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I have an interview with twenty one models? No convo about fees as of yet. But she Said bring some pics along like casual so I guess I'll go find out and give you an update
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Sheffield, England

Legit or not? Twenty one models.

Basic website. The girls in the fashion division which I was interested in, looked around my age, 16 and their portfolio images looked like they had all been shot at one shoot in one day. Sent in some of my professional photos that a family member had taken for me and they wanted an interview with me during the week-could not make due to college commitments. Spoke to the owner over Skype video call (Carla) who seemed friendly. 5 brownie points at this moment in time. Trust me, they will not have them for long. The owner then asked to see my pictures, which may I add, I had sent in and she/they had liked them enough to contact me. So, I sent them to her and she said she would ring me back in 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes had elapsed, she rang me back, saying how my pictures were 'terrible' which I was surprised at- if they were so 'terrible' why did you contact me in the first place? She gave me the number of a photographer where she sends 'all of the girls to get their pictures done' She said the man charges £150 for a photoshoot-undoubtedly the pictures will cost more on top of this £150. She then told me that if I proceed to get my pictures done with him, email them to her. I then checked out his website who had the same address as the agency, which made me automatically think he is an in-house photographer. Can anybody else smell something fishy? I thought that agencies were only supposed to make profit off of the work they find models, not charge them an extortionate fee upfront in order for them to be signed, and if they do this.. what really is the point in finding models work then? I trusted my instincts in this situation and I think they were right. I am not bashing Twenty one models, I am just trying to spread awareness about this. I am glad that I tried this agency to know to be more aware of rogue agencies in the future and I don't want it to happen to anyone else. I think it is unfair that in order to be signed, you have to pay. A legitimate modelling agency will not charge you a penny to be on their books. I think the learning lesson from this experience is to just stick to the agencies on the AMA and perhaps some that are genuinely legit, just not on the AMA yet. Twenty one models are not on the AMA. By no means am I saying that they are not a 'legit' modelling agency, because they are following the law to a certain extent (They have the correct Ts and Cs on their website) but the fact they said I have to pay for photographs from their photographer made me think otherwise. Be vigilant.
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Yes this Carla is a *** artist don't go near her


I went there too... i was charged 50£ for the day which seemed normal for the work they do with me during the day, but after that i was asked minimum 1800 to get signed in or to get the pictures otherwise they can t keep them or give them to me...


Thank you for posting this.


“How can you charge that?” “Why should I pay for it?” “I’ve

always been told NEVER to pay for anything”.

Should you provide everything for free or risk being accused of being a rogue trader?

Does that sound all too familiar?

To us it does and to the many model agents, models and aspiring models here in the UK.

OK, so back in 1998 new legislation was passed to attempt to protect innocent victims of scams in a variety of industries, including ours. Great idea.

And in fairness it has served a huge purpose
by keeping more people on their toes and everyone is now aware that charging a
fee to simply join any form
of recruitment agency, is illegal. Sadly, no amount of legislation, will ever deter
the outright *** artist from fleecing who they can, when they can. And irritatingly for many hard working agents and models the law has done what it often does, and swung the pendulum too far in the opposite direction. This in our opinion is largely down to the inability of some people to properly research the facts.

So you get approached by a ‘model scout’. Fantastic! But when they call you up and ask you to book a £3K photo shoot with them, THEN you tell them to go and rip someone else off. But when they invite you to take part in some relevant training, or ask you to pay up to £150 to test with a photographer to build a starting out portfolio, do not automatically accuse them of being a scammer.

Firstly, they are not doing anything “no matter which way you look at it, there are, always have been and always will be some costs involved in starting a career in the business.” wrong here, moreover you are for making assumptions. At the end of the day, would you work for free? Would you join an agency as a model and never expect to be paid for any work you did for them? No you would not.

