one firm. That's hilarious since the people voting for him are his peers, other lawyers. That's like me saying im the most popular guy but call my 10 friends.

Foondos is running a mill and its a matter of time before he is standing in front of the bar explaining how he asks clients to lie and breaches his fiduciary duty to client by looking out for his best interest. Im sure Sargetis will be in their too explaining to the bar.

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