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FIRST OFF, I DID NOT ASK FOR IT. IT SOMEHOW GOT ONTO MY COMPUTER. Weird stuff started happening to my computer, so I decided to run a malware scan. After doing so, there were over 200 trojan, adware, and spyware from Uniblue PC Mechanic. I just got rid of it, then went to uninstall programs and uninstalled it. A lot of people are thinking that Uniblue makes legit softwares, but they are completely scam. And it contained some nasty malware files... Read more

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  • Nov 16, 2016
  • by anonymous
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So I scanned my PC and it failed to download update software so I went to do it manually didn't work now every time I go on the app it asks me if my manual driver installation was successful when I go to no and submit and close it doesn't do it it just stayed like that and won't go away any suggestions? Annoyed mutch

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COMPLETELY REGRET I bought Uniblue's DriverScanner Dec 8, as it never worked. Always throwing errors my way. Uniblue's technical support was ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. They sent me down many unsuccessful and time-consuming paths. All "support" (meaning the lack thereof) was done via email only, and they would never agree to speak via phone. I spent over 5-months emailing their tech support group back and forth. Eventually I finally gave up after... Read more

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I have been charged $29.95 2 times and$48.16 1 time and$39.90 1 time this money was charged to my Citi bank credit card and I never received any thing. I will contact Citi Bank today to get a refund. Like I said I didn't received any thing word word word word word word word word. I want a refund your word count don't count right and I never ever was able to get a OTP for my credit card I will keep writing until I have 100 words. I do not want... Read more

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I am so pleased with this app, its so easy to use and saves me tones of time. It basically cleans out all the junk and cache files that end up being stored on your device. It has a application manager which allows you to sort out the unwanted or unused apps that you download to your device. additionally it has this kinda like monitor so you can keep an eye on your storage. So you'll know when your running out of memory. Since i got this app, i... Read more

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After the Uniblue SpaceCleaner crashed my Outlook, Outlook would no longer open. I keep email out at my provider and bring it in once a week and immediately back it up, before deleting at my provider. So, I put my backup pst in the Outlook folder. WOULD NOT WORK??? Then I tried to delete the pst temp file and it said I could not. I did not try as an administrator, but renamed the file (still would not delete - kept saying it was open in... Read more

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Years ago, I bought a Uniblue product, which I didn't like and soon uninstalled. They keep sending me promotional emails. Today, I received one for SpaceCleaner, which I did not open, but unsuccessfully tried to delete. Not only could I not delete it, it has repeatedly crashed MS Outlook every time I've tried. Even after rebooting my Win 7 machine several times, the email remains stuck there, apparently forever. This is a new low even for... Read more

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Installed their pc mechanic programme and both my *** defender and malwarebytes block it from running, I contacted uninlue for a refund as per their 60 day money back guarantee and they refused to give me it instead they said I would need to change both my firewall and security settings which I won't do.

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Tried to download PC Mechanic and activate it. The support guy Mr. Gupta said he could not do it because the computer had other problems and he could fix them for a fee. He kept going round and round with the problem until he finally said it could not be activated. Meanwhile our bank was charged 29.95 at least once if not two times. I could not understand this man and thought it all was very unprofessional of him to try to sell us something... Read more

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This #&*@#*$ of $*#1 software popped up every time I restarted my computer scanning, analyzing, etc. I went through periods of sluggish performance from time to time - like everyone does, especially online, so I finally gave in. After all, it claimed to be Microsoft's darling utility repair program. That's what really sold me. I paid $39.00 for the program and proceeded to download it, which was a nightmare in itself. It tried to get me to... Read more

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