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Twin State Basement Complete Scam! Cost me $30 Thousand

We hired Twin State Basement Services to waterproof our basement in December of 2018. One of the owners, Refik, came and told us all the good things they would do to fix our basement, even offered a nationally backed warrenty. We gave him a $6500 deposit and he left telling us he’d be there with his crew in a week. They never showed up and cashed our check the same day! We then found out from talking to past customers the following: -The "company” is located in this guys apartment. There is no company location! Just a few guys running around collecting peoples hard arn dollars -Refik represented to us that he had a large company that backed him when in fact, nobody backs them! -This is 3 misfits with drinking problems who show up to work intoxicated! The owners of this company used to work for Green Mountain Basement Solutions, Just look for yourselves and you will see what you are in for!!! Stay away! They issue a paper with a lifetime warranty that expires when (and they will) go out of business! They did not show up for 4 weeks and refused to give us our deposit back. Said it was writtin on the back of the contract. The contract that was two sided with tinie tiny writting. We had several people stop by and a fight broke out at our house after they finally started the project.. Our basement is a complete mess. They ruined a wall by jackhammering the floor and after having an engineer come from the state, the wall failed! The engineer said the floor should never have been jackhammered to begin with due to being monolithical! When we spoke with another owner of the business and he stated the state engineer didn’t know what he was talking about. The workers used foul language that was so vulgar we were repulsed and repeated attempts of asking them to stop were met by an intentional increase in vulgar language! The smell of marijuana and alcohol was all through the basement! They all had alcohol while working and were smoking pot. The disrespect to us and our home caused such a stressful situation.. The end result is we refused to pay the final bill as we were asked 4 times to pay the bill before the project was completed! To date, the water is worse than ever...They came and wanted to escalate into a physical fight because we wouldn’t pay the bill as nothing was completed as it was sold to us. Our basement is destroyed! We wish we would have taken the time to go to their place of business as we would have found out that they DONT HAVE A PLACE OF BUSINESS! These guys are a scam! They are mean and ugly and nobody you want touching your foundation/basement. We are looking at $29.5k to excavate and have a long time concrete company repair the horrible damage to our foundation. They will not communicate civilly if they need your money even if the project isn’t done and done right! If the company your talking to hasn’t been in business for at least 5-10 years—DONT HIRE THEM!!! verify their backing! Make sure you know who your dealing with because these guys haven’t got a clue!
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This is completely false! I brought it to Twin State's attention and they sent me a word-for-word review that was copied and pasted on another company's page. They have much more integrity than that.


They dont drink or smoke on the job bit there is no craftsmanship in the work they do......sloppy

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