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Omg. What a company never again Waste of time calling says same thing over and over again. Delay in shipping since August

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I purchase two apple trees from Ty Ty Nursery in Nov 2014. At that time (they've changed the web page since.) the listing showed that the tress were six feet tall and of fruit bearing age. When I got the the trees only came to my chin and I'm only 5' 6 1/2" tall. I called and was told they had already pruned them before shipping. I got nothing the following spring (2015), not even a bloom. I figured the transplanting had something to do with... Read more

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I bought a tulip poplar that did not grow. They said let it go longer. After six months and many emails they finally gave me a credit for the tree but have none available till next year. Last time i shop tyty Read more

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I ordered 4 trees from TY TY nurser in GA...and one tree the Almond Tree came with no branches on the left side..I called and requested a replacement and was told no..... I said I was not happy with the service and basically he said too bad... So I will not buy from this nursery again...which is too bad because I needed more trees.... The tree was a Nikitas Pride almond tree..... Not used to getting bad service but I did.....I wish I had read... Read more

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Ordered two trees. The first arrived alive but was vastly smaller (one half the height and width) than described. The second tree I ordered was five feet tall rather than the eight to nine feet that was advertised. It was dead. Not a single even dead leaf, no green under any bark, all twigs and branches completely brittle. Dead for months. A fire hazard. I wish I had looked them up before I ordered. I stopped credit card payment. Ordered... Read more

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I bought two cherry trees a few years back. After 6 years of care I had a good bloom. The cherries were the size of peas and not even the birds can eat them. If TyTy is giving away trees-buy from Stark Bros

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This is a complaint against Ty Ty Nursery in Ty Ty, Georgia. In the spring of 2015, I ordered some Pinot Gris grapevines from them. I had asked them if they would grow in my area (USDA Zone 5 ). I was told, with confidence and without hesitation) Pinot Gris would grow in my area. In the spring of 2016 only half of them showed any life. I contacted Ty Ty Nursery and they will not offer any compensation on the basis that their the one year... Read more

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My experience with this nursery is terrible. I bought a tree and has done nothing after months. I also purchased another tree from a different nursery. It has been growing. They said the tree was in transplant shock and to wait 2 to 6 months for it to recover. Are you kidding me?! I think in order to get a refund I would have to send the tree back. No way! I do not recommend buying from this nursery. Now I have to explain my experience in a 100... Read more

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I ordered 13 trees. 8 arrived dead. I have a orchard and have planted many, many trees. I know a dead tree. They want me to wait longer to see if they bud. If the bud isn't swelling it's not going to bud, period. Everything they sent was undersized. The sycamore tree they sent was supposed to be 3-4 ft but was barely 2 ft and had been pruned back so many times that it looks like a bonsai tree. They sent me a magnolia tree that was listed as a... Read more

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Bad plants sent dead and refuse to replace. Should be shut down. Long history of poor service and lying. Attract customers with low prices and then send junk. I think they only survive because of high positions on Google search. I consider myself a Georgian and they are a disgrace. worst reviews ever. Nursery really doesn't exist per se as it just finds something somewhere to send to you. Reputable nurseries don't require sending dead... Read more

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