Some agents do have a budget to scout, sign and pay for everything to start a new model on their career path. But pretty much all of these agents recoup those costs against work a model does once they are established and out there earning. So no matter which way you look at it, there are, there always has been and always will be some costs involved in starting a career in the business. This is no different to any other career path.

Media hype and heavily publicised negatives has unfortunately gone some way in trashing quite a lot of good whilst trying to combat the bad. A scenario we are all too familiar with in so many life aspects. Let’s look at some typical comparisons. If you go to university for example, do they give you all your books for free?

No. Or maybe as a training beautician is it possible to get your starting out kit from the ‘beautician fairy’ without investing in it? Obviously not. So why should modelling be any different?

So when an agent provides you with the opportunity of drawing resources from their contacts to gain you the lowest cost available on the market to start you out on your journey, this is not automatically some kind of scam. It just means that different businesses have different ways of doing things, and indeed varying budgets. It doesn’t make them crooked. Everyone has to make a living and we all have costs
to bear.

That’s the way it is. Consider how offensive it would be for a business to
be told they are running an organisation without integrity, when the reality is nothing more than a case of a lack
of correct information. The problem for the offenders
here of course is, once they make a comment like that, knowingly or not, they will automatically sustain a black mark. That’s human nature.

How many people have you forgotten made that snipe, rude comment or insult about you during your life? Not
many we imagine. Business maybe business, but it is still people that run them. The advice here is always to do your research and unless 100% sure about something, don’t voice your opinion.

If you are not able to do that then we recommend being your own boss. Every job, every career and everything we do has good bits and bad bits. Ask questions by all means, but to accuse the innocent is by far the quickest way to fall.

Plus it is simply bad manners. Like it or not, life includes barriers, conforming to rules and most of all, playing nice!


A good model agent recognises a potential model when he sees one. You don’t need a portfolio of poor photographs from a mediocre photographer or even good ones from a good photographer when you go to an agent.

So, do not spend money on a portfolio. Just take a couple of snapshots – headshot and full length. That will be enough for them to assess how photogenic you are. In fact they’ll be more interested in looking at you than the pics.

If they take you on they will organise test shots with good photographers to start building your portfolio. -

So there. That summarises the company.

Maybe do research before leaving a whole university dissertation with false information, that no one even cares about. Bye.


TwentyOne Models Management is a rogue agency, heck not even an agency at all. An absolute SCAM and this is coming from someone that knows the industry and was in fact contacted by them only to be asked for £150 for a TEST SHOOT.

No reputable agency would do that in meeting a potential girl for their books for the time.

Nothing was signed, no verbal commitment was made on my end yet they pounced on me in asking for money and masked it by encouraging me to invest in my career. Mediocre images at best, were dotted around the studio too so it isn't like you will receive great photos.


I see on their website it claims Carla Bellucci was a top glamour model? Yeah...

not a single image found upon googling her name. And let me guess the photographer she recommended was Giovanni? The guy who set up the company with her? Lol.

Also how ironic calling a sixteen year old girl who voiced her rightful opinion unprofessional? I see they also claim to have Rosanna Davidson in their glamour girls section, a former Miss World who's been on the cover of Playboy and countless other publications.

This appears highly suspect as I'm pretty sure she's based with Storm Model Management in the UK.




The comments on here are written generally by girls who have no clue about modelling-

The person who wrote that Storm dont ask for professional pictures - my question - do you look like a storm model? If not then you will have to join the 1000's of models who pay for their portfolios to promote themselves and join agencies such as Bma, MOT, 21 Models, and all the other fashion, commercial or glamour agencies. Do you think these agencies are paying for all their models to get porfolios taken????

The person who wrote that it must be a slow day of the office clearly doesnt have a clue about the web and marketing & promotion online....


Tbh, I actually found this very useful. This may be an established company but that doesn't stop them from wanting to rip many young girls off.

Also, I don't see how a company searching google for complaints about them is very legit. Clearly not a busy day at the office.

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Waltham, England

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