This guy Mike

he sells a motor through craigslist, listed in New York, and Maine, but not in vermont. Why was that?? didnt want to screw someone in his own back yard. Better to sell to someone from away. The add made claims of newly rebuilt, drop in ready. Never mentioned it was NOT built by himself. Implied it was, and machine work was done locally. He didnt know {{Redacted}}, then when the hidden issues surface, he now says, he never touched it?? really?? and then quickly offers money back? then the name calling LIAR, Liar BS.... Just goes to show what kind of people they are, and to say his wife Jill is nice??? the other complaints of others saying how rude she really is.
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Reason of review
Not as described/ advertised

Terrible after service follow up

Ripps people off.... They don't have clue. Took my truck in, had ticking sound in engine. Tim, I guess the owner? Simple guy. Says its minor adjustment. $275 later, I picks up truck, quiet JUST FOR 1 I'm in St Jay, pissed off. Head back to twisted POS that next Monday, when all of a sudden engine makes snapping noise, and starts skipping, lost power and died After tow job, call to Tim, he wants proof that I broke down?? WTF!! The Chevy garage pulls valve covers and finds 3 broken parts, rocker levers, they then go on to show me how much they are too tight, actually showed me extremely tight the bolts are. Twisted failed a simple task. Failed to call me back when I told them what happened. They suck
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I purchased gas here a couple weeks ago, seldom pay cash, but was pleasantly surprised at station being full service. Well i paid cash for a fill up and later find they shorted me $5.00I guess they TIP themselves.


wow what kind of a garage treats a customer like this?? I think we buy our gas there, or should i say we used to??


Lier we never worked on this truck


That's right, they don't claim or admit working on the problem cars or trucks. Heck they just deny it.

And figure everyone will believe it. Have they call him a liar?


Wow!! That’s an original response.


LIAR ???? That's a great response.

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Twisted steelers automotive, these crooks did some rust repair on my Honda, car was in rough shape, they called me multiple times increasing the cost each time. During the 3rd call, I told them to forget it. I was done and going over budget. I told Jill I was going to square up and buy new car. Little did I know they had already done the work that they were quoting me on that 3rd call !! Then they held my car ransome till I paid for this extra work. They are crooks!! Plus part of work entailed repairs to unibody, where the welding melted portions of my carpet, leaving car smell like it was in a fire. Stay away from these crooks !!
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Looks common for them to just simply respond that the complaint as "LIAR"


Your a lier we never did no such thing


We had a simple oil change done before we left on vacation, They either didn't do it, or forgot to reset something on the car. A Few days later a light came on telling us we needed oil service.

We ended up at different garage in Massachusetts getting oil changed and serviced as we were worried.

We did call, spoke with girl Jill? Owner?

She Was very rude to us.

We will never go back or let them do any services on either of our 3 vehicles.

And they put down Pronto


Wait for it,............they will respond that you are a liar......wait for it.....

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Reason of review
Pricing issue

The owner of Twisted steel automotive

My name is Tim Simonds and it seems like the people on here either think they know me or are judging me on mistakes i made years ago. I dont do anything period but work my *** off and treat every customer fair. We do not get any kind of assistance. Now lets get to the engine . I moved into Twisted steel in january. The firt week we were open on was on my way to get lunch hit ice and totaled jills Escalade. It was siting in the yard taking up space. One day on craigslist i saw a really nice 355 sbc for sale for 2500. I contacted the guy and he told me the engine was just rebuilt and was in his s10 for about 2k miles and ran perfect that it was ready to drop in and go. I ended up having him bring it to the shop and me and jeff both looked it over and believed what the guy was saying to be true. Itraded to put the engine in my 68 camaro had no intension on selling it but im so busy i have not worked on my camaro for 7 months. As the shop has continued to grow because of the quality work and fair prices we do i have been buying more and more tools. We were running out of room the engine was in the way so i said i would sell it because one no room 2 my car is far from being ready for a engine. I put it up on fb for sale for 2500 and this guy mike offered me a 1500 i said sure i will take it. This was a complete engine from carb to pan plus i threw in msd ignition box 2 dist and 8mm plug wires and a new in the box set of shorty ceramic coated headers. He looked the engine over said he wanted it so i just wrote him a reciept for the 100 deposit he gave me on one from the shop i didnt really think about it. He came and got the engine and finished paying me a week later. 3 weeks go by he calls me saying this is wrong that is wrong with the engine and hes threatening me with a lawyer. I said the engine checked out to my knowlage and if there really was somthing wrong to send me some pics or a short video he refused would not provide any kind of proof and everyone know the scams that are being done on fb and craigslist so i told him you bought it as is and im not giving you anything with out he blows my phone up for weeks calling me names over 100 messages on line bashing my shop that didnt build the engine nor even touch it. It sat in the corner on a stand. So finally i said take down all the bad reviews i will refund you 400 wich i did and he recieved but he never kept he part of the deal. Im a honest person and yes i have made a lot of mistakes in my life i regret. I wish i could take back but im not that person any more. Some of you know me and know what i say is true some will continue to believe this guy. He acted like a 2 year old child and i was trying to handle it like a adualt and fairly. I have pictures of the check i sent him you want proif i paid this guy the message me 282-****. My shop will continue to grow no matter what this guy says and anyone that believes one side of a story is looking for stories thats it. Everyone that has come to my shop has been happy and the person who said there was over spray on there far never called me or my wife i would of gladly buffed the whole car. If anyone that has somthing there not happy with call me i will make it right im not a ***
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Are the continued problems with your customers so prevalent that you sink to level that they are all liars, reading the complaints from customers, and now your responses would lead one to believe so.

I knew you from back in school, looks like your ways of doing business havent changed.

You should, or maybe you do have a sign that states, NO WARRANTY ON WORK.......

AND YOU COMPLAIN, YOU ARE A LIAR. quite fitting now.

Grow up and out of this crap before it puts you out of business.


Hey this *** collects welfare benefits, while both he and his classy crack *** work at the garage. How can anyone trust these guys. Don’t leave valuables in your car if you leave it there.


Tim Tim Tim, nothing like opening yourself up to ridicule. Anyone would be a fool to do business with you.

Looking at your Facebook page it doesn't look like there's much to brag about there either.

You are the most dishonest person that I have ever come across.

Will be looking for LEASE sign to reappear at the Sunoco garage once you are gone.

Food stamps too ?? How screwed up is that.....but you are growing ??

Sounds like more BS as before.


What a piece of work you are Tim Simonds. Still ripping people off, but now under a new name ??


at least your holding onto what your best at STEAL.

I see you are painting illegally in town ??

Someone will shut that *** down.

Zoning maybe ?? You always have those BS excuses.


Sounds like you got caught, and have all the excuses. I knew it was a matter of time before your old habits returned.

Once a *** bag, always a *** bag.

Your story's are quite entertaining Tim.

I watched the youtube video, that guy you screwed had uploaded, looks pretty legit, shows your add, then a number of broken ***, leaks, so who could blame the dude for being pissed.

Just funny to have launched the reviews....

Sounds like quality is lacking.

But your gas is OK.


GOT CAUGHT ??? I wouldn't buy chit from them, if water mixed with gas? They would be mixing that too.

I think they even charge for AIR *** cheap people.


Notice how Timmy doesn't spend a lot of time denying receiving welfare?

"No assistence" he says.


Whole family is questionable. Count your change if you pay cash.

And never leave money in your car if it's left there, can't prove it. Just think they are thieves.

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Twisted Steal