map-marker Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sales rep

I was offered a position for sales rep. The sales manager had not told me in the interview that is a company rule that all sales reps. have to pick up the managers and trainers at the airport. I do not feel this company policy is right. The company is asking to go out of my way on a Sunday evening on my day off with no extra compensation. I have never heard of this from any company. The company is a 100 million dollar company. This policy is poor. When someone gets a offer letter this policy should be laid out in front of people not afterwards. A large turn off!!! I was not afraid of the hard work but the dishonesty. Also, I was told every manager goes on a annual trip. If you can afford to send a manager on a trip. You can certainly afford to pay a manager for a rental card. The manager said, your employee owned. That's great!! But asking someone to pick up a stranger on there own dime is not right. These rules need to be upfront not after the offer letter is signed.
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David S Aoh
map-marker Stanley, North Carolina

Fustrated family

I live in NC in which we just purchased a home. We got my husbands mom living with us thats dieing of cancer. My husband brother just had passed. And this salesman was so rude to us. We told him that we could not afford this product. Were living on a tight budget with enormous medical bills. Then my motherlaw signs but changes her mind as soon as she does it. Then 1 year later these people here try to send her check into the bank. Awful ppl
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map-marker Las Vegas, Nevada

Employee Experience Review

A friend worked for this company and didn't want to post because of threats from management.You will owe them money if you go to work for them. You may receive voice mails that threaten your family.
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map-marker Las Vegas, Nevada

The worst chemical company is the US to work for.....

I want to warn everyone in America not to work for this company. You will owe money and spend a couple of years regretting working at United Labs. The management is the worst. I can't believe their doors are allowed to stay open. Their sale style and pitches are from 30 years ago. I could go on and on for hours listing bad things but would rather just forget about them. I can't believe they stay open. I hope they go out of business or merge with a real company that would fire these jokers( current management) in a minute.
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So true! Run.. just run!


Do they conduct pre-employment drug test?

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Josh Eam
map-marker Plano, Texas

United Labs Inc. is unprofessionalism at its worst!

I recieved an email from Craig Brinney who said he was the Division Sales Manager with United Laboratories, Inc. I researched the company and found them on several different websites that basically described it as a scam. So I declined to meet for an interview and told him about what I had found thinking that his company might want to investigate these slanderous reports. He replied by insulting me and my character in an email... Here is the actual email he sent me! Its amazing how one rep who was not successful with our employee owned, 44 year old company that has generated profits each year in business, and has a tenor of employees being with us over 10 years, can make you feel, United Laboratories Inc. is a bad company. Its a shame you use this rather, than a better business agency, or come in for a personal interview , to find out for yourself. He then proceeded to send me 2 more email both of which were highly inappropriate in nature and terribly unprofessional. Judging by this, I am sure you would not be a candidate that would be successful with us, as well as I am sure I would have not invited you back for a second interview, after meeting you in person. Best of luck on your job search. I am sure you will need it. Craig Briney Division Sales Manager United Labs So if you are approached by this company be very aware that they anger easily and are terribly unprofessional. Josh Austin, Texas U.S.A.
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I worked for them in Albuquerque and it lasted a few weeks. First three weeks were good and then downhill from there.

I was trained from someone in Arizona. I wish I had next went to work. One giant headache of him calling me everyday.

Then when I didn't have sales they stop coming to train. Ended bad.


Soon I will post email that you can send complaints or if you know illegal activity about this company.



The comments on this site are really only from about 4 individuals that could not "cut it" in outside sales and rather than come to that realization and move on like most professionals they prefer to point fingers and place blame elsewhere. I have worked for United Labs for over six years and it is the best company I have ever worked for.

I have been in this industry 25 years and it allowed me to purchase a home and put two children thru college. United doesn't have a lot of negative press. Use the dating company Great Expectations for example as a comparable, they have over 100 negative comments on the web, we have about 10 and many are from the same individuals who "burned the prairie" on their way out the door. This site is truly questionable because it allows individuals to post anonymously.

If what they post is true, why don't they list their name? Additionally the company bio they have about us is not accurate. We have been in business since 1964, not 1994.

We are a 50 year old employee-owned reputable company. Go to your interview, you won't regret it.

Dana Killmer

United Labs, Inc.


I'm seeing a lot of complaints over the internet about this company. Got a interview but won't go because of too many complaints.


Simply the worst company to work. Management jokers(Dan, Eric, and Dana) will drive this company under.

Most people hate these guys. Be careful that if you go to work for them that you won't owe them money week after week.

If you have complaints as a worker or customers please post them. With an enough people, who knows.


I think you most likely made a huge "BIG" mistake, this company is for REAL and you should have been smart enough to go to the interview and fond out for yourself instead of taking someone else s hearsay. So for curiosity's sake, are you making a 50K base salary with full benefits?

Was your annual income in excess of 165K?

Didn't think so, bet you have regrets now... Good lick but with your mentality and obvious decision making skills, he was right your not a good fit.


How much do they pay in training?


I'm from St. Charles, Mo not from Lousia, Ky


I have been dealing with United Labs Inc. for several years now and I have been extremely impressed with the salesman that covers my area.

I also think the company and there employees are nothing but all about professionalism, every situation where I've had a problem with any product, it was adressed and resolved promptly and at no charge. So in my opinion I don't know what this guy is talking about.


You're just mad because you were fired, Josh ! Tell it like it is. You cannot be a druggy and a thief and expect to keep your job.

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