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Like countless thousands here in Washington, I no longer receive channel 13, FOX. A call to Dish got the expected response of 'its their fault', trying to make it sound like Dish is the victim. Meanwhile I continue to pay (in advance, no less) for a service I don't receive. Service rep actually suggested I go buy an antenna. Sure, let me go spend more money and install more equipment so I can get what I already pay them for. Was not offered...
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Dish TV has removed Channel 13 in Seattle area because they have failed to reach agreement on fees. Instead of continuing on with the service I pay for (Fox covers most NFL games I watch and more than half of the baseball playoffs), they refuse to even address their customers on the phone. We are told to call the station manager and complain. This strikes me as Dish asking their customers to negotiate for them. That seems upside down to me....
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Need to get CH 13 back on screen. need to watch Seahawks. No Ch 13, no hawks, no more dish. Bring on Direct TV. Can't you people work this out so it's a win /win situation, Don' be so greedy. You let CNNW, the new Pacific Northwest new channel go. That was a blunder. Taking the Seahawks off the network was a huge mistake, I wondere how many irate customers are going to drop Dish in favor of Direct TV. What is your logic in doing this, trying...
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I liked
  • I have liked it until no fox 13
  • Picture clarity
I didn't like
  • Being able to change whatever they want when they want

Tribune Media Q13 Fox News Tv Channel Review

Had fox for 33 yrs, you drop it i drop you. Oh you want a termination fee, ok, you broke the contract i signed. You pay it punk. Dont get it twisted. You screwed up not me.
Dish was in negotiations with Q13 Fox Seattle. Rather than negotiating with Fox they cut the channel to me and all other Q13 customers who paid for the channel as a local TV package. Dish decided to use me and thousands of other people to pressure Q13 to aquiess to public pressure and sign a new contract. When I signed up for Dish service I signed up for local channels including Q13. By cutting off my access to Q13 Dish violated their service...
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