Stan W Cni

Bank Transfer failiure

Your bank is a joke!!! You knew that you were having problems with scheduled transfers failing that had been modified by revising the amount or date of the requested transfer but you did nothing to alert the customers of this potential problem. As a result, I had two transfer failures that ended up costing me almost a hundred dollars in insufficient fund fees from the bank that I had directed the transfer to be of the failures was for my estimated tax payment to the IRS which they did not appreciate. I have since transferred all my proceeds from your bank and I will never use you again.
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  • Cusotmer service

Preferred solution: Apology

User's recommendation: Do not deposit any of your money in this bank, it seems they would rather conceal their problems instead of alerting customers of same.

Carlos L Yiu

Want to close account

It's impossible to close an account or ti communicate with someone. Worst custumer service ever! Transfers takes a life!
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  • High yeld interest account
  • All the rest is bad from the app to the custumer service

Preferred solution: I want to close the account for god sake!!!

User's recommendation: Get real custumer service