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True Back

LOVE IT!!!!!

I've had lower back pain for years after having children. Sometimes my back just 'goes out' and I'm out of action for a few days.

My chiropractor and I have known each other for years! I hardly go to him now. Whenever I feel a slight weakness or twinge in my back, I immediately go on the True Back for a few minutes. I should go on it more but I'm slack.

:( It's wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone.

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Good quality
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Love, Love, Love the True Back

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I purchased the True Back after suffering for 25 years of pain due to 3 car accidents. I have permanent damage and refuse to have surgery.

Having tried everything else.......... this is the ONLY thing that works!!!!! I purchased mine in 2009, best investment I have ever made in my life!!! I don't take muscle relaxers or pain pills anymore, just use my True Back.

I can use it anytime of the day or night that I need to, I take it when I travel and would recommend to everyone!!!

The customer service is outstanding and shipment is one of the quickest I have ever seen. I tell everyone about it and it is made right here in the USA.

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Reason of review:
Good quality
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True, excellent device to help back issues. Have been using mine for years, even just to relax my back and whole body. Highly recommended.

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Backs Review

Since using True Back I have not needed a chiropractor. So far I have purchased three true backs, people keep borrowing them and forgetting to return them to me.

I wanted to keep one on hand because I need it all the time, and one to loan out the third one just never got returned.

I love True Back. At least 6 friends have purchased kne since trying mine.

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My experience with the true back.

I cannot speak for any one else, just from my own experience with the true back. ive owned the true back for 3 years & im really happy with this device.

it will not cure you of your back problems. any time I get bad lower back pains for what ever reason , I lay on the true back for 10 to 15 minutes & it helps me get on with my life. before I bought the the true back I would get really bad lower back pains & was at the point where I was found it really hard to get out of bed, walk, bend over, squat down or get up without severe pain & spasms in my lower back & down the back of my left leg. since getting the true back, ive gone on a diet, lost weight & try my best to do a little exercise every day.

my life is a lot more comfortable now than life before true back. I say go for it, you have nothing to loose!!!!

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TRUEBACK-Morcent Import Export, Inc

this device came with a 90 day warranty, so after 2 months I hadn't received any results that were of benefit to my back, may be it works for some people, the problem came when, following their return instructions, I contacted customer service and get a RMA number(return merchandise authorization) and placed it on the return address just like they requested. They warn that without that number they would NOT accept the return.

Guess what? I followed these instructions, paid an additional $17.00 for postage and insurance AND they still REFUSED the shipment!!

SO I advise OTHERS to be very careful with these crooks!

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Sorry to hear you had problems, but there is absolutely NO way your returned package was refused at the warehouse IF you had written the RMA on the outside of box, or wrote even in the return address label. As you state for any returns the return process is very CLEARLY stated on your invoice/packing slip when you receive package in case you do need to return your True Back.

Yes you do call customer service to obtain an RMA number, yes you are responsible for shipping it back to warehouse (this is no different than any other company), yes you are to write the RMA on your returned invoice/packing slip and the outside of the box.

If you did these things and you say it was still refused, then you could have always given the customer service your tracking number whichever way you returned it, by USPS, Fed Ex or UPS and customer service would have verified the tracking number of it being shipped back and the company most definitely would have give you your credit.

Please people tell the whole truth when you are complaining.

True Back has been in business for over 20 years and we have an A+ rating with the BBB. We provide excellent customer service and the label on the True Back itself advises any customer to check with doctor before using if you have any concerns or health issues.


If you


No better than all the other *** useless appliances. Money for old rope for the sellers.


True back, for me, lives up to its name. Having two underdeveloped discs, herniated, and a pelvis that moves out of alignment due to this, it helps in-between chiro visits.

remember one has to be in a relaxed state of mind and totally let go, exhale, and sink into it. also, important to use it in both directions with each use. I use it without the foam padded tracks. some times relief is on target, sometimes not.

I have found that no product works great all of the time, but when it comes to one that works on skeleton pain, I'll take the good times with the not so good. It actually is up to the person whether you get relief or not. If you are heavy, loss weight. Its not a girdle.

You are the one responsible to carry that spine around all day. gravity pulls you down, true back gives my nerve endings a rest from the daily pull of upright position, plus it pops the bones into alignment IF I am focused and relaxed. Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Hope it helped some of you fellow suffers who really try to get a handle on pain and posture.

for those of you it doesn't help, I'm sorry and hope you find a product that does. Skechers shape-ups are also better than sliced bread in my book but thats another story.


