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This company is a scam and living spaces is a scam company for contracting with them.. bought a sofa and love seat. Have issues with the love seat contacted both companies, both of whom refused to resolve my issues. I will no longer purchase anything from living spaces.. Any warranties purchased, can not be any affiliations with Ultra Shield, *** artists.. Never returns any calls send phony letters making you think you will receive a refund....
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Ultrashield simply sent 3 small cleaning packets (a total of $6 per the manager that I spoke with, Andrew) that did absolutely nothing for the stain on my furniture. I had to keep contacting my representative Danielle and waiting for a call back. They took 15 days to tell me they were not going to cover the stain. During this time I was told not to use any other cleaners on my furniture because there could be a chemical reaction with the...
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I contacted them regarding a stain on my fabric LazyBoy lounger. They informed me that if I could not identify that exact cause of the grey stains they declined my request for resolving the issue.Because I was uncertain if the stain was from a named food or pet then they could not help. A waste of money. I now have several dark stains on the seat cushion and have no pets and do not recall spilling a liquids. I've tried their cleaner which also...
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I didn't like
  • Poor customer service and warranty

Ultra Shield Furniture Protection Plan Review

Waste of money!!! Not worth the paper it's printed on. Cat had accident on couch. Couch still had a smell to it next day. When I called she said the warranty doesn't cover odor. If there's still an odor, doesn't that mean the stain is still there and is it not a pet bodily animal fluid??