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I bought Tyson frozen chicken ***.I was completely sickened when I saw a worm sticking out of one of them. I think I should be compensated by your company. It was disgusting. I have bought these for years but this made me ill at the site. If I knew how to send you a picture I would. If you need me to mail it to you for proof I will. My email is I will not be able to eat a chicken breast again. I I fried it I would not...
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I didn't like
  • Low standards for their customers
  • Horrible product
I am totally disappointed with my latest purchase of frozen chicken tenderloins.I have been cooking them for my family for years with no complaints. Now my purchase was sickening, it does not look like chicken and it darn sure is not tenderloins that I thought I purchased. I have heard that there were rats being processed for wings but I think that msy have been what I purchased instead of tenderloins. I am so done with Tyson and I will do what...
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