It was with great anticipation that I used the True Back only to find that it possibly herniated two lumbar disks through over-extension. Thank G-d that my chiropractor has been able to relieve the additional pain that this thing caused.


I just saw something called BakBalls. Google it and read about it.

I use a sock full of navy beans, heated in the microwave, bunched up and applied to my painful sciatica/spinal stenosis condition and get relief.

Makes my legs tingle when I get it in the right spot and feels great! I think the BakBalls may be worth a try.

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Get the back balls. I have had them for 4 yrs and can not live with out them. :grin


I've been using this *** thing for 6 don't work and I have even more pain now. My new Doc told me that the tru back thing over extended my all my nerves are inflamed and I can barely walk. Make sure you ask your doctor about this thing...before trying.


Sorry for the errors in the spelling, my vision isn't very good hence I hit the wrong keys.

But you get the point I tried to convey.


if you paid with a credit card contact them an see if they can help you get a refund.I have master card and they\'vehelped me get a refund on 2 seperate Companies who would ot honor their warrenty. I sent them copis of the orders, and soon I was credited with the purchase cost minus the Shipping & handling.True I lost guite a bit on the S&H but I was happy to get the problem resolved.If possible allways pay wit a credit card.


I have something called a back stretcher I got from Heartland America. It's similar to the True Back and it works for me and my husband.

I got it for 10.00 with a half price coupon and freee shipping. Fact is it works so well we order a second one.

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Looking for pain relief

So I order this product at the end on Nov 27, thinking maybe this will help relieve my husbands pain. Because at this point we will try anything.

But we could not aford to pay the extra shipping to get it right away. So I wait, 1 week, 2 weeks, three weeks.

Finally I call, once someone answers, and you explain the problem. You are put on hold. When they get back to you, they ask for name, city, and state ect. Then they have to look up the information.

Mame our records show it was delivered on the 5th of Dec. You politely tell them you didn't receive it.

All we can do for you is put a trace on the delivery. Which can take an additional 8 weeks. And then let you know the out come. So sorry that you are out the money and have nothing to show for it.

To tie it all together, there is no costomer service, and it looks, smells, and tastes like fraud.

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Unfortunately this does happen with delivery companies where they leave packages on one's porch or doorstep and many times, these packages are stolen. Depending on which delivery company shipped the package, they each (UPS, Fed Ex and USPS)

all have protocol they must follow for lost, stolen, or undelivered packages which should not reflect on the company selling the merchandise.

The delivery companies are the ones who say it will take 4-6 weeks to research, but 9 times out of 10 it only takes about 7-10 days.

I would give the company an opportunity first instead of writing a negative review.


bought this device about 4 years ago. back pain gone.



I LOVE this device, since buying it 2years ago I have not had to go to the pricey chiropractor ONCE... This device has saved me TONS of money and given me much need relief from my neck & back pain.. Cannot say enough about this product!!!


I've been in this situation w another company. They did the trace, and found out I didn't sign for it.

I got my product. It stinks, but so far sounds like the delivery service messed up :(


I know the owner of this company and can personally attest to the success that it's had with many peoples' back issues. I also know that with any product shipped that there will be situations where packages are lost, ect.

Yes, a company can try to make the client happy, but when they have proof that a product was delivered then a tracer is all that can be done to make sure of who signed for the item.

If you know your situation is one that a backward arching posture is going to make your situation worse, then using it is not the fault of the device. If there is any doubt, check with your doctor to see if the device is going to help BEFORE you buy it.


I just got the true back and it made my back worse....

sorry ...for a herniated L2 that WAS on the mend...this

sort of arching backward posture is just plain dangerous


Try a ShiatsuBag massager...its a bag of large softball sized firm and soft foam balls that massages and provides triger point release. they are less money at $40, more functional, and always ship via USPS Priority mail

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This is much better that just a massaging machine. This is registered with the FDA as an orthopedic traction device.

The True Back decompresses your spine, stretches your vertebrae and spine. I has so many health benefits to it.

True Back can reduce and eliminate back pain, spasms, sciatica, cramps, stress and tension. It also increases flexibility and your range of motion.

Go to and watch the infomercial.


I hate to break it to you but that doesn't sound like THEIR fault.

I used to work for a company that shipped TONS of merchandise via UPS. When stuff would show up missing or "delivered" the only thing we COULD do was put a trace on the package. Then it was out of our hands until they told us if it was found or lost.


It's really too bad poor customer service hindered you from the benefits of the true back device. I was fortunate not to have that experience.

I was in excruciating back pain needing a walker. I used the true back device as indicated and have been pain free ever since.

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